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Long Reach
Maine economic developers enlist far-flung alumni in effort to create new international business.

Lasting Impression
Astronaut David M. Brown, who died in the space shuttle Columbia, left his mark when he appeared at Colby.


Frances Vitaglione '63
Finding a Future

Fred Valone '72
Spiritual Challenge

Ari Druker '93
Asia Major

Sarah Toland '00
A Step Ahead

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Profiles: Ari Druker '93  |   Newsmakers & Milestones



Yuhgo Yamaguchi
124 Oxford Street #4
Cambridge, MA 02140


The Colby Club of Seattle event last September saw an excellent turnout from the Class of '95! Jen Benwood, who's in a three-year podiatry surgery residency, attended with Conrad Saam '96, who does sales and marketing for a Web design firm called Smashing Ideas. Michelle Wyemura is working as a physical therapist. They reconnected with Jen Merrick, Kate Kraft, Darrell Sofield, a geologist in Tacoma, Patricia Jurriaans Hunkins, who recently finished her master's in teaching and is now teaching middle school science, Lisa Kenerson, a consultant, and Sarah English, the assistant admissions director at the Seattle Art Museum. . . . Scott Koles is working in Lincoln, Mass., for Cybase, a software company. . . . Kelly Spooner is a physical therapist living in Eagle, a town outside of Vail, Colo. She skis more than 50 days a year. . . . Last summer Andrew Vernon, Michelle Grdina, Kathy Christy, Cara O'Flynn and I drove down to the Jersey shore to the annual Bay Head, N.J., Fireman's Clambake. We ran into Julie Ackerman Kaeli '94 and her husband, Bill, and Julie, Kathy and I reminisced about the year we lived on the same floor in Treworgy. Ah, the memories. . . . My roommates Andrew Vernon and Joshua Eckel '94 and I went out to L.A. and San Francisco to visit Chris Lohman, Abby Eskin '97, Mike Rosenthal and Marc Rubin for Marc's birthday. . . . Jonathan Blau '94 married Heidi Bolles last October in a beautiful ceremony at Lambert's Cove Inn in West Tisbury on Martha's Vineyard. Attendees included Andrew Vernon, Josh Eckel, Marc Rubin, Chris Lohman, Abby Eskin, Sean McBride, Ben Jorgensen '92 and me. JB and Heidi live there year-round working at JB's two Jaba's Gallery stores on the island. . . . Heather Engman '97 and Michael Murphy were married in August 2002 in Bar Harbor, Maine. Attendees included Kristin Carr '96, Mike Metz and Bram Lutton. Heather is a second-year student at Northeastern Law School and Tufts University School of Public Health in Boston. Mike is a fourth-year student at Tufts University Medical School. They reside in Somerville, Mass. . . . Twin sons Connor Joseph and Caleb Louis were born in August 2002 to Derek and Karen Spires Finkelman. . . . After living a nomadic lifestyle for several years, Marc Herbst has lived in "surprisingly verdant" Los Angeles for three years now. Marc is an artist and writer and since May 2002 has participated in several exhibitions in Los Angeles, Chicago and Germany. Marc describes his work as "contemporary art--a mix of concept, sculpture, drawing and applied media technologies." Marc and his brother, Robby, recently published the first issue of their magazine, The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest. Available in print and online (, the journal is "a conscious collision between the fine art and activist culture," writes Marc. The magazine has them meeting "lots of interesting folks with great ideas." . . . Erica Kay Fertig is in New York, working as a freelance production coordinator for feature films. She most recently completed Analyze That and Sweet Home Alabama and