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Brewing Up a Storm
Colby alumni use teamwork as a formula for business success with Newport Storm beer.


Hannah Laipson '46
A Need to Teach

Janet McMahon '79
Mapping the Uncharted

Jeremiah "Josh" Burns '81
Mountain Man

Chris Gieszl '93
SEAL of Approval

Roy Hirshland '85

David A. Ghertner '02

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Brenda Hess Jordan
141 Tanglewood Drive
Glenn Ellyn, IL 60137


David Schumacher recently became children's librarian at Skidompha Library in Damariscotta, Maine. Prior to accepting this new position, he has worked extensively in the area of children's education at several Maine schools and libraries as well as assisted in the development of various nature and fitness trails, demonstrating his commitment to experiential environmental education. "My keen interest is to preserve or promote imagination and wonder," he says. "It's key to provide that base to kids." Dave has also been deeply involved in Habitat for Humanity, spending a year working at the Georgia headquarters and assisting with a project in the Philippines. This past summer, he planned to travel to South Africa and be involved in another project. . . . Earle Shettleworth, director of the Maine Historic Preservation Commission, is chairing a committee charged with developing a "living memorial" in Maine's Capital Park in Augusta to honor the victims and heroes of the September 11 tragedy. The site will provide a quiet spot for reflection and remembrance. . . . Both Mark Zaccaria and his wife, Ruth, are active in local politics in North Kingstown, R.I., a town of 26,000. He ran for a seat on the town council in the fall of 2002. If he was successful, he will give up the appointed seat on the town's zoning board of review that he has held for three years. Thanks, Mark, for your devotion to public service! . . . Chris Crandall writes that she's having fun as the board chair for Seattle's Richard Hugo House, a literary center composed of a theater and a cabaret and which provides a venue for "lots of edgy literary events and classes for all ages." She's also having fun being mother to a 12-year-old son, Sam, who regularly populates the house with many other energetic 12-year-old boys. Chris and her family moved to Medina, Wash., three years ago to get closer to Seattle, and, she says, they "love it. Especially when it's sunny. Health is good, life is good, still miss Maine." Great to hear from you, Chris. Hope you're still singing. . . . As chief operating officer of the first company to clone a human embryo, Bob Saglio of Advanced Cell Technology has drawn criticism from everyone from the pope to the president. However, he cites advances in stem cell research that point toward treatments of "incredibly vicious, degenerative diseases--Parkinson's, diabetes, liver and heart disease" as the focus of ACT. "We think it is more noble to resolve human suffering," he says. In stating that "we're all 100 percent opposed to human cloning or reproductive cloning that would be used to produce a living being," Bob acknowledges the moral and ethical questions that his industry faces. "We knew this research was going to be criticized." . . . I received a nice newsy note from Sarah Owen Tabor, who earned her second master's degree this summer, a master of arts in liberal studies with a concentration in book arts and printmaking from the University of Maine. She has begun her 20th year of teaching, 15 of them in the Bangor, Maine, school system, where she is K-12 visual arts coordinator. Her regional art association, Art in the Heart, recently voted her Art Teacher of the Year for her work in developing and organizing an annual student art show for students in the northern part of the state. During the year, Sarah shows her own work and currently has two books on show. She also works in her perennial garden during the summer as often as she can. Her husband, Jerry, teaches social studies at an area high school; her son, Philip '90, spent 10 years in theater and is currently a carpenter; and her daughter, Jennifer, who graduated from Wellesley in 1994, is a physical therapist in Tacoma, Wash. . . . I spent a whirlwind three weeks (one with Ken and two on my own) back in Maine and New England this summer, which happily produced at least a short visit with Molly Carroll Mains on the eve of her and Jim's departure for Colorado to attend his daughter's wedding in Boulder. We had dinner together with Molly's daughter, Mallory, and heard of her son, Tyler, who planned to begin law school in the fall at Roger Williams in Rhode Island. . . . It's wonderful to have so much news to report! Keep up the good work!

