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Brewing Up a Storm
Colby alumni use teamwork as a formula for business success with Newport Storm beer.


Hannah Laipson '46
A Need to Teach

Janet McMahon '79
Mapping the Uncharted

Jeremiah "Josh" Burns '81
Mountain Man

Chris Gieszl '93
SEAL of Approval

Roy Hirshland '85

David A. Ghertner '02

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Laura Senier
38 Pitts Street
Natick, MA 01760


Well, well, well . . . in my last column I reported on a double dose of good news when I said that Jill Cote Rakowski had twins in April and asked whether there were any other twin sets out there in the land of the Class of 1990. I soon received an e-mail from Greg Lundberg, saying that he and his wife, Ann, welcomed Robert Grant Lundberg and Meredith Cornwell Lundberg to the family in July. Two sets of twins within a year! Congratulations twice over to all the parents! In other news, Kate reports that she is living in Belmont, Mass., where she and her husband, Tim, have just purchased their first home. They see Jenny (Fenton '91) and Chris Jones fairly often. Chris and Jenny are living in Carlisle, Mass., with two children and have another one on the way. . . . Tom and Kate Brennan Dailey are living in England and just had a baby girl, Elizabeth Frances (she joins older brother William, who just turned 2). Kate is finishing a degree in interior design. . . . Kelly Cogan Calnan and her husband, Ed, had a son in June. Little Michael has already been hanging around with his alumni brethren, as Kelly calls them: Mya-Lisa King's Tessa and Jack, Maeve Costin Giangregorio's Michael and Susan Kachen Oubari's Alex and Laetitia. Kelly says the moms are planning a united front to "battle our husbands as to where the children attend college." . . . Thomas McClintock is living in Colorado Springs with his wife, Kim. To be closer to family, they relocated from Arlington, Va., last June, along with their two cats in the cab of the truck, and report that it was great to drive through 10 states and see friends along the way! Tom is working with NSI Partners, a small e-commerce consultancy. . . . David Coleman wrote to say that his Silicon Valley dot-com become dot-compost in April, but he has fortunately landed a job as vice president for technology for TrasACT Communications, a small company that provides online document management and translation services to the K-12 education market. He and his new bride, Caryn Brooks, are now living in the Seattle area. . . . Mary "Mim" Siegel and her husband, Bill, bought a 1774 house in Easton, Mass., last year. Mim was having fun fixing the place up, looking after her 2-year old son, Nick, and training for her first marathon in Portland, Maine, in October. In between time (how do you do it, Mim?), she is working for Alexander Street Press, a start-up academic publisher based in Alexandria, Va. . . . Reed Bernhard is still living in San Diego, where he is stationed as a pilot in the Navy. Recently promoted to lieutenant commander--congratulations!--he is currently flying the Boeing DC-9 (similar to a 90-passenger airliner), and recent flights have taken him to Hawaii, Japan, Italy, Greece, England, South Korea, Australia and a few other exciting spots. In his free time, he enjoys surfing, sailing and generally having a ball. . . . Mark Panek is living in Honolulu, Hawaii, where he is a doctoral candidate in English at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. He recently received the Francis David Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, and the award committee unanimously agreed to sponsor his attendance at the Hawaii Great Teachers Seminar on the Big Island. . . . Thanks so much to all of you who took the time to write in and get in touch. I love hearing all the news and look forward to hearing from more of you soon.

--Laura Senier


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Lesley Eydenberg Bouvier
26 Swallow Drive
Hollis, NH 03049
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

Jennifer Flynn
16 Lakeville Road #12A
Jamaica Plain, MA 02043-3638


Correspondents did not submit any notes for this issue.

