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Lynn Collin Francis
16 Oakridge Road
Sudbury, MA 01776


Caroline Weeks DiProspero, her husband, Art, and daughter Chelsea live in Watertown, Conn. Carrie is a first grade teacher at a school near her home, Art has his own business, and Chelsea plays on her middle school soccer team. . . . Julia Greenwood Kreutz has made the Atlanta, Ga., area her home for 20 years. She is practicing physical therapy and manages a rehabilitation department. She reports that her daughters keep her busy with their activities, she enjoys cycling on their tandem bike with her husband, Dave, and they travel to Maine every summer for kayaking and hiking. . . . Barb Neal resides in Bethesda, Md. She is a horticulturist and spends her time raising plants as well as her children, Catie, 4, and Lia, 1. Barb still finds the time to play soccer and enjoys working on their cabin in the West Virginia woods. . . . Erin Ireton Elliott reports that "life out in Mill Valley, Calif., is great!" . . . Elizabeth Yanagihara Horwitz, husband Barry '79 and children live in Newton, Mass. She has been playing with the Willow Flute Ensemble for three years and says information on their first CD can be found at www.willow . . . Jim and Laurie Munson Lowe e-mailed me from their home in St. Louis, Mo. Jim is teaching Latin and Greek at John Burroughs School, where three of their children attend. Laurie is pursuing a master's degree in early childhood education and is doing an internship at Chesterfield Day School, where daughter Sarah, 5, attends. Jim and Laurie keep busy with kids, school and church activities. Their hobbies include working with stained glass, gardening and trying to get 20 years of photos into albums. . . . Jim Nelson has been the assistant principal in a middle school in Pittsford, N.Y., a suburb of Rochester, N.Y., for the last eight years. He and his wife, Heidi, have two great kids, Greg, 9, and Rachel, 7, whose basketball and baseball teams Jim coaches. A recent addition to their family is a golden retriever, Buddy. Last September, 12 of the "choppers" went to Ireland for a week of intense golf competition-a memorable trip. He saw Dave Hull '79, his wife, Pam, and their three kids during last Thanksgiving weekend in Dunwoody, Ga. . . . Mark Garvin reports seeing Doug Herbert last year in Washington, D.C., at Miguel Browne '78's wedding. Doug lives in Arlington, Va., with wife Gayle and son Ted. Doug recently took up golf, which Mark says is "scary for anyone who ventures out onto the fairways of Virginia!" . . . Roni Wechsler Ford has her own dermatology practice in Gaithersburg, Md., where she lives with her husband and son, Jonathan, 6. . . . Diana Herrmann is president and CEO of Aquila Management Corporation, a mutual fund company in N.Y.C. Aquila manages 15 funds in Hawaii, Kentucky, Utah, Arizona, Rhode Island, the Rocky Mountain states and the Pacific Northwest. While the company's regional orientation and educational approach for shareholders has resulted in a heavy travel schedule and high stress, Diana reports that the frequent flyer miles are a nice perk. She planned an adventure vacation to Patagonia for January 2001. She has ski patrolled at Stratton Mountain in Vermont for 26 years and is active in the N.Y.C. Colby Club. Diana and I caught up with each other at Nauset Beach inlet last summer on Cape Cod, where we saw Jon Covell on the beach with surfboard in hand. Jonny C. lives on the Cape with his family in Brewster. . . . Alice Domar is living the "crazy balancing act of full-time work/motherhood/wifedom." Her second daughter, due last December, joins sister Sarah, 4. Alice's third book came out in October 2000, and her team at work is expanding their research and clinical work on women and stress in the corporate setting. She lives in Sudbury, Mass., and reports seeing Karen Sondergeld and Duncan Whitney, both '81, often, along with their neighbor Tom Rudder. . . . Dan Berger, wife Shelley (Pomona '82) and family have returned to the New England area after 17 years away. In May 2000 he accepted the position of president and CEO of Sales, a Web-based service that enables sales managers to run sales incentive contests entirely online. He is based in Maynard, Mass., but still maintains a residence in northern California. Dan and Shelley enjoyed seeing so many old friends at our 20th reunion. He wrote, "I could not have returned to Colby without feeling the deep loss of Geoff Brown's tragic passing. He was my roommate and my fraternity brother, but most of all my friend." . . . Two columns ago I asked you all to submit a funny Colby memory to add to our class news. A number of us, when pressed to do this, acknowledged that most of our humorous memories are not suitable for publication. These incidents encompass happy events and mishaps or missteps that helped shape our college experience. To even prod you to dig up these stories accomplishes what we set out to do, which was to get you to remember, and to laugh. To send in your news you can complete and send in the questionnaire located in this magazine, e-mail me at or write to 16 Oakridge Rd., Sudbury, MA 01776.


