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Colby to the Corps
College is tops per capita in numbers of graduates who join the Peace Corps.

Nijikai to Follow
What can alumni do in Tokyo? Try NESCAC bowling.


Peter Doran '58
A Public Priority

Judi Garcia '63
Real People, Real Needs

Bob Duchesne '75
Egging Him On

Greg Ciottone '87
Drawn to Disaster

Harry R. Wiley '51

Charles J. Hely '68

Mike Swift '85

Newsmakers &


Nijikai to Follow

If you're a Colby alum in Tokyo, you probably know that a nijikai is an "after party" that follows an event. NESCAC alumni scheduled one in February as part of the ongoing alumni social whirl in the city.

Colby alumni have been getting together for several years, thanks to Ari Druker '93, who works at the Tokyo branch of Deutsche Bank AG. Druker, Kurt Neihbur '94, Nozomi Kishimoto '96 and others formed the nucleus of the Tokyo Colby club, which organizes dinners in central Tokyo every few months.

Most recently, it's been NESCAC events, including the first NESCAC dinner, held in December. On tap for April: a NESCAC bowling tournament at the Tokyo American Club.


Better to Give:
A surge in community service refelcts Colby tradition and national trends

Profiles in Giving

Asking Why
Campus activists question factors that lead to need

The President's Page: "The Liberal Art of Giving"

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