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All That Jazz
Paul Machlin (music) gets Fats Waller down on paper.

Pen to Paper
Ben Griffin '02 is already an illustrator.

  Recent Releases
New books, music and more.

recent releases

The Croton Dams and Aqueduct
Christopher R. Tompkins '89
Arcadia Publishing

For Arcadia's Images of America series, Tompkins researched and compiled a photographic history of New York's Croton River and its watershed. The book chronicles the construction of the 1842 original Croton Dam and Aqueduct--considered an engineering marvel for its inverted siphon and gravity flow design that carried water more than 30 miles to the rapidly expanding New York City--as well as the New Croton Dam completed in 1907. Engineering methods, labor conditions and a changing landscape are just some of the subjects of the rare photographs that document this history.

Call and Response
Call and Response
Kindercore Records (2001)

The San Francisco quintet Call and Response defies sonic categorizing with its self-described "fun time, bubble-funk and pop" music. The 10 songs on their self-titled debut album evoke childhood happiness--"blowin' bubbles" and "rollerskate"--amid dreamy ballads and dance-floor jams. Carrie Clough '98 sang opera and choral music at Colby, but since graduation she has sung and played percussion and organ for the pop band. Call and Response cites influences from disco and hip-hop to '60s orchestral pop and '70s easy listening. The result is a breezy blend of catchy harmonies and carefree tunes.

Nothing Is As It Seems: The Tragedy of the Implicit in Euripides' Hippolytus
Hanna Roisman (classics)
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (1999)

In this volume, one in a series on interdisciplinary approaches to Greek studies, Roisman challenges the orthodox ways of reading Euripides's tragedy Hippolytus, the story of Phaedra's unrequited love for Hippolytus. Roisman provides a comprehensive look at the play, including analysis of significant scenes, interactions between characters and comparisons with Seneca's Phaedra. She examines the manipulation of language and the audience's broad knowledge of mythic material and interprets the play not only through the text but through present-day understanding of the play's historical period.

Willow Flute Ensemble
The Studio (2001)

The 11-member Willow Flute Ensemble, based in Boston, performs works arranged for multiple-flute groups, without accompaniment by other instruments. The ensemble was founded in 1997 with the help of Liz Yanagihara Horwitz '80, who plays the piccolo, concert flute and bass flute. The 20 tracks on Willow's debut CD include Bach's Prelude and Fugue, Victor Rojas's Salsita and Sonny Burnette's five-part Jazzscapes among an unexpected variety of American, Japanese and Afrikaans-inspired works written for flute chamber groups.


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