–Lynn Collins Francis


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Beth Pniewski Wilson
P.O. Box 602
Harvard, MA 01451


With our 20th reunion coming up in June we need to find a new class president! The main responsibility is to help organize our 25th reunion. Having worked on our 20th reunion this past year with the Alumni Office, I can say they have made it very easy. So please contact me or Meg Bernier in the Alumni Office if you are interested in being president of the Class of 1981! . . . Elizabeth Eustis works at Image Works in Portland, Maine, as a customer experience strategist and information architect. She makes sure that Web sites they develop are pertinent to your needs, easy to use and don't inspire you to exercise your colorful vocabulary. She says it is a fun job working with companies to identify online business opportunities, doing field research to target what the site should offer and designing the flow of information through the site. And Elizabeth says it is all very pertinent to her East Asian studies degree! . . . Ben Merrill lives in Randolph, Vt., and is the director of marketing communications and creative services at National Life Insurance Company. He and his wife, Mardee, have four children, Kelsey, Samantha, Rachel and Asa. Ben is also a freelance writer whose articles have appeared in Wine Spectator and California Broker magazines. He recently attended Robert Barnes '83's wedding, where he ran into Bonnie Turnbull and Brian Skene. . . . Satoru Orlandella Asato gave up his career as a high-flying, international investment banker and relocated his family from Japan to the metro Twin Cities, Minn. He made a conscious decision to take a year off to wind down from a lifestyle of high pressure, reconnect with his family and reorient his personal choices. San is conducting informational interviews to get a better feel for the area and to search out a career that is more conducive to a family-oriented lifestyle. San says that if any classmates are in the area he would love to hook up with you. He can best be reached at . . . Joe Kelliher and his wife, Martha Hall (Bates '88), announce the birth of their daughter, Megan Elizabeth Kelliher, on November 22, 2000, at Maine Medical Center in Portland. Joe says he is looking forward to a continued close bond with David and Amy Haselton Bolger, Jane Hartzell and Joanne Terry Swanson, all of whom have children less than a year old. . . . Sue Perry and her horse Magic, age 16, competed in the big NEDA Fall Dressage Festival. It is a huge show, including Grand Prix classes that are qualifiers for the 2001 Dressage World Cup. Sue says they were little fish in a big pond, sort of like being in the Olympics. She and Magic are going back next year to try even harder. . . . Josh Burns had the winning bid on the Mount Abram Ski Resort complex at a foreclosure auction last November and was trying to get the resort ready for the winter season. This is the first business venture for Josh, who is a portfolio manager for Solomon Smith Barney in Portland. His wife, Susan, is an attorney licensed to practice in Maine and Massachusetts. During the week, Josh, Susan and their two children, Jake and Anna, live in Falmouth. On weekends they live in Waterford at Skye Farm, a working farm featuring Highland cattle and an apple orchard. At age 10 Josh began skiing at Mount Abram with his older sisters and parents and says the driving force behind the purchase was "good memories and the belief that Mount Abram can be successful if we keep to the character that made the mountain successful." Good luck to Josh in this new venture! . . . And here's a note from Laura Littlefield Bourne: "I am writing on December 13, the day Gore looks like he will concede in the presidential election. I am still lobbying on behalf of supermarkets and their customers. The last five weeks have been unprecedented for the nation and for Washington, D.C. Perhaps we can now get on with it. I am leading the fund raising for our reunion-year class for the Colby Alumni Fund and have a very energetic committee. Anyone in the Class of 1981 can join in to call their classmates and make a 'stretch pledge.' As always, more helpers are welcome!"

