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Both Sides Now
Elizabeth Desombre Teaches Real-World Lessons

Dancing Her Way Home
Holly Labbe Russell '94 is back on the Hill


A Discovery Channel Post-Doctoral scientists, aka AIRE Fellows, are changing the way science is taught


Q & A
What is it about the Civil War that so fascinates Elizabeth Leonard?


Faculty expert opinions



"It isn't men vs. women in this movement. You realize that men don't have to put another woman down. They can always find another woman to do it for them."
Lyn Mikel Brown (education and human development) in a Bangor Daily News article on her study of girls' anger and submissiveness.

"In order to bring that to court, the standard is going to have to be that you can prove certain votes should have been counted in a different way."
Tony Corrado (government) to Fox, Nov. 9, regarding allegations of election fraud in voting in Florida.

"There's no Miss Manners guide for how you handle a situation where the election is over and nobody's won and nobody's lost."
G. Calvin Mackenzie (government) in a National Public Radio All Things Considered interview, when asked less than a week after the election how Bush and Gore should behave as they awaited resolution of the Florida results.

"We will watch the debates not only to gauge mental agility in Gore and Bush, but also to predict their respective capacities for diplomacy and negotiation, for workaday efficiency, for thoughtfulness about the nature of leadership."
Elizabeth H. Sagaser (English), in a Boston Globe story on the presidential debates. Sagaser teaches a course on political rhetoric.

"I sat Wednesday in Lafayette Square across from the White House. There were no soldiers around the White House, there was no one in the Oval Office filling satchels with cash and burning documents. That does happen in some places throughout the world–but it doesn't happen here."
G. Calvin Mackenzie (government) in the San Jose Mercury News.

The Colby Difference: The Inauguration of William D. Adams
Nuclear Fiction: Daniel Traister '63 Delves Into the Fiction of World War II
The Hot Zone and the Cold War: Frank Malinoski '76 Investigates Biological Warfare

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