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Summer 2000  

By Gerry Boyle '78, Managing Editor

Working for an upcoming issue of Colby on a story about Colby alumni who work in the magazine publishing industry, I recently interviewed an editor who works in New York for a fashion magazine. When I asked what was hot for fall, she looked a bit surprised by the question. (Was it something I was wearing?) But graciously she polled a few colleagues within earshot. "Men's wear," they said. "Plaids." "The schoolgirl look."

"And they're bringing the eighties' stuff back," she said. "Nobody will remember!"

That said, I'll take a chance and say you're holding a new incarnation of Colby–one that allows the magazine to reflect, explore and showcase the Colby community better. Revamped by art director Brian Speer, this magazine contains some obvious and some almost invisible changes. The pages are larger, the cover is fresh, the departments are more flexible. There's a new "Q&A" feature to better capture the voices of Colby, and short glimpses of alumni lives augment customary profiles. With more elements we hope we've made the magazine more informative and lively.

We've found that Colby folks don't fit into neat little boxes. Savas Zembillas '79, for example–a Greek Orthodox priest, ex-punk rocker, gifted actor and voracious reader/scholar. If his story is as fascinating to you as it was to us, you might want a refresher on how the Greek and Roman churches evolved. (We needed one.)

That's the package we have put together. We hope you find it more inviting, more lively, more informative. Entirely new? No. But it should incorporate the best of the past (more and better class notes than anyone else in the business) with some new elements, too–fashion tips among them.

Remember, plaids are back. You read it here, first.

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