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William Higgins
31 Colonial Road
Hingham, MA 02043-3638


Hello again, everybody, and thanks for all of the updates. As always, it is great to hear how everyone is doing. Let's start with wedding news. Elizabeth "Liz" Cimino was married on May 19 to JeffreyBoardman Pierce. They have settled in Cumberland, Maine, after honeymooning in Italy. . . . Mike Groff married Leah Coney on September 1. The wedding took place in Oregon's wine country, and for the honeymoon the newlyweds traveled by train through the Canadian Rockies to Banff and Lake Louise. . . . And Dan Belvin married Jennifer Martin on October 12. Dan currently is working for Blue Cross and Blue Shield as an assistant product manager. . . . After working for McKinsey & Company in Brazil for four years, David Edelstein has spent the past 18 months driving around South America exploring. He hopes to continue his journey north towards the States. . . . Paul Argiro has checked in from Natick, where he is wrapping up his final semester of grad school. Paul hopes to land a sports reporting job somewhere in the continental U.S. He mentioned some possible openings in Missoula, Mont., and even Dothan, Ala. . . . Derek Bettencourt is working for MetLife in California. . . . Christopher Frothingham is now in his second year of residency in family practice and osteopathic manipulative medicine. He is currently living in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, and he and his wife, Heidi, are expecting their first child in February. . . . Margaret Russell Ewalt received her Ph.D. from the University of Virginia in 2001 and is enjoying her second year as a tenure-track assistant professor of Spanish at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, N.C. (birthplace of Krispy Kreme donuts!) Last spring she met renowned Colby alumna Doris Kearns Goodwin '64, who delivered an address, "Presidential Leadership in Times of Crisis," at a convocation in Wait Chapel (site of the Bush-Gore presidential debates). Margaret pointed out the resemblance of Wake's chapel clock tower to Colby's Miller Library tower (identical except for the blue light!), and Goodwin remembered fondly her years at Colby with Margaret's mother, Patricia Farnham Russell '62, and aunt, Jane Farnham Rabeni '66. Margaret returned to Colby last summer for Reunion 2002, her first visit back since dedicating the Farnham Writers' Center at the 70th class reunion of her grandmother, Margaret Farnham '28 (now deceased), who endowed the Writers' Center in honor of her late husband, Roderick E. Farnham '31. . . . There was a good turnout at the Colby-Tufts football game. Terry Reidy, who is now working in the district attorney's office in Boston, made an appearance, as did Lizzie Frado Mazzola. Rob Delello said he would be there but blew us off for another wedding. . . . I know that you are all busy, but I would love to hear from you.

--William Higgins


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Beth Curran
64 Dane Street #1
Somerville, MA 02143


