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Parliamentary Procedure
C. Kenneth Ongalo-Obote '94 returns to Ugana to run for office

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W. Mal Wilson '33
a heck of a good skate

Sara Holbrook '66

Dale Kunhert '68
An unsurpassed Down East view

Judith Kenoyer Stoy '71
What she can't tell you

Gwynelle Dismukes '73
An alternative to city life

Kevin Carley '76

Nancy Marshall '82

Jan Dutton '94

Morgan Filler '97
Swimming the world's waters

Kathryn Johnson '00
She was one high diva

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Brenda Hess Jordan
15 Reg Roc Road
Falmouth, ME 04105


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James Hawkins
485 Locust Street
Attleboro, MA 02703


Bonnie Belanger Gauthier describes her life as always being in "fast forward mode." Her daughter is a sixth grader involved in community and children 's theater--the budding thespian had the lead in a production of Annie and just finished a production of Joseph. They are also in the process of building a new home, which Bonnie calls a "true test of character and stamina." Bonnie 's career is going well, but she says the health care climate is increasingly tense. She 'd love to hear from classmates. You can e-mail her at . . . We 're working on the final details for our 30th reunion coming up the weekend of June 8-10. You will receive your registration information and details in March or early April. If you can 't wait, please check out the list on the Web ( union/list.html). If you don 't see your name there or someone else 's who is planning to attend, please let the Office of Alumni Relations know (207-872-3190 or See you in June!

-James Hawkins

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Janet Holm Gerber
409 Reading Avenue
Rockville, MD 20950


You must be annoyed with me-I have been a bit delinquent with our column. Recently I turned my part-time job into a full-time one, and I have felt like I was on a treadmill, maintaining family, home and job. So many of you are already pros at this routine, but I am still learning. My oldest is off to college next year, so I felt it was time to ease into more productivity. As always, your news is wonderful to read. What always strikes me most is the tremendous variety of lifestyles and jobs we have all taken on. . . . Carolyn Dewey reminded me to tell you that she has lived in Norwich, Vt., for the last 12 years, not Norwich, Conn., as I mistakenly told you. She occasionally sees her freshman roommate, Jeanne Emerson Young, who lives across the river in Hanover, N.H. . . . Larry Linnell now works in Roswell, N.M., as an assistant clinical professor of medicine at a University of New Mexico location. He writes, "Pam [Watson '74] and I are having lots of fun watching bat flights, counting birds, doing desert hikes and desert camping and watching wildlife." . . . Congratulations, Carol Beaumier and the Arthur Andersen company. I quote from a press release: "The Metro New York practice of Arthur Andersen LLP is pleased to announce that Carol M. Beaumier has joined the firm as partner in the regulatory risk services practice. Ms. Beaumier, formerly a managing director and founding partner of The Secura Group, Washington, D.C., will lead the banking practice of Regulatory Risk Services in Metro New York." Most of you may know that Carol holds an honorary M.A. from Colby in addition to her B.A., and she holds positions as a trustee of the College and as a member of the Board of Governors for the Colby museum. Thank you, Carol, in addition to congratulations. . . . And speaking of College trustees, Bill Rouhana has married Amy Newmark, whom he met through business. Amy is a specialist in technology investments. Bill is the chairman and chief executive of Winstar Communications, a telecommunications company in Manhattan. Best wishes! . . . I am wondering if Rhee Griswold Fincher has continued running marathons after her first, the Bermuda Marathon of one year ago. She trained to complete the event as a benefit for the Leukemia Society of America. . . . Susan Colantuono, of Green Hill, Mass., wrote Make Room for Joy following a period of intense personal struggle. After this difficult two-year period, she found that she had not only survived but thrived. The book tells of "the tools that kept [her] from giving in to bitterness, anger, despair and other energy-sapping emotions." It is a "blueprint based in deep wisdom for creating a more satisfying life" and tells readers how to find joy not only in "extreme experiences" but in "everyday simple and manageable activities." . . . And another classmate is recently in print. Ruth Shagoury Hubbard co-edited a collection of essays titled We Want to Be Known: Learning from Adolescent Girls. The book "details practical strategies for changing curricula and building communities that help adolescent girls grow up secure and strong. The essays, written by teacher researchers throughout the country, address topics such as including strong female role models in mathematics and science to developing service learning programs to considering the special needs of minority girls. It also includes poems and essays written by adolescent girls." Ruth is on the teacher-education faculty at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Ore. . . . Finally, thank you, Shel Ball, for writing to me (I think it is the first time). She resides in Greenfield, Mass., works as a cook and is mother to Abel, 20, and Phil, 18. She tells of her delight in mastering a daunting chemistry course, which she fell into when an anatomy course she hoped to take was full. . . . I'll close with a plea to hear from more of you men. This column had more "girl stuff," as my mail this time is mostly from the ladies. Till next time . . . keep well and keep writing.

-Janet Holm Gerber


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Jackie Nienaber Appeldorn
1437 Old Ford Road
New Paltz, NY 12561


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Robin Sweeney Peabody
46 Elk Lane
Littleton, CO 80127
fax: 303-904-0941


I received a questionnaire from Cindy Vietor Kahle, who writes that travel has been a fun pastime recently with trips to Africa, Scotland, Ireland and Costa Rica. Cindy is married to Kent Kahle, an investment banker, and lives in Houston. Her sons, Carter and Walker, are at Deerfield Academy while daughter Page, 11, attends school in Houston. In responding to the questionnaire, Cindy recalls that Professor Gillum, who taught history, was her favorite teacher because he made history come alive by weaving personal incidents into the events. . . . Laurel Bedig writes that she has accepted a new job in the environmental defense section of the Department of Justice. She expected to start in January, at the earliest, because she has to wait for security clearance. Look her up if you're in D.C. . . . Tim Glidden sent a brief e-mail saying that he enjoyed three weeks in Italy this summer with Kathy Lyon '72 and has reconnected with Dan Alexander '75. Tim wants Scott Livermore and Bill Howe to give him a call. . . . Ann Earon sent an e-mail saying that home these days is two houses, one in Princeton and the other on the shore. She shares them with her husband, 5-year-old daughter and a terrier named Colby. Ann has had her own consulting firm for 18 years, specializing in all aspects of conferencing and communications. She landed an interesting client this year when the Kamehameha Schools in Hawaii hired her. Ann enjoyed working in Hawaii and says the project was fascinating-the native Hawaiian school system has an endowment larger than Harvard's or Yale's! Kathy Tibbetts was one of the people Ann interviewed. Ann topped off the year by being inducted into the Telecom Hall of Fame, a top honor in the industry. . . . In Maine, in fact right in Waterville, Emilie Van Eeghen was named vice president for behavior health for the MaineGeneral Health System. Emilie has been vice president of community and support for 13 years and has supervised a staff of 95 working in the areas of substance abuse, mental health and AIDS services programs. . . . I, on the other hand, have quit my 56-hour-a-week "part-time" job and have assumed the new title of "event coordinator" around the house, a position I've actually held for 26 years. Our son is at Wasatch Academy in Utah, and it is nice to be free when he is home and to actually see my traveling husband when he's in town!

-Robin Sweeney Peabody

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