Colby Magazine, Summer 2003
Colby Magazine, spring 2003

Going Places

Going Places
by Lynne Moss Perricelli '95
The Colby College Museum of Art
has grown steadily in stature over
the past four decades. Lynne Moss Perricelli '95
looks at the museum's past and present,
and future--and a conversation
with Paul Schupf about art and the Dead.

Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice
by R.J. Grubb
While gay Colby students are demanding
more visibility and inclusion,
some say they have gone too far. Also,
Alyson Lindquist '03 chronicles decades of

Reshaping the Hill

Reshaping the Hill
by Stephen Collins '74
Work is set to begin on the
Colby Green, the biggest campus
expansion since the move to
Mayflower Hill.

All that Jazz

All that Jazz
by David McKay Wilson'76
Vinnie Martucci '77 composes and
improvises a life in music


+editor's desk

Editor's Desk
It wasn't Doug Archibald's first teach-in. At Cornell University in the 1960s, Archibald, then a young politically liberal (and to some, radical) English professor, was a regular at panel discussions on the Vietnam War. In April, in his last semester at Colby before retirement, he organized another teach-in, this time on the war in Iraq.


Comment and reminiscence regarding the Korean War; the Arey murals revisited; tragedy of eating disorders; Cleveland reaches out; Bither's legacy; amen to "real" diversity.


Gleanings from the campus newsletter, FYI;
a little bit of LeWitt; British take on gift from Bob Diamond '73; Coffin back in the fieldhouse; Archibald children give back; media mail missive from Copenhagen; no smoking in the residence halls; hi Mom in North Dakota; loads of lobster; Sadoff talks to scientists.

Reporter Brian MacQuarrie '74 is back at the Boston Globe after being "embedded" with combat troops in the Iraq War. MacQuarrie reports on his war-time experience.


Crew Rocks
Women's crew is the flat-out best Division III team in the country.

Sports Shorts
Roundup of the spring season.

+on campus

No Swimming
College pulls plug on senior "tradition" of swimming across Johnson Pond; two students take the plunge.

New at the Helm
Colby's Randy Helm takes over presidency at Muhlenberg College.

Game Face
Colby and President William Bro Adams figure prominently in Reclaiming the Game, a book about the impact of sports on Division III colleges.

On Dry Land
Linda Greenlaw '83, swordfish boat captain and bestselling author, speaks on books and boats.

One for Kasser
Jeff Kasser (philosophy) receives the Bassett Teaching Award.

C3 Project
Environmental Studies project takes hard look at College's emissions, finds solution in "offset" system.

Wit and Wisdom
What we're saying and where we're saying it.


Community Catalyst
Tracy Schloss '03 brings together a true South End coalition.

Elementary, my dear...
Members of the Class of '03 land two Watson fellowships, one Fulbright.


Changing of the Guard
Archibald, Hogendorn, Rosenblum, Sanborn, Sweney, Wescott retire from the faculty--and look back.


On James and Jennifer
Jennifer Boylan's (English) bittersweet memoir, She's Not There, traces her journey from man to woman.

A New Chapter
Jenny Boylan (English) speaks about her memoir, being transgendered, where her writing goes from here.

A Master of a Drummer
Jordan Benissan (music) shares Beautiful Music from West Africa.

Recent Releases
From our shelf to yours.



Reunion, Through the Lens
A photographer's eye catches the images of reunion '03.

Roman Dashawetz '70
Medical Mission

Deanna Cook '88
Cooking the Books

Peter Sekulow '90
Ballpark Figure

Carolyn Szum '01
Air Cleaner

Staff Sergeant J.J. Lovett '96 & Sergeant Eric Anderson '98

Thomas Curran '02

Newsmakers &


Blue LIght Alumni Site




last page

The Other SARS Epidemic
John Hughes '02 on SARS in China, and the hysteria.


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