Dev Tandon ( is living in New York City and working as a film and television producer. He's currently launching two new cable networks and producing an independent film. Dev recently met up with Mike Soth and Krista Stein in San Francisco. He also has seen Alison Davis and Ta-Tanisha James in New York. . . . Also in N.Y.C. is Robin Lauzon, who is teaching high school English, creative writing and journalism. Robin went to Rachael Kriteman's September 1, 2002, wedding to Mayer Amitai Landau in Swampscott, Mass. In January 1999 Rachael (now Rachael M. Kriteman-Landau) completed a master's degree in corporate public relations at BU. She and her husband are now in Rochester, where Mayer is in a Ph.D. program at the University of Rochester and Rachael is a marketing and sales executive developing new business relationships for WXXI, Public Broadcasting Council of Rochester. . . . Sarah Nagle Spataro and her husband, Perry, recently welcomed their second child--Rachel Elizabeth--into the Spataro fold. Sarah, Perry, Ryan and Rachel live in Corona del Mar, Calif., where Sarah claims she has "changed so many diapers that she has developed a complex about her personal contribution to the national landfill crisis." . . . Also living in California, Hermosa Beach to be exact, is Brigid Jordan. Brigid says, "I had a fun summer, went rock climbing and sky diving. I'm starting interior design classes in the fall at UCLA . . . that's about it!" . . . Ben Clough just got out of the Marine Corps in February 2002 and has been working as a pharmaceutical salesman for Pfizer in the New Hampshire area. He is still active in the reserves and drills with Weapons Company 1st Battalion, 25th Marines, out of Ft. Devens, Mass. He and his wife celebrated their third wedding anniversary on July 31 and son Charlie's second birthday in September. They are moving to southern Maine. Ben says, "Yes, I can once again call myself a North American Rural Dweller." . . . Amira Bahu Tannous is very happily married to Nader Tannous, a corporate banker at Bank One in Chicago. Amira became a board certified diagnostic radiologist in June 2002, completing a five-year residency in diagnostic radiology and passing the board certification exams. She is also in the process of completing a one-year fellowship in MRI body imaging at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. From time to time she sees Alison Coburn, who is a graduate student at Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill. . . . Amy O'Mara Moore had a baby girl--Susanna Patricia--in June. . . . Mike and Katy Donovan O'Neil also had a baby, named, aptly, Donovan, in June! . . . Chris Baynes recently moved from Washington, D.C., to Boston and married Stephanie Ferrone in June. The ubiquitous Mike O'Neil was a groomsman. Also in attendance were Will Berglund, Jack Higgins, Kristin Ellinger Berndt, Kevin Darling and Tim Merrigan. . . . Sarah Lee is still a correspondent for NBC News and recently covered the Pennsylvania coalmine rescue. Her fiancÚ is H.K. Park, a Georgetown grad who works with former Secretary of Defense William Cohen. Sarah is planning an October '03 wedding in Palm Beach, with Amy Dzija as a bridesmaid. Sarah has also begun a master's program at Georgetown in international affairs. . . . Shawn Bryant is an attorney and is married to Ellen Bryant, who is also an attorney; they live in Rockville, Md. . . . Kristin Winkler has started a master's program for teaching secondary English at Tufts. . . . Beth Montgomery married Philip Rhinelander in Cushing, Maine, on August 31. Attendants were Emilie Abair Barmashi, Kristin Winkler and Lynette Millett '94. . . . Patrick Robbins recently moved to Ithaca, N.Y., where he works at The Bookery, an independent bookstore. . . . Just a few months until our 10-year reunion! Personally, I am equally horrified and excited. Hope to see you there!

--Beth Curran


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Tracy K. Larsen
1747 Curtis Ave.
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266


