Colby Magazine, Winter 2001
Colby Magazine, Winter 2001



The nation searches for answers to problems in public secondary education. Colbians question some tactics, offer solutions.

Small Triumphs
Alex Quigley '99 finds hope and despair in the Mississippi Delta

A Ray of Hope
Brittany Ray '93 inspires where she found inspiration

An Education CEO
Robert Furek '64 brings accountability to Hartford schools

Charting Success
James Verrilli '83 fashions a school for inner-city Newark

Perspectives on Reform
Eleanor Duckworth '57 and Carl Glickman '68 comment on educational reform; alumni, faculty, and students provide insight on reform and the purpose of education.


+editor's desk

If the story is about education, why are we talking about race?



Take alcohol out of class notes; cheers for Colin MacKay, hospitality in Iowa; the Vietnam War debate continues.



Gleanings from Earl Smith's campus newsletter, FYI, including Michael Donihue '79 and Randy Nelson on economics of Oscars, Michael Daisey '96 and his one-man show; Raffael Scheck goes worldwide; Guilain Denoeux's commentary joins presidential ranks.



New Heights
Ski team reaches new pinnacles of success.

ECAC Champs
Women hoopsters seek respect, get title.

A Stroke Ahead
Tom Burton (swimming) honored by NESCAC.

Player of the Year
Basketball forward Sam Clark '01 named Second Team All-American and NESCAC Player of the Year.

Bill McCloy '03 is tops in jumps and bumps.

Sports Shorts
Roundup of winter season sports.


+on campus

Three Steps Forward
Morris Dees speaks on war against hate.

Diallo's Mother Speaks on Racism
"He was doing nothing wrong. He was not armed..."

Award Honors the Late Morton A. Brody
First recipient devotes career to judiciary.

Plane Crash Claims Edson V. Mitchell '75
Colby benefactor dies in plane crash; award bestowed in his name.

Paul Paganucci Passes
Trustee, longtime Colby friend dies at 69.

Colby by the Numbers
How many tons of fertilizer?

Wit & Wisdom
What we're saying and where we're saying it.

Allan LaPan talks about being there for students, "out" at Colby.



A South Central Success

Venola Mason '01 won't be distracted from her goals.

Stephanie McMurrich '01 is All Heart
"Little Sister" at senior's side on campus.

Fleischman Makes Colby Computers Connect
From trouble shooting to "virtual soccer," junior is at the keyboard.

Jan Plans Away
Katherine Meyerhans '01 fills in for 16th-century painter; sample the myriad of Jan Plans undertaken this year.



Lessons from Language
Adrianna Paliyenko (French) gives students the key.

Stage Coach
Jack Axelrod shares TV, theater experience at Colby.

Westervelt Dies at 66
Classics teacher and scholar will be missed.



All That Jazz
Paul Machlin (music) gets Fats Waller down on paper.

Pen to Paper
Ben Griffin '02 already is an illustrator.

Recent Releases
New books, music and more. . .



Campaign Financed
$1.3 million grant paves way for Corrado-directed study of campaign finance reform.

Major Gifts
Alumni contribute $100,000 each.



Parliamentary Procedure
C. Kenneth Ongalo-Obote '94 returns to Uganda to run for office.

Alumni Club Circuit
Upcoming club events

W. Mal Wilson '33
A heck of a good skate.

Dale Kuhnert '68
An unsurpassed Down East view.

Judith Kenoyer Stoy '71
For her eyes only.

Gwynelle Dismukes '73
An alternative to city life.

Morgan Filler '97
Swimming the world's waters.

Kathryn Johnson '00
She was one high diva.

Sara Holbrook '66
Kevin Carley '76
Nancy Marshall '82
Jan Dutton '94




last page

Ben Ling's Life
Sandy Maisel (government) fondly remembers a favorite student.



Small Triumphs: Alex Quigley '99 finds reason for both hope and despair in the Mississippi Delta
A Ray of Hope: Brittany Ray '93 inspires where she found her inspiration
An Education CEO: Robert Furek '65 brings accountability to Hartford public schools
Charting Success: James Verrilli '83 directs charter school turn-around in Newark
Perspectives on Reform: Colby experts discuss reform and the purpose of education

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