–Beth Pniewski Wilson


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Mimi H. Rasmussen
63 Reservoir Street
Cambridge, MA 02138


Lisa Clark sends information in for the first time. She is married to Tim Bureau from Waterville, and they have two boys, Nick, 11, and Alex, 8, who both play travel hockey. Lisa is a partner in a law firm in Washington, D.C., where she has lived since starting law school at Georgetown University Law Center in 1983. Lisa would like to hear from Sarah Perry, and she also hopes that all is well in the great white north. . . . News from Jeffra Becknell and her partner, Elizabeth Grossman, is the birth of Remy Becknell Grossman. Congratulations! . . . Carolyn Berry Copp and her family spent a month last summer camping and touring the countryside in New Zealand. It was winter there and chilly, but they all had a great time. Carolyn's 4-year-old daughter is taking ballet class, and they ran into Steve Trimble escorting his daughter to ballet, too. This recent January marks Carolyn's fourth year of working on her own as a marketing consultant for conference and publishing companies. Thanks to Lisa, Jeffra and Carolyn for writing in.

-Mimi H. Rasmussen


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Sally Lovegren Merchant
24 Easy Street
Mt. Desert , ME 04660
fax: 207-244-9445


April 2001 will bring another chance for Colbyettes to sing together. The 50th year of the Colbyettes will be celebrated on campus the weekend of April 20-21. I plan to be there, as do many of our alumnae. Of the 1983 'Ettes, I haven't heard from Deb Holmes Beam, Nora Putnam Dunn, Dawna Eastman-Gallo, Janet Jandreau or Amy Fisher Kelly, but I think Barb Leonard plans to be there. She and Dan Marra live in Waterville and work nearby. Hope to see many 'Ettes in attendance, and I hope many of you living close enough can make the trip Saturday night, April 21, to hear some fun groupings of past and present Colbyettes! . . . Gretchen and Jake Filoon announced the birth of their son, Camden Whipple Filoon, in March 2000. . . . And George and Liz Murphy Kloak sent me the news of the arrival of their fourth, Lillian "Lillie" Regina Kloak, in June 2000. . . . Dan Weeks was married in August 2000 to Mary Jo Flint. Dan is enjoying his career as an associate professor of human genetics, trying to map and discover disease genes influencing human disease. Dan notes that he's also taking piano lessons. . . . Don Ulin wrote from Bradford, Pa., where he lives with his wife, Susan Wyss, and their two children, Colin and Alexandra. Don is in his third year in a tenure-track position teaching English at a small university in rural, mountainous northwestern Pennsylvania. Don says that after 11 years of graduate school in Bloomington, Ind., this almost feels like being back in New England. . . . Deb Pappas has moved to a new opportunity at a start-up company that's all about marketing. Her company, Inceptor, Inc., sells conversion marketing software and services to marketing management at Fortune 2000, click-and-mortar and dot-com companies that help them maximize online customer conversion. Deb is chief marketing officer, and her office is in Maynard, Mass. . . . I'm always looking for help from our classmates. Those of you who have been contacted by me, by Duncan Gibson or by anyone else knows that the calls for our classmates to continue to share our gifts with the Alumni Fund of Colby College do get made and are a vital part of the giving process. Many of you have answered by helping to make calls or recruit volunteers. All of us have way too many things in our busy lives to do. That's a given. But there is still a great need for class associate agent volunteers to contact other classmates. If you are willing to help, please contact me or contact Dave Beers '85, director of annual giving ( The more the merrier, many hands make light work, etc. Our class continues to earn a better name for itself as our giving ratios slide upwards, slowly. Consistency is key to our success. Thanks to all of you who can contribute. . . . In October our man Mike Schafer wrote from Middlesex to say that he won't be able to help out with the class giving duties at this point in his life because he's settling in as assistant head of school, and his workload is huge. He sounded great, however, noting that the family had grown in June 2000 with the birth of number three, Jonathan. Thanks, Mike! . . . I heard from William Lloyd, a voice from our past, who started out with us in 1979, took a year off after sophomore year and ended up graduating with the Class of 1984. He's decided to rejoin us in the Class of 1983, and we welcome him back in a big way! It seems we called him "Lloydie." Does this ring a bell for anyone? Anyway, Bill says he lives near Geneseo, N.Y., which is about 30 miles south of Rochester, N.Y. He has been married to Meg for 15 years, and they have four children, Coyne, Andrew, Catherine and Maggie. Bill's in his 13th year with Merrill Lynch, working in the Rochester office as a vice president and senior financial consultant. Bill has stayed in contact with Noble Carpenter, Tyger Nicholas, Lance '84 and Anna White Hanson and Mark Federle. Bill and Meg have enjoyed devoting their time to raising the kids, helping to manage family farms in the Geneseo area, skiing, reading, running and fox hunting the way his family has done it for over 100 years, the old-fashioned way-on horseback. Thanks for writing. . . . Other classmates who started with us in 1979 have also been "lost." We'd love to encourage you to contact the Alumni Office, as Bill did, to regain your standing as one of us. We are anxious to hear from you. In 2003 we will celebrate our 20th reunion, and perhaps we can do it as a very large group. Please consider helping plan that reunion and what you'd like to see us do. I only have, from right now, two short years to do the planning. Seems like a lot, but not when this is a biggie. Let me know how you can help. . . . A news clip from Colby came to me about our own Betsy Thompson, who is the director of public relations at Talbots in Hingham, Mass. Betsy, who joined Talbots in 1992, oversees fashion and retail publicity and coordinates all new store opening events. She is responsible for writing and producing Talbots' seasonal newsletters, press releases and commentary on trends and advice on wardrobing. Betsy has extensive interview experience with both broadcast and print media in her more than 15 years in public relations, having appeared on various fashion news segments in several major markets, including Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia, Toronto, Phoenix and Birmingham, Ala. I am unclear where Betsy now lives in Massachusetts, but we wish her well. . . . Please write soon.

