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No Swimming
College pulls plug on senior "tradition" of swimming across Johnson Pond; two students take the plunge.

New at the Helm
Colby's Randy Helm takes over presidency at Muhlenberg College.


Game Face
Colby and President William Bro Adams figure prominently in Reclaiming the Game, a book about the impact of sports on Division III colleges.


On Dry Land
Linda Greenlaw '83, swordfish boat captain and bestselling author, speaks on books and boats., a book about the impact of sports on Division III colleges.


One for Kasser
Jeff Kasser (philosophy) receives the Bassett Teaching Award.


Kasser's Speech
Read Professor Kasser's speech to the Class of 2003.


C3 Project
Environmental Studies project takes hard look at College's emissions, finds solutions in "offset" system.

  Wit and Wisdom
What we're saying, and where we're saying it.

Greenlaw holds forth on books and boats

By Robert Gillespie

Linda Greenlaw '83 stood at the podium to read from her book The Lobster Chronicles to a large crowd in Given Auditorium one night in late April and claimed she had a case of nerves. That's hard to believe of "one of the best captains, period, on the entire East Coast"--Sebastian Junger's tribute in A Perfect Stormto the tireless swordfishing boat captain--a characterization that rocketed Greenlaw to fame as a fisherman and set her sailing a new course as a writer.

Peppering self-deprecation with salty exclamations, Greenlaw reviewed her perfect storm of a life after A Perfect Storm. As a child she said she'd asked her mother, "Do I have to be a girl?" The reply, of course: "You can be anything you want to be." One of the best captains, period, and author of The Hungry Ocean and The Lobster Chronicles said, "I couldn't be more surprised about the whole thing."

Greenlaw admitted to feeling way over her head amid the newspaper and magazine stories about her and her Hungry Ocean book tour. And her editor annoyed Greenlaw, repeatedly telling her she was "adorable." Adorable! No, no, no, her publicist whooped gleefully, the editor said "tourable," as in "an author fit to go on tour."

When USA Today ran a story on her, "I could've cried," Greenlaw said, relishing another anecdote. "The story was all about Linda Greenlaw's fruitless search for a man!" Whereupon she received letters--among them offers of marriage from 18 men, along with 18 pictures of the men's boats but not one with a picture of a man. She also received marriage proposals from prisoners in federal penitentiaries.

"Fishing is no life for an educated person. Get a real job," her parents and others advised her 20 years ago when she decided against attending law school. Now captain of her own lobster boat out of Isle au Haut, Maine, she delights in teasing her sternman, her father, James S. Greenlaw '57. "I tell him he's wasting his education," she said.

"I am inspired by anyone who is good at what they do and enjoys what they do," Greenlaw said. The title The Hungry Ocean, she explained, means "I'm consumed by it. I am proudest to say I am a fisherman," she said, and happiest "being master of my own destiny."



Going Places
The Colby College Museum of Art has grown steadily in stature over the
past four decades. Lynne Moss Perricelli '95 looks at the museum's past,
present, and future.

Pride and Prejudice
Gay Colby students are demanding more visibility and inclusion in the
College community. Colby details their concerns, and those of
students who think the gay community has gone too far.

Colby Green
Construction begins for The Colby Green, the centerpiece of the
College's most significant expansion in a half-century.

All that Jazz
Vinnie Martucci '77 composes and improvises to make a life in music

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