is currently working on Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind with Jim Carey, due out in late 2003. . . . Kate Fabozzi married Eric Ehmer in September 2002. In attendance were Jennifer Rock, Sandy Bugbee and Jonathan Bardzik '96. Shortly after their honeymoon in Hawaii, Kate and Eric purchased a home in Coventry, Conn. Kate works in the Hartford, Conn., office of PricewaterhouseCoopers. . . . Hannah Swenson got married in October 2002 to Taylor Vaughan, whom she met four years ago when they were living in San Francisco. Katie Bolick, Erika Troseth, Amy Borrell and David Berner were in attendance, as was Lisa Grey, who did some time at Colby. Hannah and Taylor live in Austin, where she is getting her master's of architectural studies in historic preservation at the University of Texas. . . . Ted and Beth Timm Preston welcomed their son, John Thomas "Jack" Preston, on November 12, 2002. Jack weighed in at 6 lbs., 11 oz., and measured 19 inches. Mom, Dad and Leo the dog are doing well "and are overflowing with joy!" . . . Lissie Dunn Monroe wrote that Deanna Loew married Chris Lucia in June 2002. The wedding took place in Massachusetts, with Deborah Fletcher Muniz and Nicole Breen as bridesmaids. Lissie, who would have been in attendance except that she had just given birth to daughter Alexandra Dunn Monroe, is working at the University of Arizona part time and enjoying being a new mom. Lissie also reports that Nicole and her husband, Seth, live in Maine, where Nikki is a physical therapist and Seth is an R.N. . . . Lindsay Bennigson Jernigan, who is working on her Ph.D. in clinical psychology at the University of Vermont, ran into Bob Schneider '94 in the psychology department recently. Lindsay and her husband expect their first baby in April. . . . Stephanie Brewster Haen gave birth on November 20, 2002, to Brewster Lee Haen, "a late-to-bed, early-to-rise kind of guy, so we are still trying to adjust," wrote Stephanie (whose e-mail to me was postmarked at 6:30 a.m. on a Sunday). Stephanie and Jason are living in Virginia Beach. She left her job with Citifinancial to be a stay-at-home mom and was really looking forward to it. . . . Jed Dunkerley was featured on the cover of the November 11, 2002, issue of The Stranger, a free, Seattle-based publication with a comprehensive guide to shows and clubs. The cover photo features Jed sporting what could qualify as the finest mullet in the Pacific Northwest. Look for it at . . . Chris Haigh is still living in Jamaica Plain, Mass., with her dog, Bailey. She started a new job last September as the assistant director of a small nonprofit called SpeakOut, the nation's oldest gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered speakers' bureau. She plans to go back to school next fall to get her master's in education. . . . Steven Horsch bought a house in Arlington, Vt. He is the associate director of alumni relations and development at Bennington College and says he's having a blast being back in rural New England at a small New England college. . . . Matthew Tangney is a Spanish teacher at Milton (Mass.) High School. Matt received his master's in education from the University of Massachusetts at Boston. Before he started teaching in Milton in 1998, Matt was a Spanish teacher at Arlington High School in Massachusetts. He also coaches freshman girls' lacrosse and freshman boys' soccer. . . . Dan Polk, a history teacher at Terra Linda High School in San Rafael, Calif., was recently married to Jennifer Erin Ray. Present (in spirit or tangibly) were Ben Bartlett, Chris Shore, Jesse Mechling, Matt Zalosh, George Samuels '96, James Cerwinski and the Redwood trees.

