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Editor's Desk
Set out to chronicle altruism and some great stories end up on the cutting room floor.

Bishop Savas Zembillas '79 reports on his ordination and the loss of a Greek Orthodox church in the September 11 attacks on New York.

This issue's staff and contributors

Gerry Boyle

From the Editor's Desk

The idea was spawned nearly a year ago amid the steady stream of news about Colby-connected people doing good and significant things. We informally called it "Giving Back," and in the months after it the name was tacked up on the planning wall in our offices the material continued to pour in.

Colbians in the Peace Corps and Teach for America. Alumni physicians donating their time in impoverished regions, both in the U.S. and abroad. Alumni volunteering in countless towns and cities; droves of Colby students serving as mentors in Waterville-area schools.

Colbians doing medical research (one involved improved land mine detection through artificial reproduction of a dog's olfactory process) and Colbians crafting environmental policy. Colbians working on behalf of child laborers and wild horses. Philanthropists underwriting all of the above.

And on it went, a news ticker of people going out of their way to do something that benefits others. As the story morphed its way to the pages of this magazine, it became clear that only a few of the examples would make it into print.

Suffice it to say, the cutting room floor is littered with some pretty accomplished folks.

Lest this seem like an exercise in back-patting, it should be pointed out that the subjects in the story are hardly a boastful bunch. In most cases they spoke about their causes at length but had to be prodded to talk about themselves. They appear here not just to show what is being done in the name of altruism but also what can be done if more of us do our part.

That potential becomes kinetic as Colby emphasizes more and more that students can and should do good while they're here, as incoming students look for-and even insist upon-those opportunities and as new alumni fan out knowing they have the ability and opportunity to make the world a better place.

So think of the Colbians profiled here as representative of legions of people doing similar things in similarly unselfish ways. That may not seem like much against the backdrop of world events. Indeed, in the months since "Giving Back" went up on the wall, the world has seemed to turn harsher. The U.S. is at war, and every week there seems to be a new eruption of violence. So let these stories remind us that all is not lost. Places like Colby and the people who pass through them are working harder to "give back," and the ways they are finding are numerous and creative.

Here at Colby we hope you find these stories refreshing, even inspiring and another reminder that there are countless people in the world who do good things. Most of them, like many of you, spent time on Mayflower Hill.

Gerry Boyle
Gerry Boyle '78
Managing Editor


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