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Brewing Up a Storm
Colby alumni use teamwork as a formula for business success with Newport Storm beer.


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Newsmakers & Milestones



Alice Jennings Castelli
6 Salem Road
Madison, CT 06443


Patty Root Wheeler invited a group of Colby friends (I resisted using the adjective "old" when referring to us) for a weekend in August. The group included my sister Elisabeth "Dudie" Jennings Maley, Connie Foxcroft Perrigo, Ellen Kenerson Gelotte, Connie Leonard Hayes, Stubby Crandall Graves and Ginny Davis Pearce. We had a great time discussing our families, grandchildren and our various activities. Ginny mentioned how much she enjoyed playing tennis and had us all in hysterics when she mentioned in an off-hand way that "of course, I take a couple of Advil before I play." We had a lot of fun with that. . . . Connie Leonard Hayes suggested that maybe Ginny and her husband, Charlie '49, might want to join her and her husband, Dick, in their new and gentler sport (dare I say?), hang-gliding. . . . Did I mention that the most prolific member of our class, Patty Root Wheeler, has increased her edge over the rest of us by adding her 28th grandchild, Abigail, to her family? How about that! . . . I got a nice note from Mary "Skip" Jordan Megargee describing the lovely party her children gave her and Richard in celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary last June. . . . I am sure there must be other anniversary parties or family reunions to share. How about sending me a note. A phone call (203-245-7725) would do as well.

Alice Jennings Castelli


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Nancy Nilson Archibald
15 Linden Avenue
Scituate, MA 02066


Those of us who were at our 50th reunion will remember the great music that was provided, not only at the Parade of Classes but also at our evening class gathering. Johnny Linscott and his daughter, Anne, gave us many tunes, smooth and jazzy. Johnny plays the piano, sax and clarinet, and Anne is a vocalist and song stylist. They recently came out with a CD (all the songs on this CD were written by Johnny) that bespeaks not only their talent but also their passion for music. The title of the album is Manhattan Lady and is available at Borders as well as the Colby bookstore. This is an unsolicited plug for the Linscotts' great jazz tunes! Oh, did I mention that in his spare time, John has run in 19 Boston marathons! . . . As if Dave Miller has not accomplished enough in his career in national environmental and engineering service, he and his wife, Paula, have started a new career, which is a labor of love--a horse farm in Brewster, Mass. Sounds relatively low-key so far, right? Well, this has grown from a horse stable to a showcase, including paddocks and a state-of-the-art dressage riding area. In addition, they are working with the town of Brewster to help update guidelines for animal regulations. Brewster is fortunate indeed to have the Millers as residents. . . . Bob Morrow writes that he, too, is staying active. After taking a little stroll in England along the ocean cliff edges of Cornwall (125 miles!), Bob decided that he would prove to his family and to the Class of 1951 that he could still climb Mt. Katahdin. On July 30, he accomplished that feat, with his daughter, Michele, and son, Gregg, starting out at 6 a.m. and ending at 9 p.m. (stumbling out of the rain-soaked woods, was the way Bob put it). . . . Harold Baldwin has remarried--his wife, Susan, was the nurse who cared for his beloved first wife during her final years of illness. . . . Ted Weaver returned to Waterville this past summer and visited several other spots in Maine. From there he went to his home in Florida, then to Arizona in January and then back to Maine in the spring. He is active in an amateur radio group--when at Colby, Ted worked with Dick Remy at WTVL, where he developed his interest in radio. . . . As you can see, all my news this time is from the male side of the class. I must say that their exploits and accomplishments have inspired and challenged me to try to do something out of the ordinary. Do you think a brisk half-hour walk at my local mall would count for anything? So, my female classmates, let me hear from you also. As always, thank you in advance for sharing news.

Nancy Nilson Archibald

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Janice Pearson Anderson
23 Fernwood Circle
Harwich, MA 02645-2819


It is late September as I write this newsletter to you, but the snow will be flying by the time you read it. In just a few days from now, Chuck '53 and I will be heading for France to Colby's Alumni College in Normandy. Janet Perrigo Brown-Wolff and husband John as well as Jean and Bob "Fearless" Lee '51 will be going, too, along with several others. . . . And speaking of travel, Betsy Fisher Kearney wrote that she took an Elderhostel bike trip through the Po Valley in Italy shortly after our June reunion and followed it with a week biking from the Austrian Alps to Salzburg. Wow! Am I impressed! She later spent a week in the Bahamas with grandsons Baker, 17, and Hunter, 16. . . . Our sympathy goes out to Bill Taylor, whose wife, Val, passed away in August after surgery. . . . Pauline Hughes Simmons and her husband, Charles, have retired and are living in Elyria, Ohio, where they have joined the STARS program. That stands for Seniors Teaching And Reaching Students. Their "blended family" includes six children and 21 grandchildren. . . . Ed and Ellen Lewis Huff have really gone far afield in their retirement. A note from them says, "Ed and I are in China, teaching for a semester at Tianjin Institute of Urban Construction. He is teaching heat transfer, and I start teaching oral English on Sept. 23. They seem very eager to have 'foreign experts' to teach in their schools. The people here have treated us very well and are quite friendly, although it is hard to find people who speak English in order to communicate basic needs. Before we came here, we took two weeks of orientation in Oakland, Calif., which included some 'survival Chinese.' That has been very helpful. Isn't retirement great?! It has given us the opportunity to do lots of different things. . . . And with that I bid you adieu until the next time--not before I remind you, however, that without your news input, this will be a very uninteresting column, so please keep it coming. You can reach me by e-mail at, by "snail mail" or through the Colby Alumni Office.