--Yuhgo Yamaguchi


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Kathy Alexander Romeo's daughter, Grace Kathryn, turned 1 in September. Kathy's been able to stay at home with her and watch her grow. . . . Kylie Taphorn got married in May to Chris Thoma--six years to the day of our graduation. Linnea Basu, Nozomi Kishimoto, Carey Page and Stephanie Paul attended. Carey (who caught the bouquet!) is currently in school pursuing a degree in graphic design. Kylie and Chris live in Sacramento, where Kylie is an attorney with Dependency Associates of Sacramento. Nozomi is at Deutche Bank in Tokyo, Stephanie was married in July and lives in Alexandria, Va., and Linnea lives in Boston and is a recruiter for Northwestern Mutual. . . . Hacho Bohossian is in his residency at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston. . . . Nancy Huynh is working at Congress Asset Management and living in Quincy, Mass. . . . Kit and Erica Casano Spater both attend graduate school at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, N.Y., where Erica's studying for her master's in interior design. . . . Brit and Tim Lieberman live in Seattle. They were planning a 120-mile trek, the Tour du Blanc, through France, Italy and Switzerland. They recently saw Eric Gordon and his wife, Katie (Quackenbush '98), when they stopped through Seattle on their way to an Alaskan cruise. . . . . Chris and Cate Kneece Wnek live in Salem, Mass., and recently celebrated their fourth anniversary. Chris is a second-year dental student at Tufts University, and Cate is an analyst at Fleet Global Markets. They recently received a visit from Ruth Bristol, who is in the third year of her neurosurgery residency in Phoenix, and they have bumped into Kristin Carr and Lauren Whittaker in the Boston area. . . . Mark and Cindy Starchman Hruby became parents in August to their first child, Danica Simone. Cindy's currently taking maternity leave but plans to return to her job as an English teacher and chair of the English department at St. Edward High School in Ohio. . . . Grace Jeanes finished her M.B.A. and currently works for Johnson and Johnson on the new IBOT, the wheelchair that can climb stairs and navigate rough terrain. She's also building a deckhouse and enjoying her two Boston terriers. . . . After two years of grad school at SUNY-Stony Brook, Earl Lewis decided that science was not his cup of tea and decided to pursue a career in the restaurant industry. He's moved back to Maine, where he is a chef in Portland. . . . Caitlin Johnson is getting her master's in fine arts at the University of Virginia. . . . John '94 and Julie Erickson Bond moved to central Vermont in the fall. Anyone in the area, drop her a line. . . . Bernadette Graham works for the USGS in Moab, Utah, where she is studying the biology of soil crust. She was to be married in February to Micheal Hudson. . . . Andrew Rice sadly reports that his brother, David, was killed in the 9/11 World Trade Center disaster. Andrew, who lives in Texas, has been involved in a family group for peace and non-violence and planned to speak at the United Nations on September 11, 2002, as well as at other peace and justice conferences. He also works with a group that fights religious extremism in state politics. He and Apple plan a July wedding in Colorado. . . . Keith Albert received a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from Tufts University and is engaged to marry Pamela Foster in August. He recently attended the wedding of Greg Nehro and Dianna Dresser '97. Brendan Gilligan, Soren Peters '97, Matt Maleska, Colby and Amy Ostermueller Wyatt, Ginger Comstock and Amy Robertson '97 were all in attendance. . . . Carrie Califano is still in Fairbanks, Alaska, but plans to return to the Northeast after completing her JAG requirements. . . . Emily Guerette works as a training director for Starz Encore Movie Channels in Denver. She got engaged in London over the Fourth of July to Scott Reid and plans a summer wedding in Maine. Her bridesmaids will include Laura Whittaker, Rachel Moritz and Erica Moore Coombs '97. Emily recently saw Amy Jackson, who ran in a marathon in Alaska for the Leukemia Society. . . . Elizabeth Garbe moved to Denver to start her M.S.W. . . . Amie Sicchitano married Michael Taylor in July. She's teaching kindergarden at Tenacre Country Day School in Wellesley, Mass., and her husband is a senior account manager for Paetec Communications in Waltham. . . . Danielle Beaudin is to marry Iain Brainford in April. She has an M.L.S. degree from UNC-Chapel Hill. . . . Nicole Jalbert and Kevin Pirani were married last June. She is a testing coordinator at Boston University, and he is a research consultant at Cambridge Associates. . . . Philip Svor graduated in June 2000 from Auburn's vet school and recently joined the staff at the Newtown Veterinary Hospital. His wife is a vet as well, and they own a growing family of pets, including five cats, three ferrets and two dogs. Talk about taking your work home with you! . . . Johanna Helwig was married to Jeffrey Rajchel in June. She is a clinical social worker at Cambridge Hospital, and her husband is the director of a specialized foster-care program. . . . Marybeth Thomson and Peter Luber were married, as were James Loveland and Jen Vogt. . . . Lindsay Frantz had a baby boy named Eben. . . . Kate Swenson was married to Rob "Chip" Paterson last June. Latest word was that Kate was employed by a software company in Wyoming and Chip was an environmental consultant in Boston. . . . Kevin Emerson and Anne Michelle Clougherty '94 were married in September. He teaches science at the Neighborhood House School in Dorchester, Mass., and Anne is studying to be a physician's assistant with a master's in health sciences. Kevin is the drummer in a funk and soul band, Soulwork, which has been together for three years and has a studio album out as well as a live CD.

