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Arapaho Dislodged
Jeff Anderson (anthropology) writes on a tribal culture in conflict with modern life.

Political Jews
Sandy Maisel (government) examines the role of Jews in American politics and finds it is major.

  Recent Releases
From our shelf to yours.

recent releases

The Shipping News
Miramax Films (2001)

Long-lost Aunt Agnis convinces Quoyle and young daughter Bunny to move to their Newfoundland ancestral home after a traumatizing incident. Based on E. Annie Proulx '57's 1994 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, this adaptation follows the rebirth of Quoyle, a hulking, inarticulate, third-rate newspaperman.

Out Cold
Screenplay by Jon Zack '93
Buena Vista Entertainment (2001)

Alaskan snowboarding buddies must band together when their beloved Bull Mountain is about to be bought by a slick ski mogul from Colorado. Can the dudes save Bull Mountain from lattes, yuppies and skiers? Out Cold has teen appeal-practical jokes, professional snowboard stunts and Miss Sweden 1993.

The Urban Knitter

The Urban Knitter
Lily M. Chin
Penguin Putnam (2002)

With contemporary designs, master knitter Chin takes knitting and purling to a new generation of Hip, Young, Urban Knitters (HYUKs). Among HYUKs profiled is Hartford law student Sarah Poriss '92 and her vintage-style cardi-jacket-perfect for standing out from the cookie-cutter, black-suit crowd.

Yours Faithfully, Bertrand Russell: A Lifelong Fight for Peace, Justice, and the Truth in Letters to the Editor
Ray Perkins Jr. '64, editor
Open Court (2002)

War and peace are central themes in this collection of letters to the editor from 1904 to 1969 by British philosopher, mathematician and social reformer Russell. If those topics weren't enough, Russell also took on McCarthyism, civil disobedience, split infinitives and more in 300 wise and witty letters.

Cultural and Critical Perspectives on Human Development
Martin J. Packer and Mark B. Tappan (education and human development), editors
State University of New York Press (2001)

Tappan and Packer cover new perspectives of cultural psychology with insights on feminism, postmodernism and critical theory. Chapters include Lyn Mikel Brown's (education and human development) "Adolescent Girls, Class, and the Cultures of Femininity" and Tappan's own "The Cultural Reproduction of Masculinity."

CNBC Guide to Money & Markets

CNBC Guide to Money & Markets
Jeff Wuorio '79
John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (2002)

In this handy primer, personal finance journalist Wuorio tackles everything you need to know about your finances and investments-from digging out of credit card debt to picking a full-service broker. The guide includes a glossary (net asset value, anyone?) and frequently asked questions (Can I roll my SEP into a 401K? Short answer, yes.).

Of Note

Alpine Achievement: A Chronicle of the United States Ski Team
Lori J. Batcheller '80
1st Books Library (2002)

Paintings by Catherine Courtenaye '79
Oakland Museum of California, through May 8

Greatest Hits 1965-2000, a collection of his poetry
Ronald Moran '58
Pudding House Publications (2001)


Better to Give:
A surge in community service refelcts Colby tradition and national trends

Profiles in Giving

Asking Why
Campus activists question factors that lead to need

The President's Page: "The Liberal Art of Giving"

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