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Three Steps Forward
Morris Dees speaks on war against hate

Diallo's Mother Speaks at Colby
"He was doing nothing wrong. He was not armed. . ."


Award Honors the Late Morton A. Brody
First recipient devotes career to judiciary


Plane Crash Claims Edson V. Mitchell '75
Colby benefactor dies in plane crash; award bestowed in his name


Paul Paganucci Passes
Trustee, longtime Colby friend, dies at 69


Colby By the Numbers
How many tons of fertilizer?

  Wit and Wisdom
What we're saying and where we're saying it

Q & A
Alan LaPan talks about being there for students, "out" at Colby


Wit and Wisdom

"A free society cannot exist only on a profit margin."
Bill Kovach, receiving the 2000 Lovejoy Award for his contributions to press freedom.

"Oh, my god. What have they done to Bill?"
Douglas Kneeland, former New York Times editor, upon seeing a robed Bill Kovach entering Lorimer Chapel at the Lovejoy Convocation.

"Eighteen of twenty-one kids had been up until five in the morning."
Professor Anthony Corrado (government), explaining why his afternoon class was "wasted" the day after the election.

"Even though I know cigarettes are terrible for you, I'm over 18 and it's my choice."
Sharon Skettini '02, commenting in The Colby Echo on the College's decision to ban tobacco sales on campus.

"Sometimes something is wrong and you have to take a stand against it, even if it's not a popular decision."
President Bro Adams, on the College's ban of tobacco sales on campus.

"We share 44 percent of our DNA with iceberg lettuce. Maybe this is why it has taken so long to pass [Question] Six."
Peter Harris, professor of English, at a rally in support of equal rights.

"[My parents] only had one child, and so they had to make do with that. My father raised me as his son, and he was raising me to become a successful white man. My mother raised me as her daughter, whom she was intending to grow up to become a successful black woman. So, it was tricky, you know."
Renowned poet/writer and activist June Jordan, speaking at Colby November 20.

"You're the most important person in this room. If you don't like what I write, good. Go and write something else."
Leo Connellan, a Maine poet who is now the Poet Laureate of Connecticut

"Throw him outta here, eh?"
Leon Richard, security officer, grinning wide when he saw Montrealer Fred Perowne '01 carrying the Canadian maple leaf, wearing a red-and-white tuque and matching hockey gloves in the inaugural procession of flags.

"We've always done it this way. We've got to run into the brick wall. We have a tradition."
Maine State Treasurer Dale McCormick, addressing a student-organized equal rights rally on October 27, explaining the uncompromising position gay and lesbian leaders historically took on Maine's equal rights referenda.

"It endangers everyone, not just Jews and Arabs. It's an old cliché that we're living in a global village. But it's true."
Yehuda Bauer, professor emeritus, Hebrew University, speaking at Colby on anti-Semitism and conflict in the Middle East.


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An Education CEO: Robert Furek '65 brings accountability to Hartford public schools
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Perspectives on Reform: Colby experts discuss reform and the purpose of education

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