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'Skinny Man's Disease'
Carrie Allen '96 rides Hard on Niger's AIDS Trail

A Road Marked with Kindness
Sarah Eustis '96, discovers middle America


Sittler Settles in as Pro
Meaghan Sittler '98, joins Canada's National Women's Hockey League (NWHL)


The Mettle to Be an Ironman
Jonathan Kaplan '94 proves he's an ironman


Alumni Trustee Nominees Announced


Alumni Club Circuit
Club News, upcoming events, etc.



Charles Card '40
He's and old cowhand

Sarah Hudson '69
Her students are real lifesavers

William "Ted" Williams '69

Carter Newell '77
Fiddling with mussels

Helen Muir Milby '87
She throws a political party

Stephanie Rocknak '88

Sig Schutz '94

Newsmakers &


Jonathan Kaplan: The Mettle to be an Ironman

In our last issue, Jonathan Kaplan '94 had left his job as a staffer for Tipper Gore and was bound for the Ironman Triathlon at Kona Coast, Hawaii. We can report that while the Ironman was no day at the office, Kaplan finished the race in a respectable 12 hours, 36 minutes–ahead of some 600 of the 1,600 competitors.

A swimmer at Colby, Kaplan emerged from the 2.4-mile swimming leg of the race only 14 minutes behind the leaders, all of whom were seasoned triathlon professionals. The 112-mile bike race took its toll, Kaplan reported: "On one side you have the ocean and on the other side you have the lava fields. This wind that came from the side was almost pushing people off their bikes."

While Kaplan didn't keep up with the pros, he was one of the fastest of the 745 first-time Ironman triathlon competitors in the race. It was enough to whet Kaplan's Ironman appetite. "I thought it was hype," he said of raves about the rewards of extreme competition. "It really is something special."

The Colby Difference: The Inauguration of William D. Adams
Nuclear Fiction: Daniel Traister '63 Delves Into the Fiction of World War II
The Hot Zone and the Cold War: Frank Malinoski '76 Investigates Biological Warfare

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