Colby Magazine, Spring 2002
Colby Magazine, Spring 2002
  Profiles in Giving


Better to Give

Asking Why

Profiles in Service

Colbians leave Mayflower Hill
and do important things for their communities,
for their countries, for humanity.

Better to Give
By Gerry Boyle '78

Something is happening at Colby
as the community's penchant for service
becomes a mantra. Why? Scholars and
thinkers, at Colby and elsewhere,
provide some answers.

Asking Why
By Gerry Boyle '78

Colby activists question
factors that lead to need.


The President's Page
"The Liberal Art of Giving"


+editor's desk

Editor's Desk
Gerry Boyle '78 sets out to chronicle altruism and some great stories end up on the cutting room floor.

Bishop Savas Zembillas '79 reports on his ordination and the loss of a Greek Orthodox church in the September 11 attacks on New York.




Conservatives and diversity, Colby changes a mind, forget the artistic "mishmosh."



Gleanings from Earl Smith's campus newsletter, FYI: including tenure for seven, Lyn Mikel Brown in USA Today, Jan Plan intern in Lovejoy winners' tracks; Traci Speed '03 does tumor-cell research; where's Strider Avenue?; Jim Fleming (STS) heralded in West Sussex; Earl Smith ends his 18-year FYI run.



All Heart
Andy Colligan '94 died doing what he loved with the kids he cherished.

A First 'First'
Robert Saunders '05 makes Colby skiing history--and the Nationals.

A Vaulted Record
Liz Frederick '03 breaks pole-vault record (her own).

Sports Shorts
Roundup of winter season sports.


+on campus

Gourley's Collected Works
Hugh Gourley steps down as director of the Colby College Museum of Art, leaving his legacy on exhibition.

A Bite out of Crime
Julie Millard (chemistry) reports a "kidnapping" as criminology moves out of the classroom.

New Wave
WMHB radio is on the cutting edge of college radio.

Wit and Wisdom
What we're saying and where we're saying it.



No Time to Wait

Student activists help alert world to plight of children in war zones.

Latin American Classroom
Jan Plan sends students to do community service in three countries.

Linda Cotter Fund is the Jan Plan Ticket
Internships made possible by College sponsorship.



Raising 'Hardy Girls'
Lyn Mikel Brown (education, women's studies) and Karen Heck '74 consider the best ways to help young girls grow strong.

How We Teach
Julie Millard (chemistry) uses murder to make science come alive.



Arapaho Dislodged
Jeff Anderson (anthropology) writes on a tribal culture in conflict with modern life.

Political Jews
Sandy Maisel (government) examines the role of Jews in American politics and finds it is major.

Recent Releases
From our shelf to yours.



East Asian Priorities
Freeman Foundation grant fuels Colby's continued exploration of East Asian culture.

$1.5 million from The Pew Charitable Trusts sends Tony Corrado deeper in campagin finance reform study; Andrew W. Mellon Foundation funds CBB foreign study programs.



Colby to the Corps
College is tops per capita in number of graduates who join the Peace Corps.

Nijikai to follow
What can alumni do in Tokyo? Try NESCAC bowling.

Peter Doran '58
A Public Priority

Judi Garcia '63
Real People, Real Needs

Bob Duchesne '75
Egging Him On

Greg Ciottone '87
Drawn to Disaster

Harry R. Wiley '51

Charles J. Hely '68

Mike Swift '85

Newsmakers &





last page

Peace and Other Fiction
Writer Bill Roorbach finds that reality casts a strange light on his fictional terrorist.



Better to Give:
A surge in community service refelcts Colby tradition and national trends

Profiles in Giving

Asking Why
Campus activists question factors that lead to need

The President's Page: "The Liberal Art of Giving"

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