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Brewing Up a Storm
Colby alumni use teamwork as a formula for business success with Newport Storm beer.


Hannah Laipson '46
A Need to Teach

Janet McMahon '79
Mapping the Uncharted

Jeremiah "Josh" Burns '81
Mountain Man

Chris Gieszl '93
SEAL of Approval

Roy Hirshland '85

David A. Ghertner '02

Newsmakers &


2000  |  2001


Profiles: David Ghertner '02  |   Newsmakers & Milestones


Hilary C. Smyth
134 Davis Avenue #2
Brookline, MA 02445
fax: 617-248-7100

Hello Class of 2000! I was recently at the Colby-Tufts football game and ran into many '00 grads. Jen Usher, also my roommate, is working at Thomson Financial in Boston, and Kate MacLeay is at FAC Equities. Jen and Kate ran in a half marathon this fall in Boston. . . . Carrie Russell recently moved to Cambridge and is living with Rebecca Pollard '99. . . . Mark Edgar '01 and Matt Smith came up from New York, Brian Hanseth flew in from Oregon, and Steve Smith made the trek from Maine to cheer on the Mules. All are doing well. . . . Mike Henderson is also living in Boston and is in optometry school. . . . Jay Zarnetske is living with Phoebe Lehman '01 in Somerville. Ross Frankenfield is also living in Somerville. . . . Scott Blackwell is working at Harvard and living with Mark Harries in Brighton. . . . Jen Kassakian and Lauren Borchardt are living on Beacon Hill. Jen is working at Industrial Economics in Cambridge, and Lauren is involved in cancer research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. Both recently visited Jenny Tanenbaum in New York City. . . . Caitlin Smith sent news from California: she has been living there for the past two years and since October '01 has been a food stamp/welfare eligibility worker for the County of Santa Cruz, which, although stressful, at times has been a fantastic experience. She also is in training right now to run the Big Sur International Marathon with her dad next April, which she is really excited about. She also says that Corrie Marinaro has recently moved back to Santa Cruz with Derek Kensinger '99, and in true Santa Cruz fashion they are living in a co-op. Corrie is currently working for Beckman's Bakery selling their awesome breads and other goodies at farmers' markets all over central California, and she is waiting to hear about a job with the Santa Cruz Women's Health Clinic. She's also started taking pre-med classes at UCSC before she applies to a school for naturopathy within the next few years. Caitlin also saw Will Barron '01 and Karen Macke recently in Ft. Collins, Colo., and they are planning to get married in Maine. Karen has just started grad school at UC-Ft. Collins in sociology, and Will is now a professional athlete in the Scottish Highland Games. That's the news . . . send your updates to Hope this finds you well.

-Hilary Smyth

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Dana Fowler
353 East 78th Street, 11B
New York, NY 10022