--Brenda Hess Jordan

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Nancy Neckes Dumart
19 Deergrass Road
Shrewsbury, MA 01545


Hello, classmates! Leslie Anderson has been busy performing on vocals and guitar and yodeling with her band, Arlington Feed & Grain. Leslie also reports working on the design of walking tours of Boston's past, present and future with a focus on the Big Dig. . . . Janet Beals wrote from Colorado, where she and Dave Nelson moved 27 years ago "for that proverbial just one ski season." Janet taught part time last summer but anticipated a heavy schedule on returning full time in September. She mentioned that the fire danger had lessened with some rain, but there was still a severe drought in her area as in so many others in the summer of 2002. . . . As of this writing, Alex Merton was about to depart for the Colby-sponsored alumni tour of Normandy, France, with long-time friends Mike and Barb Dumont Bené '70. . . . New news from Jon Stone: Jon's 20-year-old son plays football for UVA. He is also achieving high honors in the classroom. At 6'5" and 265 pounds, he's surely a chip off the old block! . . . Janet Blowney, English major and life-long knitter, wrote the lead story for KnitLit: Sweaters and Their Stories and Other Writing About Knitting. The book, by Linda Roghaar and Molly Wolf, was published by Random House in September. For more information see the KnitLit Web site (

-Nancy Neckes Dumart

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Janet Holm Gerber
409 Reading Avenue
Rockville, MD 20850


Woodworker Dan Bloomer specializes in "architectural work, custom cabinets and stairs--projects that strain the brain and push the grain of stubborn wood . . . to make wood sing." His company, Dan Bloomer Designer/Craftsman ( is housed in a 4,100-square-foot workshop in Winslow, Maine, where Dan recently completed a particularly exciting project--a double staircase that starts at one point and, at the landing, splits and rises to balconies on both the right and left side. This elaborate project was contracted to fit into a renovated home that was once a Quaker meeting house in Northport. . . . Joe Walker, builder and architect, lives in Essex, Mass., and has done much to "give back to the community." He has taken particular interest in his work on the town planning board. "You can't keep the character of the town by doing nothing," he said. . . . We all know of the tremendous contribution and success of Anne O'Hanian Szostak within the Fleet Bank organization. Recently she was recognized for "much more than work history." She and five other Rhode Island women were honored by the YWCA for being "role models to women, young and old. Despite having demanding work and personal lives, the six have extensive community service records and have advised other women pursuing career paths." In particular, Anne's nationally lauded WorkLife initiative, which she developed at Fleet Bank, helps employees balance their personal and professional lives so that they can perform their jobs without sacrificing family needs or other obligations. Of the six awards given to exemplary women, the annual Athena award was given to Anne for having "attained the highest level of career excellence, made significant contributions to the community and created opportunities for the advancement of women." Anne, you are truly remarkable. . . . The Department of State announced the selection of Pat Duddy as U.S. consul general in Sao Paulo, Brazil. A career member of the Senior Foreign Service, Pat will be the senior U.S. government official in the world's third largest city. He has served at U.S. embassies in Chile, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Paraguay and Panama. After Colby, Pat received a master's degree from Northeastern University and also graduated from the National War College. He and his wife, Mary, have two children. Best wishes and congratulations, Pat. . . . Andrew Schannen, son of Bill and Pat Downey Schannen, graduated with the Colby Class of 2002. Pat still teaches seventh grade and travels quite a lot with Bill, especially enjoying ski trips to Utah and Colorado. . . . Check out Steve Gaynor's own business at He still lives in Plantation, Fla., and loves it. . . . Ted White writes from Cave Creek, Ariz., where he has been the fire chief since 1986. He lives with his wife, Mary, daughter Stevie, three horses and Elvis, the family dog. . . . A couple of classmates traveled back to Maine this past summer. Kathe Otterson Cintavey (Ph.D.) enjoyed our 30th reunion, staying with Diane Malpass Gloriant in Rome, Maine. She is currently director of curriculum and instruction for Buckeye local schools in Ohio. "It is a challenge," she said, "putting the latest federal and state laws into action." . . . Kathy Muhlhausen McIntyre visited friends while a daughter attended soccer camp in Yarmouth. She had a great day canoeing and talking with Alice Osmer Olson on the lake where she lives near Mt. Vernon. . . . Keep all your fine news coming my way! In these most unpredictable times (and having just lived through the sniper scare here in Rockville, Md., with my own family and the school children with whom I work) I love the ongoing contact with Colby, which is not only enduring but comforting.

