Colby Magazine, Summer 2001
Colby Magazine, Summer 2001
  A Simple Feast


     Diversity call Renewed

Making Waves  

A Simple Feast
By Kate Bolick

Wylie Dufresne '92 is one of the
hottest chefs in New York City.
Not bad for a guy who not so long ago
was tending the salad bar in Dana.

Cover Story:
Diversity Call Renewed
By Stephen Collins

Students, President Bro Adams,
faculty and others join in effort
to appreciate and accentuate differences.
A look at where Colby has been
and wants to be in the future.

Making Waves
By Frank Bures

Familiar voices on National
Public Radio belong to reporters
Chris Arnold '92 and Gerry Hadden
'89. An inside look at the news
you love to hear from Colbians.

The President's Page
"Diversity and the Future of Affirmative Action"

  commencement 2001




+editor's desk

Editor's Desk
Momentum is building in the movement to bring more diversity to the College. There really is something happening here.

Macy Delong '71, profiled in the winter 2000 Colby, is still helping those who find themselves homeless.




Kudos for education feature; for adolescents, bigger schools aren't better; the other side of the Diallo case.



Gleanings from Earl Smith's campus newsletter, FYI, including a marriage made by the Colby Eight; tracking down Parks' Diner; Colby third in Peace Corps ranks; economics department tops in citations; Hanna Roisman (classics) sees Arnold Schwarzenegger as familiar figure.



Track Gives its Best Shot
Hardly a building season for Colby women

For Women's Lacrosse, a Great Rebound
Squad puts slow start behind it

Sports Shorts
Roundup of spring season sports.


+on campus

No Alternative
Dennis Ross sees negotiation as only way to end Mideast violence

The Principal Principle
Brody award recipient U.S. Circuit Court Judge Guido Calabresi raps Bush v. Gore

Economic Milestone
Jan Hogendorn (Grossman Professor of Economics) Surveys 175 years of teaching the subject at Colby

The Other Interview
Mark Serdjenian has never been in a chat room, and other revelations

Wit and Wisdom
What we're saying and where we're saying it

Just Wondering
Why blue books for exams? Why not red or green or yellow?



The Art of Exploration

Jacqueline Johnson '01 lands fellowship to study art in former French colonies

What's been Recommended
Class of 2001 takes book picks in stride

On their Way
A sampling of jobs and medical and other graduate schools that await the class of 2001

Quebec was a Gas
Students participate in, and chronicle, trade protests



Hitting the Ground Running
Guilain Denoeux (government) brings democratic instruction to Mideast, North Africa

Love of Labor Lost
Hank Gemery (economics) retires to his study

How We Teach
Barbara Nelson (Spanish) spins a wonderful Web

Cheryl Townsend Gilkes is minister for one parish, professor and scholar for another



His Country Home
Kurt Wolff '84 traces the evolution of country music in a new Rough Guide

Joining the Club
Richard "Pete" Moss (history) enters history of American country clubs

Recent Releases
From our shelf to yours



Another Side
AIRE grant gives undergraduate research a voice



An A Cappella Rainbow
Generations of Colbyettes hold 50th reunion

A Young Trustee
Nancy Joachim '98 nominated to join board

Gardner Gray '64
One last landing

David Melpignano '72
Taking stock

Jennifer Massengill '88
Cell mate

Mala Rafik '93
Cause and effect

James Simon '64
David Rea '71
Maura Shaughnessy '83




last page

A Good Place to Begin
Earl Smith didn't intend to stay so long and now he's leaving, sort of



Diversity Call Renewed: Students, President Bro Adams, faculty and others join in effort to appreciate and accentuate differences.
Making Waves: An inside look at the news you love to hear--from Colbians.
A Simple Feast: Wylie Dufresne '92 is one of the hottest chefs in New York City.
President's Page: President Bro Adams on the court and affirmative action.
Commencement 2001
Alumni Reunion 2001

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