Kelly Falsani recently moved to Capitol Hill in D.C. and participates in gritty games of touch football on the Mall before returning to the Hotel Independence (residence of '98 alums) to BBQ and drink Yuengling Lager. He works for Congressman Martin Sabo (Minn). . . . Meghan Blackburn lives in D.C. with Zecharia Kahn and Hallam Ferguson '00. She works for Senator Hagel as his personal assistant. . . . Jonathan Lay is a financial analyst with Archstone-Smith but found time to run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, and with people in the Dublin Marathon in October. . . . Fred Floberg is a career firefighter for the Brunswick FD in Maine and lives in an authentic '20s-style house with Megan Laird '02. . . . Pam Foxley works as an environmental educator at the Chewonki Foundation. She spent the summer leading wilderness trips around Maine for teenagers. . . . Susan Andree moved to Portland, Ore., and has become the director of Montessori Aspect, a before- and after-care program operated through the Franciscan Montessori Earth School and Saint Francis. . . . Michelle Farrell is working at Bedford High School in Massachusetts as a Spanish teacher and loves it. . . . Stephanie McMurrich lives in Brookline with Annie Miller and Mindy Mraz, of Dove Consulting. Steph is applying to Ph.D. programs in clinical psychology and hopes to begin next fall. Mindy loves her new place and now has an in-depth knowledge of all the local stationery stores. . . . Lauren Stevens and Jen Bubrick now live together; Jen is enjoying her luxurious 9-5 hours working with autistic children. . . . Kristin Moresi and Hadley Moore moved to Medford, Mass. Hadley works at Mass General in the children's psychopharmacology unit, and Kristin works as a press secretary for Governor Swift. . . . Courtney Cease lives a few miles away from Kristin and is working at the EPA. . . . Gareth Osborn has been working for MOL(America), a Japanese steamship line, in their Long Beach, Calif., operation. He is pursuing an M.A. in global logistics from California State University at Long Beach and should graduate next November. . . . Stephanie Nichols moved to Austin, Texas, and after spending a year teaching is currently back in school at UT-Austin going for her Ph.D. in math education and her master's in mathematical statistics. . . . Coji Wantanabe is working at Fleet Boston and sees Yuki Kodera, Junko Goda and Seth Eckstein. . . . Seth Smith is in Houston in his second trimester of Texas Chiropractic School and plans to receive his doctor of chiropractic degree in August 2005. . . . Julia Drees is starting a Ph.D. program in biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison after a year off to travel and work in South America. . . . Sean Rinzler started medical school at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia. . . . Heather Olson is a second-year student at Mayo Medical School in Rochester, Minn. In July she and Marylee Murphy biked 500 miles from the Twin Cities to Chicago in the Heartland AIDSRide. . . . Ripley Martin is working as a project manager for NSF International, a public health certification and risk management firm in Ann Arbor, Mich. . . . Carrie Mosca is in law school at Suffolk University in Boston and is living with Chesley Davis. . . . Jon LeBlanc is starting his graduate engineering degree at Tufts. . . . Ria Calong is living in N.Y.C. and working at Liz Claiborne. . . . Matt Birnholz, after spending last year in Chicago as a preschool teacher in Hispanic communities, is now attending Johns Hopkins School of Medicine as a medical student; he says he "intends" to become obnoxiously overwhelmed by work. . . . In May, Stacy Erickson and Jory Raphael '02 moved to Chicago, where Stacy is the head theater curator for the Around The Coyote Theatre Festival. She also works at Northwestern Law School and will start taking classes toward her Ph.D. next semester. . . . Venola Mason was promoted to program coordinator in the office of multicultural affairs at Franklin & Marshall College. She created a faculty mentoring program for incoming black and Latino students. . . . Becky Munsterer finished the 2002 Ottawa Marathon and had an article published in the May/June issue of SKI magazine. Abbie Parker was awaiting her arrival and the rest of the HH girls to her place in St. Thomas this Thanksgiving! This was to be a major climatic change for Mandy Cochrane, now in frigid New Hampshire. . . . Marc McEwen also lives in St. Thomas. . . . Anne Cain, after spending a year in Japan, is now living in San Francisco. . . . Evan Reece is working for in San Francisco alongside Justin Amirault. Justin has become a motor scooter fanatic, while Evan was going to be in a freestyle walking competition in December. . . . Matt Cohen is still sculpting beautiful landscapes in San Francisco. . . . Jon Engel is working his way through BU Law School. . . . Emily Mahlman was recently promoted to chief D.A. at CBS News. . . . Tom Savage is now helping profitable companies! . . . Emily Brooks and I took up (and are obsessed with) surfing, and if you live in N.Y.C., you can catch me sporadically on the morning news shows (check local listings).