Janet Holm Gerber

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Jackie Nienaber Appeldorn
Mohonk Mountain House
New Paltz, NY 12561


We may not have predicted this 30 years ago, but Duncan Leith has become one of his community's leading citizens. Last May, Duncan was re-elected to the Wachusett Regional School District Committee as one of the at-large members from Holden, Mass. He has been elected to five terms on this committee and has been chair for three years, and the Massachusetts Association of School Committees honored him with its Lifetime Achievement Award. He also served on Holden's finance committee for three years during the 1980s. Duncan's other civic and municipal activities include serving as soccer coach and board member of Holden Youth Soccer and serving on the board of the North Worcester Business Association. No doubt this last credit has something to do with his being president and owner of L&J of New England, Inc., located in Worcester. Duncan and his wife, Jennifer, have two children, Kendra, a recent high school grad, and Alex, a ninth grader. . . . New to the political arena, Susan Sinclair Nevins was elected to the Falmouth, Maine, school board last spring. What she may lack in political experience, though, is more than offset by her educational preparation: two master's degrees, one in communication disorders from Syracuse University and another in public policy and management from the University of Southern Maine. She and her husband, Bill, have two daughters, Molly, 8, and Grace, 10, both attending Falmouth schools.

--Jackie Nienaber Appeldorn

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Robin Sweeney Peabody
46 Elk Lane
Littleton, CO 80127
fax: 303-904-0941


Toni Fontrier-Lewis sent me news that she and her husband, John Lewis, have been researching fibromyalgia, a muscle disease, for many years and have published three pieces in The Journal of Musculo-skeletal Pain. The couple lives in North Carolina. . . . Jim Heald sent an e-mail to say he received a promotion to geographic information systems branch chief for the USDA Farm Agency with the prime mission to map all the farm fields in the country. He has traveled quite a bit on business as well as to Italy to visit his wife's Italian relatives. The good news is that despite quadruple bypass surgery last November, Jim is back to running a couple of miles a week. . . . Sue Alexander Burnham and her husband, David, are managing Mothers Restaurant in Bethel, Maine. They say the Bethel area is a fun place to live with winter sports reigning. . . . Ted Field says that despite experiencing the big 50, he feels life is just starting up. He was recently appointed associate professor of management at the University of Maryland University College, where he is also director of Not-For-Profit Management in the graduate school. Besides teaching a number of classes, Ted is taking an English class himself with an eye towards an M.F.A. in creative writing to complement his Ph.D. . . . Tom Lizotte made it two-for-two when his younger son, Pat '06, joined his older son, Andy '04, as a Colby student this year. Pat was named an L.L. Bean scholar and will study biology while playing on the men's soccer team. Andy will be spending his spring semester abroad in Cape Town. . . . Phil Deford reports that after 20 years he and his family continue to live in Asia. Phil is a managing director with Dresdner Klenwort Wasserstein covering debt origination in Asia. (I guess that Personal Finance class at Colby paid off!) His e-mail is . . . Jim Signorile reports that he spent five months unemployed after losing his job as a senior software engineer when the company shut down. After a long search, Jim says he is very happy with his new job as a consultant/software developer with a small, non-corporate-type company with few bosses, flex time and even movies on Friday afternoons! . . . Callie Dusty Leef writes that she will retire from the Naval Reserve, where she is commanding officer of a naval research reserve unit. She is a software engineer and will continue to work as a civilian while enjoying more time with her family. . . . I continue to enjoy my job handling the business affairs of six busy litigators in downtown Denver. Our son graduated from Wasatch Academy in Utah and came back to attend college in Colorado, but we don't see him any more often! Happy 50 everybody! Let me know how you celebrated!

Robin Sweeney Peabody

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