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Summer 2000  


Huey and the Mountain
James ‘Huey’ Coleman ’70 captures Mt. Katahdin on film.


The Skinny on Film School
Tiare White ’92 has a new book on what they don’t teach you in film school.

  Pickin’ at Bluegrass
Tim O’Brien ’76 melds musical influences in his new CD.

recent releases
Books on Tap
Read about Martin Luther King Jr., Latin American economies, Plato and getting a job.


Memories of Father
Elizabeth Tippett ’00 weaves images in ‘La Esperanza’

Smithsonian Treasures
Museums abstract and modernist treasures are bound for Colby.



recent releases

The Papers of Martin Luther King Jr. Volume IV: Symbol of the Movement

The Papers of Martin Luther King Jr. Volume IV: Symbol of the Movement

Adrienne Clay '97, co-editor

University of California Press, 2000

Acclaimed by Ebony magazine as "one of those rare publishing events that generate as much excitement in the cloistered confines of the academy as they do in the general public," this set of books chronicles one of the 20th century's most dynamic intellects. In Volume IV, King confronts the sudden demands of celebrity while trying to identify the next step in the burgeoning struggle for equality. The volume covers the years 1957 and 1958.


The Puzzle of Latin American Economic Development

Patrice Franko (economics and international studies)

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., 1999

Franko provides the basic economic tools for understanding problems facing Latin America. She explores the contradictions of growth as it relates to overcoming problems of poverty, health and discrimination. By exploring the difficult choices facing Latin American leaders, Franko gives readers background to understand the puzzle of how to sustain healthy growth in this region.

Turning Toward Philosophy

Literary Device and Dramatic Structure in Plato's Dialogues

Jill Gordon (philosophy)

Pennsylvania State University Press, 1999

We know Plato has had a profound impact on philosophical thought, but what is it about his dialogues-and their construction-that is compelling? Gordon shows how Plato's literary techniques engage readers in philosophy and attract them toward the philosophical life. Gordon builds a detailed analysis of literary devices on dramatic form, character development, irony and image making.

The Everything Get-A-Job Book

Steven Graber '90

Adams Media Corporation, 2000

Looking for your first, second or even 10th job? The Everything Get-A-Job Book shows how to write a successful résumé, how to handle stress, how to negotiate for better pay, how to look beyond the want-ads. Readers still may have to pound the pavement, but Graber can help them make better impressions with potential employers.

Visions of Voices: An anthology of poetry by genre

Mark Shovan '67, editor, 2000

Shovan, a teacher of English at Brooks School in North Andover, Mass., has produced a textbook intended to take the frustration out of reading poetry. Acknowledging that some high school students come to poetry with "negative preconceptions," Shovan has separated poems into categories according to voice and device. Interior monologue, letter narration, biography, memoir: these designations allow students and instructors alike to better listen to the voice of the poet.

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