--Kim Schock


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Kimberly N. Parker
37 Melendy Avenue #2
Watertown, MA 02472-4108


Andrea Dehaan writes that she's going broke working for human services in Boston ("a negative") but lives with Amanda Bligh ("a positive") in Somerville. They had a holiday party attended by Simone Kaplan, Molly McLellan, Summer LaPlante and Dave Hanauer. . . . Newly minted class president Adam Elboim is in his first year of business school at Duke. He moved to Raleigh last summer after leaving San Francisco, where he started a mobile medical company with his father. He reports that Stephanie Blackman is in Portland, Ore., pursuing her Ph.D. and teaching. . . . Mike Barber still teaches at the Shackleton School in Ashby, Mass. . . . Jon Levin finished Suffolk law school, passed the bar and is working as a title lawyer with his father. He and his fiancée, Beth, will get married this summer. . . . Congrats to Simone Kaplan, who is engaged to Glenn Cratty and planning a September wedding. She recently visited Heather Bend Warzecha, who lives in Saint Paul, Minn., with her husband, Matt. Heather teaches middle school and coaches cross-country skiing. . . . Tay Evans and her fiancé, Mike Peck, just moved to Hamburg, Germany, where Mike is doing some post-doc work. They will be married in June. . . . Jennifer Higgins is still working on her combined degrees in women's studies (Ph.D.) and international health (M.P.H.) at Emory University in Atlanta. She recently defended her prospectus for her Ph.D. dissertation--the role of pleasure in women's contraceptive use. In the meantime, she's been working for an organization called Ipas (based in Chapel Hill, N.C.), which works to decrease unsafe abortion worldwide. . . . Erwin Godoy completed basic training at Fort Sill in Lawton, Okla. During the eight weeks of training, he studied the Army mission and received instruction in drill and ceremonies, rifle marksmanship, weapons, map reading, tactics, armed and unarmed combat, military courtesy, military justice, physical fitness, first aid, Army history, core values and traditions and special training in human relations. . . . After five years working for Governor of Maine Angus King, Marc Fairbrother accepted a position at the Institute for Global Ethics in Camden, Maine. "The thought of me being an ethicist frightens many people--myself included," he wrote. . . . Jenny and Rick Unruh welcomed Rebecca Kathryn Unruh into the world on November 24, 2002. Rick is finishing a second bachelor's degree in civil engineering at Northeastern University. Upon graduation this spring, he'll attend graduate school in the Boston area to complete a master's in civil engineering. . . . Katie (Taylor '96) and George Kennedy also have a new arrival, son Declan Colby Kennedy, who was born August 28, 2002. . . . Since there are so many of us getting married (myself excluded), this is a great time to check out DivaDesignz (, owned and operated by Jennifer Lawrence. She has had booming business from Colby classmates, who are always able to find that special something for those special people in our lives. (Hot item: wedding invitation plates.) She's also been working on her bowling skills while volunteering for the Special Olympics. . . . Daniel Peltz completed his M.F.A. in film and new media last year at Northwestern University and is currently a visiting artist teaching at the University of Arizona in Tucson. . . . Kara Patterson was married in late December to Ken Waters. She is still in medical school at Dartmouth. . . . Cryselle Greenaway has been working as a victim witness advocate with the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office since 1998. She recently took the LSAT and is applying for law school for the fall of 2003. . . . Sarah Holmes graduated from Boston University with a master's in psychology and opened a Boston branch of her company, Pentec Handwriting Consultants. The company specializes in personnel selection, forgery and fraud detection and jury and trial consultation. . . . Kayla Baker is getting married in June and will graduate from optometry school in June 2003. . . . Deidre Brochu is getting married in October and will graduate from nurse practitioner school with a specialization in geriatrics in May 2003. . . This from Ellie Peters: "Things are going okay, I guess. That husband of mine is still a good for nuthin', beer swillin' TV addict. The kids are all in special ed but soon we are hoping that the rigors of the fourth grade will potty train the twins. And as for me, the money that I make working nights down at Ray's House of Laydees keeps us afloat." . . . And from Alvaro Madrid: "After living in New York and working as a paralegal for two years, I moved to Philadelphia with my Colby-met wife (as of August 2002), Jessi Schwarz '99. I finished at Temple Law School and am working for the firm of Bodell, Bove, Grace and Van Horn as an associate in their insurance defense division. My best man was Jason Klein, and the reclusive Alec Rowe was able to grace our party with his presence as well." . . . Congrats to Mark McInnis, who plans a summer wedding to Darcie Veilleux. Mark is currently an M.B.A. student at Boston College and is employed at IBM in Boston. . . . Adrienne Clay received an Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship in Humanistic Studies. . . . Andrew Weber is an investment banking director in New York. . . . Chris Cintavey recently returned from Operation Enduring Freedom to his home port of Yokosuka, Japan. He highly recommends Bali, Indonesia, for its beautiful beaches and local artwork. Upon return from his deployment, he spent his leave traveling in Australia. He has attained the rank of lieutenant in the U.S. Navy. . . . I'm teaching English and history at a charter school in Dorchester, Mass. I absolutely love what I do.

