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An A Cappella Rainbow
Generations of Colbyettes hold 50th reunion
A Young Trustee
Nancy Joachim '98 nominated to join board


Gardner Gray '64
One Last Landing

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Taking Stock

Maura Shaughnessy '83

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Cell mate

Mala Rafik '93
Cause and effect

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The Houston Chronicle recently reported on the career of Corbett Bishop '93, who leads six to 12 photo safaris a year in East Africa and Tanzania. Bishop previously led more than 40 trips up Kenya's Mt. Kilimanjaro for an adventure-travel company. "To get into those area where you can find true adventure and exploration," he said, is "what I have been pursuing all my life" * Mark D. Radcliff '93 contrasted "Western" casualness with "Eastern" assertiveness in a Maine Times article last January. Compared with laid-back attitudes developed in the less-threatening western climate, the Portland, Ore., ad writer concluded, the rugged weather of his native Maine "humbles us, challenges us, forces us to . . . better prepare ourselves for what lies ahead" * Carrie L. Clough '98 sang in College choral groups and in operas and now has won plaudits from The San Francisco Weekly for her "elastic, authoritative . . . elegant and worldly tones" in the self-titled debut album by Call and Response. The quintet was cited for "crafting some of the most persuasive pop to come along in ages."


Marriages: Michele A. Friel '91 to Michael Mullen in Melrose, Mass.   ;   Sandra A. Sundwall '91 to Stephen L. Phillips in Hartford, Conn. * John M. Beaver '92 to Heather A. Shaff in Belmont, Mass.   ;   Ronald C. Martin Jr. '93 to Kristen M. Johnson in Chatham, Mass.   ;   Lawrence M. Rulison II '94 to Jennifer A. Manganello   ;   Mark C. Gallagher '94 to Christa N. Figliolini in Cumberland, R.I.   ;   Kristen M. Hanssen '95 to Edwin B. Goodell II '92 in Lexington, Mass.   ;   Matthew J. Morrissey '95 to Kristen E. Healy in Newburyport, Mass.   ;   Karen E. Spires '95 to Derek M. Finkelman   ;   Patricia A. Benson '96 to Brian Bechard in Concord, Mass.   ;   Sarah E. Hamlin '96 to Gregory T. Walsh '95 in Chatham, Mass.   ;   Sherrie A. Sangster '96 to Benjamin G. Bielak Jr. in Hanover, Mass.   ;   Rachel K. Wolf '96 to Brian Thomas Preti in Dartmouth, Mass.   ;   Catherine C. Neuger '97 to Gregg A. Le Blanc '96 in White Plains, N.Y.   ;   Katharine S. Williams '97 to Shawn T. Bauer in Tiverton, R.I.

Births: A daughter, Grace Chrisikos Arendell, to Robert L. Arendell '91 and Stephanie Christikos-Arendell   ;   A son, Collin William Tardio, to Corrine Hauser '91 and Douglas Tardio   ;   A son, John Robert Quinn, to Robert and Patricia Shepard Quinn '91   ;   A daughter, Sienna White Probert, to Sharyl A. White '91 and Brian W. Probert '88   ;   A son, Nicholas "Nicky" Mauran Zuccotti, to John "Andy" and Margaret Mauran Zuccotti '91   ;   A daughter, Corrigan Mairead Farnham, to Erin Minear '92 and Timothy Farnham '91   ;   A daughter, Emma Rose Kane, to Martin and Joselyn Hiller Kane '94   ;   A daughter, Madeline Baker Perfetti, to Michael and Sara Palmer Perfetti '95.

Deaths: Benjamin D. Ling '98, March 17, 2001, in Tulsa, Okla., at 25.



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President's Page: President Bro Adams on the court and affirmative action.
Commencement 2001
Alumni Reunion 2001

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