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'Skinny Man's Disease'
Carrie Allen '96 rides Hard on Niger's AIDS Trail

A Road Marked with Kindness
Sarah Eustis '96, discovers middle America


Sittler Settles in as Pro
Meaghan Sittler '98, joins Canada's National Women's Hockey League (NWHL)


The Mettle to Be an Ironman
Jonathan Kaplan '94 proves he's an ironman


Alumni Trustee Nominees Announced


Alumni Club Circuit
Club News, upcoming events, etc.



Charles Card '40
He's and old cowhand

Sarah Hudson '69
Her students are real lifesavers

William "Ted" Williams '69

Carter Newell '77
Fiddling with mussels

Helen Muir Milby '87
She throws a political party

Stephanie Rocknak '88

Sig Schutz '94

Newsmakers &


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Randolph-Macon Woman's College honored Beth Schwartz-Kenney '86 with the prestigious Gillie A. Larew Award for Distinguished Teaching, recognizing "sound scholarship and effectiveness as a teacher in the classroom." A member of the psychology department since 1991, Schwartz-Kenney works in the field of children's eyewitness testimony. "The things that she valued as an undergraduate at Colby are the same things to which she is dedicated at R-MWC," reported the school's alumnae magazine.


Marriages: Christopher H. Castner '82 to Pamela M. Rockett in Marblehead, Mass. * Catherine C. Hobson '83 to Robert B. Scott in Rye, N.H. * Paul R. Doyle '85 to Diana Saraceno in Middletown, Conn. * Caroline R. Moses '86 to Christian D. McMahon in Falmouth, Mass. * Lisa A. Rydin '86 to C. Scott Lilliott in Hingham, Mass. * Scott J. Jablonski '89 to Maria F. Florio in Johnston, R.I.

Births: A son, Christopher James Geremia, to Louis '85 and Susan James Geremia '85 * A daughter, Tate Elizabeth Gordon, to Doug and Alicia Bevin Gordon '85 * A son, James Manning DiSandro, to Jeffrey '87 and Mary Browne DiSandro '89 * A son, David Samuel Martin, to Chris and Jayne Grossman Martin '88 * A son, Benjamin Travis, to Robert Travis '88 and Michelle Leinbach '89 * A son, Ben Abbatiello, to Thomas '89 and Christine Murphy Abbatiello '91 * A son, Carsten James Connolly, to Adrienne and James Connolly '89 * A daughter, Emily Reed Gallagher, to Robert '89 and Susan Banta Gallagher '89 * A daughter, Sarina Mackenzie Bridges, to Laura Johnson '89 and Patrick Bridges * A son, Geoffrey Drew Brunell, to Nancy Spellman '89 and Paul Brunell * A daughter, Katelyn Ann Szustak, to Michael and Cherie Poulin Szustak '89 * A daughter, Johanna Letson Harding, to Anita Terry '89 and Kevin Harding.

Deaths: David E. Bell, H '86, September 6, 2000, in Cambridge, Mass., at 81.

The Colby Difference: The Inauguration of William D. Adams
Nuclear Fiction: Daniel Traister '63 Delves Into the Fiction of World War II
The Hot Zone and the Cold War: Frank Malinoski '76 Investigates Biological Warfare

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