Kimberly N. Parker


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Brian M. Gill
24 Concord Avenue #213
Cambridge, MA 02138-2370


Congratulations to all those married and engaged recently. Justin Fredrickson and Montine Bowen were married in October. . . . In Boston on October 12 Sara Rigelhaupt was married to Geoff Cramer. Geoff is a real estate agent, and Sara continues to teach Latin. They live in Roslindale, Mass. Alums at the wedding were Alice Wong, Peter Bowden, Geoff Herrick, Kevin Fontanella, Andy Brown '99 and Jenn Lisk '00. . . . Andrea Douchette was married on July 14, 2002, to Paul French in Weld, Maine, and honeymooned in Southwest Harbor, Maine. They still live in Portland, Maine. . . . Kirsten Staaterman and Graham Nelson were married on the Cape last September. . . . Jon Bolton got engaged to Jenny Johns '97 in August and set the wedding for Memorial Day weekend of 2003 in Jenny's hometown of Powell, Ohio. Jon is in his second year of law school at Columbia while Jenny is in the process of getting her master's of English education at Teacher's College. . . . Annie Kuniholm, who is living in Washington, D.C., is engaged to Craig Lundsten '97 and planning a wedding for this summer. Annie recently started work in exhibitions at the Freer Gallery of Art/Sackler M. Sackler Gallery, the Smithsonian's Asian art galleries, and is having a great time. . . . Sally Heath is engaged to Chris Kilbride and plans a wedding for June 21 in St. Louis, Mo., with Jenna DeSimone McLaughlin and Thayer Oberg as bridesmaids. Sally is currently a school social worker for the Special School District of St. Louis County, where she works with children with special needs and mental health concerns. . . . Jared Fine was married in R.I. last September to Liz Hubbard '01. Colby friends on hand were Dave Goldman, Andy Smith, Miguel Leff, Jodi Beznoska, Robyn Thomlinson, Beth Anderson, Kevin Landis, Adella Mikkelsen '99 and Matt Provost '97. Jared, Dave and Andy, the founding members of the Blue Lights, sang an old Blue Lights tune at the reception. . . . Dan Maccarone is living in New York. He'd been to North Carolina, where he directed his first music video. Four TV commercials that he produced and assistant-directed for Sports Illustrated currently are running all over the country. His adaptation of Choderlos de Lacolo's Les Liaisons Dangereuses (written with Brad Reichek '00) premiered at the Abingdon Theatre in N.Y.C. in December. Also at the Abingdon is a one-act that he wrote called "The Wedding Night." . . . Vlad Dorjets received his M.A. in international relations from Johns Hopkins University and is now working for the emerging markets group at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu in Washington, D.C. . . . Rachel Westgate is doing admissions, teaching and coaching at the Perkiomen School in Pennsylvania and also doing some college advising. She says she tries to convince them they all should go to Maine, but they're afraid of the cold! She has enjoyed the switch from business to education and likes running into other Colby alumni such as Nina Perkins Newman, Chris Tompkins '89 and Aaron Whitmore '99 at school fairs and conferences. . . . Stephanie Andriole, who lives in New York, will graduate from grad school in May and hopes to find a job in the Northeast. Last fall she met up with Laura Higginson, Dave Bernstein, Emilie Archambeault, Nancy Joachim and Miguel Leff. Stephanie also welcomes Kristi Straus back to the East Coast! . . . Maggie Drummond is living in Portland, Maine, and is working for a nonprofit environmental organization called Toxics Action Center, helping community groups and citizens who are fighting toxic pollution in their backyards. She also reports that Julie Williams Helentjaris is a newlywed living in Lincolnville, Maine, with her husband, Dak. She has seen Emily Record, who just moved to Hawaii for a year, and had a nice visit from Jen Rose. . . . Becky Allen is living in South Royalton, Vt., and teaching math to sixth, seventh and eighth graders in Tunbridge, Vt. She often speaks with Mignon Winger, who is in her third year of film school at Syracuse, and Myles Merrell, who is in graduate school at UNH. . . . Alyssa Giacobbe wrote to announce that Erika Ayers got engaged to Brett Nardini '96 and that Gloria Rottell graduated from Brooklyn Law School and passed the bar. . . . Harris Eisenstadt ( continues a busy career in music. He is based in Los Angeles and spent December and January researching Mandinka music and dance in the Gambia. . . . While grinding away doing vendor management at Bank of America in Charlotte, N.C., Farrell Burns qualified for the Olympic Trials in the marathon (the trials are in April '04 in St. Louis) with an incredible time of 2:47:07 at the Chicago Marathon. She also headed to San Diego to party with Kirk Schuler and Katie Taylor and hit the trails with Meg Rourke '99 over New Year's! . . . Marie-Claire Overgaag writes that in May 2002 she received her master's of science in nursing from Massachusetts General Hospital-Institute for Health Professions and has since moved back to California. She is working in the Bay Area as a nurse practitioner and is living with her fiancé and planning a September wedding. . . . Stu Willson is still living in Brooklyn and working as an associate director at UBS Warburg in N.Y.C. Over the past year he has spent time applying to grad school, surfing in Costa Rica, running in the N.Y.C. Marathon (raising $10,000 for Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center) and trying to record an album. . . . Katie Daugherty is working as an editor for Abbott Laboratories and also is pursuing her M.S.W./M.P.H. degrees at Boston University. She recently became engaged to a Bates graduate but refuses to wear his Bates sweatshirts and has campaigned for Colby a great deal at his Bates functions. . . . Remember to set aside the first weekend in June for our fifth reunion! See you then!

