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Parliamentary Procedure
C. Kenneth Ongalo-Obote '94 returns to Ugana to run for office

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W. Mal Wilson '33
a heck of a good skate

Sara Holbrook '66

Dale Kunhert '68
An unsurpassed Down East view

Judith Kenoyer Stoy '71
What she can't tell you

Gwynelle Dismukes '73
An alternative to city life

Kevin Carley '76

Nancy Marshall '82

Jan Dutton '94

Morgan Filler '97
Swimming the world's waters

Kathryn Johnson '00
She was one high diva

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Jane Holden Huerta
2955 Whitehead Street
Miami, FL 33133


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Judy Hoffman Hakola
25 Charles Place
Orono, ME 04473


Okay, dear classmates, I'm assuming that, because you are all coming to our 40th reunion, you are saving up all your news to share in person and that that's why I have heard from only two people in the past three months. . . . Amy Eisentrager Birky writes from Lincoln, Maine, that she is retired from her career as a teacher and librarian. Her marriage to Richard Britton five years ago added four stepchildren and six step-grandchildren to her own family of one daughter and one grandchild. . . . Reading Jeannette Benn Anderson's annual Christmas letter, I don't envy husband Bob's attempts to keep up with her. The good news is that her attention to diet and lifestyle are continuing to have a positive effect on her MS. . . . By the time you read this, I will be back in the saddle again (i.e., teaching English at the University of Maine) after eight months of semi-retirement. As much as I have loved teaching, I decided to limit myself to one semester a year for the next few years. That enabled me to visit my son and grandchildren in Kentucky and my other son in Oregon last fall. I enjoyed a brief but delightful trip through eastern Washington and Montana visiting my late husband's family. The weather was perfect and the scenery was spectacular. . . . One of the benefits of being your class correspondent for the past nearly five years is that I've had an inside view on how we have turned out as "grown-ups," and I think we're a great bunch! I do hope you will start planning now to come to our reunion on June 8-10 so you can see what I mean. You will be glad you did.

--Jane Holden Huerta

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Patricia Farnham Russell
16 Sunset Avenue
Hamden, ME 04444-1617


The absence of news is overwhelming--not even clippings from the College. I'm willing to do my part, but I need lots of help and input from you folks. . . . A couple Xmas notes came in. Kathy Hertzberg reported from Concord, N.H., that she is just a year away from retirement. She has taken up kayaking and even did some whitewater rafting on the Kennebec last summer. . . . Linda Laughlin Seeley enjoys quilting and making dolls. She and Elmer will be first-time grandparents in May. . . . Joann Sexton Hardy sold her home in Rangeley, Maine, and is now living part time in Mexico, Maine, and part time in Wesley, Maine. She works part time for Mead Corp. and is expecting her third grandchild. . . . I see Judy (Thompson '63) and Garth Chandler frequently at church. Garth has made a great comeback from his bout with cancer. Their daughter, the mother of 2-year-old twin boys, is in law school in Portland. . . . Rollie and I have just returned from a trip to Monterey, Calif., where we attended the wedding of my niece, daughter of Charles '66 and Jane Farnham Rabeni '66. We made a circle trip traveling via Amtrak. We enjoyed seeing a lot of the U.S. and Canada on this trip and on our VIA rail trek across Canada a year ago. A great way to travel--no airport delays and hassles! . . . Please drop an e-mail or note. We want to know what you are doing!

--Pat Farnham Russell

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Karen Forslund Falb
245 Brattle Street
Cambridge, MA 02138


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Sara Shaw Rhoades
76 Norton Road
Kittery, Maine 03904-5413



I was telephoning a substitute organist this week (one of my joblets), and his wife said to me, "Were you Sara Shaw?" Startled, I owned up. Turned out to be Linda Curtis Marshall! She reports that her daughter is married, and they are expecting their first grandchild soon. Such good news! . . . Remember my e-mail solicitation for news of "your last week"? Jerry Shapiro gets a gold star for giving a nice account, which is a real insight into his life. I quote in full: "Last week, huh. Boy, I can vaguely remember. Here's the busy but plebeian week of Jerry Shapiro in Silicon Valley. Most of the workweek was spent grading grad student papers at the end of the term in my marital and group therapy classes. I also got to sit through long meetings at the university practicing the operation of my ear lids as long-winded colleagues turned five minutes of business into two-plus hours. At home I spent evening hours with my son and his seventh grade homework and my daughter by phone experiencing her first college finals week. On the weekend I attended a mandatory psychopharmacology continuing ed workshop, where they provided a great deal of info but no samples. I also had the opportunity to begin interviewing for a new book project. My wife and I spent the remainder of the week trying to discern if Florida was truly a state and recalling the civil rights marches of college days that supposedly gave the vote to all Americans. Apropos of the election, for reading pleasure I am now three-fourths through McCulloch's bio of Harry Truman. It's over 1,000 pages and for me absolutely wonderful. Fascinating that the issues of the 1948 election and the arguments and words are so similar to today. As I read this, I think you must have asked about the busiest week of my year. Next week looks to be a lot more fun. I get to go to Napa (wine country) to consult with some family businesses." . . . Jim Harris also updated me by e-mail, but for more than just one week. He writes, "This summer saw me take a new position, Northwest regional manager, with Graphic Arts Center Publishing Co. in Portland, Ore. In my new role, besides sales, I will be involved in promotion, advertising, marketing and author tours. In addition, there is the fun part of the acquisition of new titles and determining what current books in the pipeline will actually get published. Our son, Bill, who was supposed to be in Texas until next spring, instead will be returning to Issaquah early in October. My nephew, Scott '89, and his wife, Erin, and son Nat, who have been in Tokyo for six months of an 18-month stint, announced that they are now expecting a second son, who will arrive in December. My wife, Madie, her sister, my son and I vacationed for two weeks in Lake Tahoe in mid-summer. My sister-in-law sold her store, so both she and Madie are now retired until something comes along to interest them. The two ladies are going to Japan for three-plus weeks in October to visit our family there. I'll be working to support Madie's retirement! . . . And from Martha Farrington Mayo: "Years certainly do go by faster than ever! I am keeping busy as a consultant in workers' compensation. I work for a statewide organization that follows the Workers' Compensation Board and any legislative initiatives. The latter phase gets me to the State House, where I can keep in touch with my husband during legislative sessions. He is in his fourth term in the legislature. If all that is not enough fun, I am involved in historic preservation. I am past president of the local preservation group and on the board of Maine Preservation. I am the liaison for a survey of architecture and related history of the south end of Bath. I am also chair of the Squirrel Island Historical Society. The best event of the last year was the birth of my grandson, who joins his 5-year-old sister, whom I adore. They live right around the corner. My other daughter is also in Maine. Life is good!"

--Sara Shaw Rhoades

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