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Fleischman Makes Colby Computer Connection

By Jennifer Carlson '01

When Eric Fleischman '02 was 13, most of his buddies wanted Rollerblades. Fleischman wanted a computer. He got it, and he hasn't strayed far from a keyboard since.

Fleischman began working with Student Computer Services (SCS) soon after he arrived on campus his freshman year and was soon promoted to coordinator, a position he currently holds. SCS helps students solve the tiniest to the most troublesome of their computer problems, and Fleischman helps SCS. He trains other SCS workers, provides faculty members with computer assistance and even leads workshops for academic classes that need specialized computer instruction.

Last September Fleischman helped initiate "Colby Computer Connection 2000," a program that helps connect incoming students with the campus computer network. Unfortunately, his expertise was noted all too well. "I was getting five to ten calls a day from students, sometimes at three in the morning, asking for help with their computers," he said. "I had to unlist my phone number from the directory."

A computer science major with two Dell computers of his own, the New York native likes to take a break from his busy schedule by hanging out with friends, skiing and taking part in Hillel, Colby's student-run Jewish organization. Who maintains the Hillel Web site? Fleischman, naturally.

So where does Fleischman see himself in the years following his graduation in 2002? "Hopefully I'll be working for some sort of a technology company, doing more business management-oriented stuff. I like to work on lots of different technology projects," he said. "Ideally, I'd be handling a whole slew of technology issues for one large company."

In the meantime, he keeps adding technology projects to his list. Fleischman has set up the first Colby-Bates-Bowdoin Internet chess competition and helped with a "virtual" soccer match. As of this writing, Colby had won an early chess match against Bates and romped in soccer. No sweat.


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