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Parliamentary Procedure
C. Kenneth Ongalo-Obote '94 returns to Ugana to run for office

Alumni Club Circuit
Club News, upcoming events, etc.



W. Mal Wilson '33
a heck of a good skate

Sara Holbrook '66

Dale Kunhert '68
An unsurpassed Down East view

Judith Kenoyer Stoy '71
What she can't tell you

Gwynelle Dismukes '73
An alternative to city life

Kevin Carley '76

Nancy Marshall '82

Jan Dutton '94

Morgan Filler '97
Swimming the world's waters

Kathryn Johnson '00
She was one high diva

Newsmakers &


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Cynthia Demskie Mulligan '90 has been elected senior vice president, consumer banking, at Abington Savings Bank, a $703-million savings institution headquartered in Abington, Mass. Her responsibilities include overseeing the bank's 12 branch offices and customer call center as well as consumer lending and investment services   ;   The Randolph, Vt., Herald lauded Meghan Jeans '97 for her participation in community activities. While working on both a juris doctor degree and a master of studies in environmental law at the University of Vermont Law School, Jeans is president of the school's emergency medical services club and a member of two local response and rescue teams   ;   The Cleveland and Cincinnati, Ohio, law firm of Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff LLP named Andrew R. Kruppa '97 an associate in the firm's general practice group.


Marriages: Marc A. Winiecki '90 to Elizabeth R. Longsjo in Westmoreland, N.H.   ;   Rebecca C. Brackett '91 to Lewis S. Price in Dallas, Texas   ;   Joshua H. Friedman '91 to Jo B. Hoffman in New York City   ;   Elizabeth G. Preston '91 to Peer C. Miramon in West Linn, Ore.   ;   Andrew F. Williams '91 to Sharon E. Vegh in Falls Village, Conn.   ;   Deborah E. Fuller '92 to Edward G. Berger in Edgartown, Mass.   ;   Steven B. Lilley '92 to Deborah Madden in Needham, Mass.   ;   Tracy E. Callan '93 to Jeffrey M. Robillard in Manchester, Conn.   ;   Justin A. Sheetz '93 to Nuala N. Thompson in Woods Hole, Mass.   ;   Gary R. Bergeron '94 to Laura Gibbons in Bridgton, Maine   ;   Dickinson C. Gagnon '94 to Julie Curran in Boston, Mass.   ;   Elizabeth C. Stewart '94 to Thomas McFarland II in Belfast, Maine   ;   Elizabeth J. Tabor '94 to Michael J. Robinson in Providence, R.I.   ;   Nicole A. Clavette '95 to Sean B. Devine '94 in Scarborough, Maine   ;   Mark C. Griffin '95 to Emily A. Nagel in San Mateo, Calif.   ;   Anna W. Lowder '95 to Jeffrey Monaco in Bedford, Mass.   ;   Lauren M. O'Toole '95 to Stephen G. Davis '95 in Needham, Mass.   ;   Lauren A. Pelz '95 to Christopher B. Kearney in Old Lyme, Conn.   ;   Sarah E. Hamlin '96 to Gregory T. Walsh '95 in Chatham, Mass.   ;   Elisabeth A. Riley '96 to Frank Burns in Carlisle, N.H.   ;   Philip W. Svor '96 to Janet Schultz in Holland, Pa.   ;   Lee A. St. George '96 to Stuart MacGregor in Dartmouth, Mass.   ;   Rachel K. Wolf '96 to Brian T. Preti in Belmont, Mass.   ;   Kimberley A. Woodman '96 to Joseph Coronati in Portsmouth, N.H.   ;   Amanda K. Randolph '97 to Patrick E. Doyle '97 in Mystic, Conn.   ;   Allison L. Brown '98 to Terrence W. Flynn in Dallas, Texas   ;   Matthew P. Jancovic '98 to Meredith McNeil in Waterville, Maine   ;   Jennifer E. Spiess '98 to Raji C. Gupta '99 in Amherst, N.H.

Births: A daughter, Sienna White Probert, to Sharyl A. White '91 and Brian W. Probert '88.



Small Triumphs: Alex Quigley '99 finds reason for both hope and despair in the Mississippi Delta
A Ray of Hope: Brittany Ray '93 inspires where she found her inspiration
An Education CEO: Robert Furek '65 brings accountability to Hartford public schools
Charting Success: James Verrilli '83 directs charter school turn-around in Newark
Perspectives on Reform: Colby experts discuss reform and the purpose of education

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