Alex Bici married Danielle Holahan in Washington, D.C., in June 2002. Colby alumni present included Jim Lindstrom, Kerry Scott, John Smith '93 and Becky Birrell '92, Staci (Strauss '93) and Erik Mortenson, Megan MacDonald, Stephanie Goff, Jess Drislane, Andie Sulak, Zach and Kim Kessler Rubin, Tiffany Hoyt Tinson, Kevin '93 and Laurie Silverman Flynn, Nate Lewis '93, Tracy Karsch and Sarah Gelman '96. Alex and Danielle live in Manhattan, where he continues to work for Deutsche Bank. Alex also finished (part time) his M.B.A. at NYU. They often see Kim and Zach Rubin, who live directly across the park with their hyperactive Jack Russell Terrier, Jake. Zach continues to work for Goldman Sachs, and Kim works for an interior design firm. Erik Mortenson is teaching English at King & Low-Heywood Thomas School in Stamford, Conn., and Staci works for a hedge fund in Greenwich, Conn., where they live. Many of the attendees at Alex and Danielle's wedding re-gathered in August in Williamstown, Mass., for the wedding of John Smith and Becky Birrell. Charlie Bassett also showed up in full seersucker. Many from that group reunited again in October at Megan MacDonald's wedding to Scott Davis on Cape Cod. . . . Rebekah Freeman got engaged last March to Louis Schulze, an attorney in Boston. They plan a September 13, 2003, wedding. She is working at Boston University as a director in residence life. In September 2002, Rebekah, Sara Ferry Gyan, Heather Lounsbury and Marile Haylon Borden visited Carolyn Hart in Michigan. Carolyn is finishing her Ph.D. at the University of Michigan. Sara recently moved back to her office building in Manhattan right next to ground zero. Marile and her husband are home after their six-month world tour. They trekked in the Himalayas, ski-dived in New Zealand and went on safari in Africa. She started a business doing creative work for Marketing Communications. Heather is working for UCB Research and travels a lot to Belgium for work. Rebekah also recently saw John Grady, who is still in L.A. working as an actor and teacher. . . . Michael King was to marry Jennifer Reed on December 28, 2002, with Jon Scammon and Erik Mortenson in the wedding party. . . . Matthew Gaines is living in Brooklyn and working as a PT at Bellevue Hospital. He recently took a sailing trip in the San Juan Islands with Eric Johnson '93. . . . In January 2002, Heather and Ross Nussbaum moved into a house in Greenwich, Conn., and love living in the suburbs. Badger, their six-pound Yorkshire terrier, can't stop chasing and barking at the rabbits in their yard. Ross is vice president in the equity research department at Salomon Smith Barney, where he still follows the REIT (real estate investment trust) industry. . . . Bruce Panilaitis formed his own biotech start-up company named Immunosaccaride Technologies. His major project for the company involves a new product in vaccinations. His wife, Sue (Benson), is teaching kindergarten in the Chelsea Public Schools. Bruce and Sue expected a boy in January 2003. Bruce's cousins, Mike and Rob (6 and 7), still live with Bruce and Sue and have been a part of the family for four years. . . . Sandy Benson is in the Dominican Republic, still working as a nurse anesthecist in a hospital there. . . . After 14 months in New York, Jonathan Kaplan moved back to Washington, D.C., to write for The Hill newspaper, which covers Congress. His wife graduated from Columbia's Journalism School this May. While in New York, Jonathan worked at The American Lawyer magazine. . . . TJ Winick is a general assignment reporter for the CBS affiliate in Boston. . . . Erik Belenky is on his way to making partner at McKenna Long & Aldridge in Atlanta (his firm merged with a D.C. firm this summer). . . . Jessie Newman was nominated for the 2002 Denver Outstanding Woman in Business Award given by the Denver Business Journal. . . . Maria DeSimone married Wayne Carlson in June 2002. After honeymooning in Alaska, the couple moved to Stoughton, Mass. . . . Ted and Missy Fraser Gramer had a baby, Abigail Melissa, on April 12, 2002. Missy went on leave from teaching to take care of Abby. . . . Michael and Beth Tabor Robinson had Timothy Michael Robinson on July 2, 2002. Beth stayed home with Timothy but planned to return to her job as the acquisitions librarian at the Roger Williams University School of Law in December. . . . Josh and Laura Pavlenko Lutton had a girl on August 9, 2002, in Boston. Josh and Laura live in Cambridge, Mass. Josh is director of distributed-generation products at Nuvera Fuel Cells, an alternative-energy company in Cambridge, and Laura is a mutual-fund analyst with Morningstar, an investment research firm. . . . Laura Keally Heyword and her husband, Ried, had Ella Hathaway Heywood on September 1, 2002. . . . Jim and Tiffany Hoyt Tinson had a boy, Connor James Tinson, on July 14, 2002, in Bronxville, N.Y., where Tiffany and Jim are now living. Tiffany works in the alumni outreach program of the NYU Stern School of Business and regularly sees Sarah Whitely D'Ercole, who also works for NYU Stern. Sarah and Justin '95 and Rachel Herf and Max Lamson '95 threw a co-ed baby shower in May for Tiffany and Jim in Sarah and Justin's Hoboken apartment. . . . Meredith Gregory received her Ph.D. in cell biology from Loyola University Chicago in 2000. She is doing a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School (Schepens Eye Research Institute), where she is studying tumor immunology with a focus on the development of new immunotherapeutic treatments for ocular tumors. She keeps in touch with Jennifer Hurd Diozzi and her husband, Rob, who have been busy finishing an addition on their new home in Natick, Mass.

--Tracy K. Larsen


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