-Sally Lovegren Merchant

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Cynthia M. Mulliken-Lazzara
18 Sunshire avenue
Sausalito, CA 94965


Hello and thanks to those of you who wrote. To those of you who haven't checked in for a while, now is the time to fill out one of the surveys in the magazine and mail it in to me. . . . Jim Traettino e-mailed from Washington, D.C. He has his own company, which provides professional guided tours and transportation in the nation's capital. His company uses minibuses for tours and private charters for corporations and meeting events in D.C. The name of his company is Tour One Inc. at www. . . . John Tawa e-mailed to say he's taken a new job. Since last fall he's been working as a senior writer for Student Sports Magazine ( and writing about high school sports nationally. John shared a great story of returning to Colby with his wife, Lisa, a graduate of UCLA. While in the bookstore, Prof. Jim Meehan, whom John hadn't seen in 14 years, walked in, came over to John, greeted him warmly and said, "The last I heard you were going to law school in Virginia. What are you up to now?" Apparently John's wife was floored-I guess that doesn't happen a lot at UCLA. . . . Kurt Wolff e-mailed to "blow his own horn," something more of our classmates should do, as it's fun to hear about our successes. Kurt had two books published in the fall of 2000, both on the subject of country music and both published by the British company Rough Guides. One is a 600-page reference/history guide to music from the 1920s to the present day, titled The Rough Guide to Country Music. The other is a smaller companion book, Country: 100 Essential CDs. Both take the approach that there is a lot more to country music than Garth Brooks. . . . Maura Cassidy e-mailed that she did her first sailing charter as a captain last fall. She chartered a 41-foot Benneteau in the British Virgin Islands and went island hopping and scuba diving with six friends. If anyone wants an "experienced" captain for their next trip to the islands, give Maura a call. You can find her working in electronics marketing at Fidelity Investments. Maura says she's kept in touch with Julia Blanchard '85, who's living in L.A., Sue Hahn Rieck, Sally Lee and Frank Hamblett '84. Frank is living in Weston, Mass., and he and his wife have two children, Ben and Grace. He's working at Peabody and Arnold. . . . Keep those cards and letters coming.

-Cynthia M. Mulliken-Lazzara

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