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Gleanings from Earl Smith's campus newsletter, FYI, including a marriage made by the Colby Eight; tracking down Parks' Diner; Colby third in Peace Corps ranks; economics department tops in citations; Hanna Roisman (classics) sees Arnold Schwarzenegger as familiar figure.

She Said Yes
The final song of the year's final Colby Eight concert had a very special twist that left the audience smiling. During a hushed moment of the second encore number, "Tupelo Honey", Kyle Garry professed his love for his longtime girlfriend, April Hunter, and asked her to marry him. She said yes. Kyle and April were seniors, both from Framingham, Mass.

Hash from History
Nostalgia for Parks' Diner is like a bottomless cup of coffee for generations of Colby alumni who hung out at the Main Street restaurant up until it closed in the mid-1960s. How many know that the diner itself lives on? After spending a few years abandoned by the side of Route 201, what was Parks' got moved to New Portland in the early 1970s. It operates there today as The Wire Bridge Diner, serving breakfast and lunch every day and supper on Fridays and Saturdays. It's on the left side of Route 27 if you're headed for Kingfield. Try the corned beef hash.

Economics Stars
A recent study of economic scholarship at 50 of the nation's leading liberal arts colleges ranks Colby fifth for the number of quality citations of its faculty in the top 130 economic journals from 1991 to 2000. Wellesley tops the list, followed by Bates, Wesleyan and Williams. Colby ranks third for total citations per capita. Among full professors, Tom Tietenberg ranked third among the nation's liberal arts college professors, and Debra Barbezat ranked second among top associate professors. The study, which measured the influence of 439 liberal arts professors, concludes that economists at the nation's leading liberal arts colleges make significant contributions to the literature.

The Chronicle of Higher Education has a photo essay on college presidents and their pets . . . a great shot of Bro, Cathy, Carmen and Sean with Pedro and assorted pets . . . if this were a competition, Colby would win, paws down. . . . Special Programs just received word from the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education that Colby has received full accreditation for a four-year term as a provider of continuing medical education for physicians. The College continues to be the only four-year college in the country to be awarded this accreditation. . . . Hats off to Dining Services Manager Terry Landry, who received a special recognition award from the Class of 2001 at the Senior Banquet . . . well deserved. . . . This was the last season that NESCAC teams in any sport will be eligible for post-season ECAC competition. Hereafter, the only post-season playoffs will be for NESCAC champs who may move on to NCAA tourneys.

29 Percent of These Experts . . .
Parents magazine asked national experts what makes "a great parent" and published answers in the May issue. Two of the seven sages quoted are Colby alumnae. Angela Mickalide '79, program director of the National Safe Kids Campaign, says a great parent "knows that safety always comes first." Alice Domar '80, director of the Mind/Body Center for Women's Health at Harvard, says a great parent "makes sure that she finds the time to take care of herself, even if it takes time away from her kids on occasion. You don't do children any favors by always putting yourself last."

A Classic Case
Hanna Roisman's (classics) propensity for identifying classic themes in popular culture got her a prominent mention in The Times (of London) on April 23, following a presentation to the Classical Association at Manchester University. "Few see Arnold Schwarzenegger as Nemesis. Or one of the Fates. Or a blind Goddess," the article began. It described how "Hanna Roisman of Colby College, Waterville, Maine," considered human fascination with predestination in science fiction cinema. "Both Greek literature and the best modern sci-fi are deep philosophical and moral examinations of old questions as well as rattling good entertainment," the piece concluded.

Forman Is Foreman
 As Massachusetts Governor Jane Swift took a precedent-setting gubernatorial maternity leave, Colby grad Peter Forman '80 was thrust into the spotlight as "the central face" of the Swift administration. The AP reported May 9 that "Forman began his political career as one of the youngest state representatives in Massachusetts history. Now he's keeping things together as the chief of staff for the nation's youngest governor, who is preparing to give birth to twins and said she will run the state from bed."

Colby to the Corps
The 2001 Peace Corps report on top volunteer-producing colleges is out, and Colby made the headline as number three on the list. With 21 Colby alumni active in the corps, we're third among colleges and universities with enrollments under 5,000. Middlebury is first with 32 volunteers and Tufts (with more than twice our enrollment) is second with 22. We're up from the 10th slot in the 2000 list. Our 21 Colby alums are among 7,300 Peace Corps volunteers and trainees serving in 76 countries.

They're Good
What was it? Brian Speer's art direction and design? Yes. Leo Pando's illustration of Maisel, Mackenzie and Corrado? Yes. Those three characters in a single illustration? Well. . . . Whatever it was, the Colby magazine feature story "In the Loop, Outside the Beltway" (fall 2000) about Colby's trio of political pundits won a Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) national silver medal for the design of the opening spread. It was one of 94 entries for visual design in print/editorial design.

Dream Get Real
English Professor Phyllis Mannocchi's American Dreams video showcase on May 11 filled Given Auditorium beyond capacity, and the audience filled collection bowls with $300 in spare change (and bills) when students took up a collection to help build a school for Sudanese refugees in Uganda. One of the six videos this year featured members of the Sudanese community in Portland, and money raised will go to their "Action for Self Reliance Association of Maine," which plans to erect a facility this summer at a refugee camp where many of them had stayed.

200 Fight Hunger
The Colby Volunteer Center's April newsletter reports that 200 people participated in a Divided World Hunger Banquet in the Spa April 17. Divided into three classes, participants got meals reflecting what people around the world might eat for dinner depending on their socioeconomic class. Jonathan White (sociology) spoke on hunger. The newsletter also plugged National Volunteers Week activities April 22-28, which wrapped up here with Colby Cares Day on Saturday, April 28.

Good Addition
Mathematically talented high school students from around the world will come to Colby this summer (July 8-August 12) for MATHCAMP, a specialized five-week program sponsored by the Mathematics Foundation of America. A richly talented faculty-including our own Fernando Gouvêa-will lead campers in exploring advanced mathematical concepts and sharpening problem-solving skills. The camp staff will comprise math-talented graduate students from such places as Harvard, MIT, Stanford and McGill. Although this will be the first year at Colby, it is the ninth year of MATHCAMP.

We Have a Goldwater
Congratulations to Sarah Pierce '03 (Wakefield, R.I.), who was recently awarded a Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship for 2001-2003. Sarah was one of 300 recipients chosen from more than 1,100 mathematics, science and engineering students who were nominated by the faculties of colleges and universities nationwide. The academic scholarship was designed to encourage outstanding students to pursue careers in mathematics, the natural sciences and engineering.

Mizner Memorial
The Holocaust Human Rights Center of Maine has announced the John Mizner Memorial Scholarship. The $500 annual scholarship was established by his family, and guidelines and applications are now available; e-mail for information. John taught English here from 1963 to 1998.

White House Ties
Colby has at least two family ties to the new White House. Billy Bush '94 is President GW's cousin (son of George senior's brother), and Helen Walker '93 is VP Cheney's niece (daughter of Dick's sister). Helen once worked in the Eustis Building and keeps a correspondence with Bert Therrien (mailroom supervisor) as the two share a love of drag racing.


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