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Colby to the Corps
College is tops per capita in numbers of graduates who join the Peace Corps.

Nijikai to Follow
What can alumni do in Tokyo? Try NESCAC bowling.


Peter Doran '58
A Public Priority

Judi Garcia '63
Real People, Real Needs

Bob Duchesne '75
Egging Him On

Greg Ciottone '87
Drawn to Disaster

Harry R. Wiley '51

Charles J. Hely '68

Mike Swift '85

Newsmakers &


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Mike Swift '85

Mike Swift '85 What he is
A master reporter for the Hartford Courant.

Who said so
The New England Society of Newspaper Editors, when it gave him the award.

What the judge said, exactly
Swift's work "should be required reading for all journalists, from the greenest rookies to the grizzled veterans."

What Swift has written about
Hartford redevelopment, downtown parking troubles, the city's failed effort to land a National Football League Franchise, to name a few topics.

What he said when he got the award
"I am really proud and humble that I got nominated by The Courant."

The rest of the quote
Swift said many of his peers at the newspaper are equally deserving.

What that proves
The humble part is true.



Better to Give:
A surge in community service refelcts Colby tradition and national trends

Profiles in Giving

Asking Why
Campus activists question factors that lead to need

The President's Page: "The Liberal Art of Giving"

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