My dinner at wylies
Arrive to empty restaurant. Sit at bar. Quickly peruse menu; decide to try two most popular items. Order a glass of Bairrada Vinho Tinto, 1998, $9.50.  Wine, along with a small baguette, a large triangle of butter and a tiny butter knife arrives.
Two tables filled.
First appetizer--marinated Scottish salmon wrapped in avocado with pickled horseradish oil, $10--arrives. Six tables filled.   Plate cleared.
Second appetizer--lamb shank dumplings, shiso leaf and pistachios in black cumin consomme, $11--arrives.
Only four tables left.
  Plate cleared. Order second glass of wine, this time the Gigondas Domaine du Grapillon d'Or 1998, $12. Only one table left.
Am introduced to Susan Belknap '94's mother: "I'm down from Boston and was told I just had to come!"   Main course--sauteed black sea bass with endive, asian pear and cauliflower-almond puree, $24--arrives. Restaurant full.
Plate cleared.   The waiter, who overheard my conversation with Mrs. Belknap, introduces me to Mike '92 and Currie Hamlin Keller '91: "We love Wylie.
We come here all the time."
Dessert--tiny chocolate cake with peanut center and vanilla ice cream with peanut crunch on top--arrives, "compliments of the kitchen."   <<< back