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Summer 2000  

Options for Adams
Report offers options as Colby considers the future.

Judge Morton Brody Will Be Remembered
Legacy is a judicial award at Colby.


Adams Inauguration Set


Shirley Swipes Again
Littlefield bounces back after heart surgery.


Colby's 179th


Margaret H. Marshall Excerpt
Chief Justice addresses students at Commencement


Reunion Recap

  wit and wisdom

Shirley Swipes Again

By Erin Rogers '01

Shirley Littlefield

Shirley Littlefield underwent a triple bypass and a valve replacement on October 8, 1999. She spent most of the school year resting and recovering. Students suffered her absence patiently this year, having only seen her–and her crazy hats–for three weeks in September.

But at the end of March Littlefield was back, with renewed energy. "I'm doing fabulous," she said. "I've exceeded what the doctor expected of me."

Littlefield has been working for Dining Services on and off for 24 years. She lives on a 38-acre farm in East Benton, where she plays host to the East Benton Fiddlers Convention every July–and students year round. All those Colby friends were appreciated during Littlefield's recovery as she was aided by a deluge of cards, flowers and visits from students and alumni."The kids really cured me," she said.

Ten years ago Littlefield had a heart attack but recovered. "This is just being 71 years old and eating too much salt and all the stuff that clogs your arteries," she said.

She remains cheerful, always. In fact, Littlefield's only regret as second semester came to a close was not being able to have her "kids" over to her house for a big meal. The tables have turned for the time being, and students have taken advantage of the opportunity to show her how much she is appreciated. "I guess that's what it takes to get well," Littlefield said.

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