Brian M. Gill

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Lindsay Hayes
Williams College
Baxter Hall-Box 3143 Williamstown, MA 01267


The wedding bells are ringing out of control for the Class of '99! Christie Browning is engaged to Adam Rana '98, who proposed on the Fourth of July in a Venetian gondola in Central Park--très romantic. Adam and Christie plan a summer '03 wedding. . . . Chris Brady and Amy Walker got engaged over the summer and are planning a fall wedding in the Boston area. They currently live in Essex, Conn. . . . Martha Healy and Kristian Fried planned a spring 2003 wedding. Martha finished her master's in medicinal chemistry last fall at the University of Kansas. . . . Melanie Puza is engaged to Mike Pearl '98. They are getting married in May in Stamford, Conn. Melanie is still working towards an Ed.D. in school psychology at Teachers' College, Columbia University. . . . Amy Piaseczny is now officially Amy McGee. She married Tim McGee '00 on October 12, 2002, at Lorimer Chapel, and they are living happily in Gaithersburg, Md. Amy started working for a veterinary hospital and plans to apply to veterinary school. . . . Philip Boone and Anna Bridges are engaged. Phil is digging life in New Hampshire, where he works in the competition/promotions department for Tecnica/Volkl. Anna is in Philadelphia working on her Ph.D. in music composition at the University of Pennsylvania. The wedding will be in N.H. in August. . . . Danielle Driscoll is planning her June wedding in Waitsfield, Vt., to M. Mateo Millett, a Tufts graduate. Danielle formerly worked for Sensitech Inc., in international sales but is now teaching Spanish at Framingham High School. . . . Andrea Doucette married Paul French in Weld, Maine. They honeymooned in Southwest Harbor, Maine, and are living and working in Portland, Maine. Andrea is a community health representative at the Public Health HIV/STD Program. . . . Kristopher Keelty married Allison Clougher '98 in November. Kristopher is a member of the Adirondack Lumberjacks, a professional Independent League baseball team. . . . Jon Hiltz is engaged to Danielle Duchette. . . . Mark Melander will be tying the knot in May to a Colgate '98 graduate. Mark is still working as an analyst at Fidelity Investments. . . . Krista Brown married Kevin Ward, and Flannery Higgins was a bridesmaid. Krista is a chiropractic student at Palmer West, and she and her husband live in San Francisco. . . . Kristen North and Donn Downey were married on the summer solstice of 2002 with their Lab, Angus, their "best dog." Donn has started a building company, and Kristen is in a 10-month teacher-training program in English (5-12). . . . Sara "Sasha" Brown is engaged to Rob Worsham, whom she has known since elementary school. They plan a June 2003 wedding. Meagan Darrow will be a bridesmaid, and Mackenzie Dawson Parks will be a co-maid of honor. Sara is in graduate school for print journalism. . . . Carrie Peterson lives in Thetford, Vt., and works at the Global Health Council in Norwich. . . . Steve Kajdasz is in his first year of medical school at Dartmouth and lives in Lebanon, N.H. . . . Lissa Baur is in med school at