--Janice "Sandy" Pearson Anderson

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Barbara Easterbrooks Mailey
80 Lincoln Avenue
South Hamilton, MA 01982
978-777-5630 x3310

There was a combined pre-union gathering of close friends from the Class of 1952 and ours at Spruce Point Inn on the coast of Maine in June. Priscilla Eaton Billington said she saw Dick '52 and Joey Leader Creedon, George '52 and Betty Winkler Laffey and Sandy (Pearson '52) and Chuck Anderson; also attending were Ed Fraktman (there for an Alumni Council meeting ) and Russ '52 and Kitty Kistler Wallace '52. . . . Marcia Curtis, who has been mentioned in a couple of recent columns, adds that during the school year at the College of Charleston in Charleston, S.C., she belongs to the Center for Creative Retirement, the school's lifelong learning center. Here they spend one day a week for lectures and discussions. Marcia enjoys her Colby connection, interviewing prospective students. . . . The College sent me a Madison, N.J., front-page newspaper article about Larry Taber. Larry's family, which goes back to members of the Mayflower, is highly respected by the hometown residents. No wonder he was made town historian. They say, and I quote: "Name practically any house in town and he'll tell you who built it, who its first owners were and who lives there now." . . . Marty Bruehl sent a very short e-mail just to let the class know that he is still alive, "the only significant news" he has to report. . . . Speaking of reunions of late, there was a personal one for me in August. My college roommate, Diane Chamberlin Starcher '52, spent almost a week with me. She had family business west of Boston to attend during the days, but we had all the evenings together to do our catching up on the past 50 years. . . . Ted Lallier asked me to accompany him to a Colby meeting in Portsmouth, N.H., so I had a chance to talk to Mike Manus, Paul Wescott and Chase and Nan Murray Lasbury. Nan, our reunion coordinator, later wrote me a note to relay about reunion: "Only a few months before our 50th at Colby. The dates are Thursday, June 5, through Sunday, June 8. Your reunion committee hopes that you are all planning to attend. Pre-reunion activities are also planned at Sebasco Harbor Resort, near Bath, on June 3 and 4. This will provide an opportunity for those who wish to get together before the time on Mayflower Hill. More information concerning activities, room rates, etc., will be sent to class members in late winter. Our 50th anniversary gift committee has been actively working toward the 50th for the past two years. I hope that you have sent your information to Carolyn English Caci for the class book to be printed for the reunion. I am helping to coordinate activities for the pre-reunion and the activities on Mayflower Hill. If you have any suggestions or would like to help, please contact me. Looking forward to seeing you all in June." . . . I did hear that Nick Sarris '54 has written a new reunion play; I wonder how he can top the one for our 45th. If so, it will be something to witness and enjoy. . . . Carolyn English Caci relates that her big news of 2002 is the arrival of two granddaughters on the same day. Her son and his wife adopted two sisters from rural Maine in April. The Beane/Caci grands count is an even dozen now. Carolyn did some serious traveling during the year, starting with a visit to her daughter's home in Montana in January; then she was off to California and Hawaii in March and April, followed by three weeks in Italy with her husband in May and June. In between trips she still works for UMass-Lowell two days a week. She is hoping to see many classmates at our "Half-Century" gatherings.

Barbara Easterbrooks Mailey

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Helen Cross Stabler
206 Crestwood Drive
North Syracuse, NY 13212


Judy Jenkins Totman writes that she has been diagnosed with an early form of breast cancer. It was discovered at a very early stage, when it is described as "highly curable," because of mammography and the close attention of her physicians and her taking responsibility for regular checkups. Judy has a message she wants to pass along to all her female classmates--and all male classmates with female loved ones: get regular check-ups and mammograms. We wish Judy a rapid and complete recovery. . . . Dave and Betsy Powley Wallingford are still living in Sudbury, Mass., after 38 years--healthy, active in gardening, hobbies, church life, Dave still working. Their youngest son, Todd '88, was married to Jennifer in July. Betsy's brother, Mark '57, and his wife, Larry Walker Powley, were on board with their kids and grandkids. . . . Also had a heart-warming reunion with Gig Roy Eustis and Paul and Nancy Eustis Huprich at Mark and Larry's home on the Kennebec near Bath. Following that, a five-day cruise down the coast of Maine aboard their boat. . . . Another summer highlight was a visit with Roy Shorey at his camp on China Lake and with Ellie Shorey Harris at her camp right next door! . . . Karl Decker says he will have an article with his photography in the autumn 2003 issue of Vermont Life. He has been working for the past four years on a documentary project, photographing the people of a small town in southern Vermont. The first exhibition will be in Vermont in 2003. Karl quit teaching English after 43 years and has been doing commercial and private photography full time.

Helen Cross Stabler

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