Colby Magazine, Winter 2002
Colby Magazine, Winter 2002
  Mike Daisey Unscripted


     A Brave New World: CBB Cape Town, South Africa

The Pulitzer Guy: Alan Taylor  

Mike Daisey Unscripted
By Kate Bolick '95

From Maine to the stage
in Seattle, New York and London,
Daisey '96 finds that the world
welcomes an honest storyteller.

Cover Story:
A Brave New World
By Gerry Boyle '78

At the CBB Cape Town Center,
students step into the new South Africa,
a nation in flux, and return
with new perspectives.

The Pulitzer Guy
By Douglas Rooks '76

Historian Alan Taylor '77
has his eye on the prize,
but it isn't another Pulitzer.


+editor's desk

Editor's Desk
Gerry Boyle '78 on CBB Cape Town and the newest industry in South Africa's townships--tourism.

Kenneth Ongalo-Obote '94 came up short in his bid for a seat in the Uganda's parliament but learned about the "shifting interests" in politics.




Capital correction, taboo addressed, Peter Westervelt remembered, and more.



Gleanings from Earl Smith's campus newsletter, FYI: including: Colby fits in the Wall Street Journal; Charlie Conover (physics) on time and x-rays; don't mess with Debra Barbizat (economics); David Brooks '88 is on the rise in Hollywood; the link between Norridgewock and Yangon.



Athletic conference examines impact of athletics in context of founding principles.

Pulling for the Mules
Popularity in crew fuels successes.

Women Ruggers Double Champs
Women's rubgy undefeated and northeast champs.

Sports Shorts
Roundup of fall season sports.


+on campus

Planned Excellence
Adams taps broad base as College develops future strategy.

A Diverse "Posse"
Partnership helps bring urban students to Colby.

Women and their Art
16th annual Maine Women's Studies Conference focuses on the arts.

Wit and Wisdom
What we're saying and where we're saying it.



According to Plan

Victor Cancel '02 had great expectations--and met them.

Follow the Money
Named scholarships awarded to all types of students.

United World@Colby
United World College students discuss global perspectives at monthly forum.

WOOT's Up in Wales?
Colby Outdoor Orientation Trips--away from Colby.



Curtain Call
Twenty-seven years later, Dick Sewell's long run on the Colby stage finally ends.

Economic Forecasting
Econ department faces challenge in finding professors.



Centering JFK
Revisiting the Cuban Missle Crisis, Professor Rob Weisbrot brings new insights.

The Beauty of the Mother Tongue
Nikky Singh (religious studies) transforms a Punjabi novella into English.

Recent Releases
From our shelf to yours.



Grant Opens Genome Door
National Institutes of Health link Maine colleges with world-class research centers.



Guest of the Taliban
Dan Harris '93, ABC News, leads press corps into Kandahar.

Alumni Trustees Nominated

It's the Faculty, Stupid
Ambitious alumni survey provides much-anticipated results.

William '51 and Ellen Kenerson Gelotte '50
Star Gazing

Susan Monk Pacheco '67
Doctor in the House

Allen Throop '66

Nancy Heiser '75

Thomas Warren '82
Something Fishery

Don McMillan '84

Brian Post '97
A Natural Observer

Clay Surovek '98

Newsmakers &





last page

Finding Technology, Losing Your Fleece
Gavin O'Brien '04 writes about the benefits (or not) of a technological life.



The Pulitzer Guy: Historian Alan Taylor '77 considers America's past
Mike Daisey Unscripted: Daisey '96 finds that the world welcomes an honest (and funny) storyteller
Brave New World: At the CBB-Cape Town center, students step into the new South Africa

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