the University of New England in Maine. . . . Becca Mets is also starting med school on her home turf, at Northwestern University. . . . Erika Blauch is a first-year school teacher in Acton-Boxboro High School. . . . After living in Albuquerque for a few years, John Maddox moved back east to attend med school at the U.S. Naval Academy in Bethesda, Md. . . . Karena Bullock left Forbes and is now working as the special events director at Glamour magazine. . . . Alex Parrillo moved to Denver, Colo., where he is working from home for his company, Jenzabar, selling software to colleges. He was psyched for ski season. . . . Chris Bunge graduated from the University of Connecticut School of Law in May 2002 and joined Jackson Lewis LLP, a national labor and employment firm. In October 2002, Chris passed the Connecticut bar exam and is waiting for results from New York. . . . Raegan Butler graduated from Columbia University in New York in May 2002 with a master's in journalism and is now a full-time on-air reporter at the number 30 market in the country, WLWT, the NBC affiliate in Cincinnati, Ohio. (Her bio and picture are online at; click on WLWT.) . . . Steven Murphy finished his Peace Corps assignment in Cape Verde, Africa, early to help start up a Peace Corps program in East Timor. He was planning to return to the States this winter. . . . Sandra DuBarry Laflamme and her husband, Jesse, bought an 1859 farmhouse, a barn and some land in Monroe, N.H., and started renovating the house--quite a project. Sandra is enjoying her teacher certification program to become an elementary teacher. She sees Kristen North Downey every week at school. . . . Last year Heather Garni gave teaching seventh grade social studies in the Boston Public School System a shot. Heather is now living in Guatemala for the year to teach at the American School of Guatemala. . . . Matt Williams is making headlines: Colby retired his lacrosse uniform! Matt is amazed. After graduating from Colby, Matt spent one year as a volunteer assistant coach at Tufts and then was a graduate assistant at Trinity for two years. Matt continues to play lacrosse in a league in Boston, where he lives, and he is currently in training for TJX, the parent company of TJ Maxx and Marshalls, in the buyer-training program. . . . Jacob Berg and Rebecca Plummer have moved to Washington, D.C. Jake is a first-year in GWU's political science Ph.D. program and teaches international relations. Becca is a chemist at an environmental firm in Gaithersburg, Md.

--Lindsay Hayes


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When Lee L'Heureux '03 arrived at Colby, WMHB radio was in a funk.
He and a band of devotees have worked to make WMHB better than ever.

The Forgotten War
A half-century after a truce ended war on the Korean Peninsula,
Colby veterans remember the call to serve.

Colby, As They See It
Colby enlisted students, staff and faculty, and sent them out to
take photos of the Colby experience--and it's not what you might expect.

In Defense of Humanity
Martha Walsh '90 works on the ultimate human rights cases:
genocide trials at The Hague.

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