-Dana D. Fowler



Lydia Terry
819 Marquette Street
Dallas, TX 75225
fax: 617-248-7100

Sveral months after graduation the Class of 2002 is scattered across the globe. Hillary Lavely is living in Atlanta and working in production for Turner Entertainment Network. Mike Kaplan is also in Atlanta. . . . Briana Wright and Bill Simpson are traveling around France picking grapes and working on organic farms. . . . Shawn Burnell says he has moved to California to be John Ritter's personal assistant on ABC's new hilarious sitcom 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter. . . . A fair number of our class have ventured to N.Y.C. Eliza Schnitzer is working for a small investment bank. Shannon Murphy is working for a PR firm in mid-town. Missy Dunn is working in advertising. Davey Root and Kathleen Carney are attending Brooklyn Law. Leila Porteous, Fraser Ross, Chatham Baker, Eleanor Jackson, Scott Paladini, Ward Savage, Ross Freedman, Whit Alford, Jaime Langione, Nicki Shoemaker and Kristy Malm are also braving the big bad city. . . . Katie Magnuson is living in D.C. and attending Georgetown to earn her Ph.D. in physics. Also in D.C., Ali Culpen is working at the Federal Reserve, Chris Collopy is working at Child Trends, and Jimmy Garrett is working as a paralegal. . . . Avery Roth is living in London working for Deutsche Bank. Ben Colice, Todd Elmer and Justin Ucko are also enjoying tea and crumpets with the Brits, training for their jobs at Barclay's Capital. . . . Joining Colby's satellite post-grad campus in Boston, Scott Tucker is working in genetic research at Jocelyn Diabetes Center. He works across the hall from Katie Wentzell. Tucker is living with John Brownell, who is currently unemployed and reaps the benefits of free movie channels. Hailey Sullivan is working for the Blue Ginger restaurant. . . . Dave Friedman, Tim Sullivan and Ben "Phong" Craig are attending law school. . . . Andrea Graffeo is going to graduate school for physical therapy and living with Jenna Wasson. . . . Chris Prendergast is studying at Berkeley. . . . Abby Reider, Sean Skulley, Sarah Browne, Becca Bruce, Anna Beardslee, Caitlin Conroy and Kara Hubbard are also living in Beantown. . . . Closer to the hill in Portland, Hillary Bouchard is a litigation paralegal, and Matt Simard is working for a brokerage firm; Brett Lurman, Derek Cyr and Ken Jordan also are in Portland. . . . On the hill, Marcia Ingraham and Lizzy Rice are coaching field hockey and soccer respectively. . . . Amanda Cuiffo is at Smith College getting an M.S. in exercise and sports studies. As part of her graduate work she is also serving as the assistant volleyball coach. . . . Katie Egan is teaching and coaching at Gill-St. Bernard's School in Gladstow, N.J. Bodo Heiliger is in Princeton, N.J., teaching first grade. . . . James Ewing was married to Katie Raker on July 20 in Indianapolis. The couple is currently residing in Winston-Salem, N.C., where James is attending law school at Wake Forest. . . . Eric Laurits is living in Wakefield, Mass., and intending to become a pediatric nurse. . . . Jess Knight is teaching at the New Canaan, Conn., Country School as a kindergarten apprentice. . . . Victor Cancel is living in Seattle and working at the Lakeside School. Also in Seattle, Piper Elliott is attending graduate school in organizational psychology and Vanessa Willson is starting a small clothing line out of her parents' home. . . . Jason Hoag reports that Sam Patel has started his own business as a dog trainer and that Mike Endreny helps with grooming and breeding. . . . Katie Harris and Jen Smyth are both in Aspen teaching, and Abby Kussel and Brooke Brisson are planning to meet them out there. . . . Gabe Duncan-Roitman, John Shea, Mike Ames, Billy Spencer and Jack Phillips drove cross-country in a 1970s Winnebago. . . . Paul Basmajian is teaching and coaching in Park City. . . . Chris DeLucia is working for in Philadelphia. . . . Josh Lewi is moving to Paris, and Markus Mende is moving to Germany. . . . Danny Noyes is a football coach at Middlebury. . . . Jed McGraw and Cam Gammill are living in Nantucket. . . . Corey Gammill and Jason Cummings are teaching at Avon Old Farms. . . . Jason Grantham is in Maine teaching children with learning disabilities. . . . Kevin Bracken has purchased an around-the-world ticket. . . . Ann Paruti, Rachel Miklejohn, Laura Yeamans, Josh Gerber, Katie Theriault and Dave Prinstein all are working for Teach for America. . . . Max Sadler is working for the Green Core in various locations in the U.S. . . . Ryan Davis is a reporter for the Daily Hampshire Gazette in North Hampton, Mass. . . . Meredith Renda is a first-year medical student at the University of Connecticut. . . . Chris Sussman is doing the AmeriCorps*VISTA program at Colby. . . . Blake Hamill had an exciting summer traveling to Alaska and Japan; she also managed to attend the Tuck Summer Program. . . . Jessica Bennett is living in Knoxville and working at a women's health clinic. . . . Anna L'Hommedieu is living in Madrid working on her Watson project. . . . Mariah Hamel is attending graduate school in British Columbia. . . . I am in Sun Valley driving a school bus for pre-schoolers and living the good life with Megan Thomas, Katie Rauch and Molly Currie. . . . On a sad note, I wanted to mention that I have heard that Jason Gimbel passed away in September. The Class of 2002 sends their sympathies to his family.



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