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No Time to Wait
Student activists help alert world to plight of children in war zones.

Latin American Classroom
Jan Plan sends students to do community service in three countries.

Linda Cotter Fund is the Jan Plan Ticket
Internships made possible by College sponsorship.

By Stephen Collins '74

The Linda K. Cotter Internship Fund, endowed in 1999, provides a number of Colby students each year with stipends so that they can afford to perform unpaid or low-paying internships. This past January, 18 students received the award, allowing them to work at a Costa Rican farm, an Ohio high school and an investment bank, to name a few places.

Jonathan Allen '03, SUNY Marine Sciences, Stonybrook, N.Y.

Andriy Avramenko '04, Barclays Capital, New York

Sarah Bandow '03, Nature Conservancy, Baton Rouge, La.

Ryan Davis '02, The Mountain Eagle newspaper, Whitesburg, Ky.

TyAnn Gentry '02, Meadowdale High School, Dayton, Ohio

Mary Karottki '04, ASODECAH Ecological Farm Center, Costa Rica

Melissa Minaya '03, USM Health Outreach Program, Maine and Dominican Republic

Peter Rashkov '04, Institute of Math, Bulgaria

Pamela Sawyer '03, McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School, Belmont, Mass.

Denell Washington '02, Innovative Pilots Division, EPA, Washington, D.C.


Better to Give:
A surge in community service refelcts Colby tradition and national trends

Profiles in Giving

Asking Why
Campus activists question factors that lead to need

The President's Page: "The Liberal Art of Giving"

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