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Brewing Up a Storm
Colby alumni use teamwork as a formula for business success with Newport Storm beer.


Hannah Laipson '46
A Need to Teach

Janet McMahon '79
Mapping the Uncharted

Jeremiah "Josh" Burns '81
Mountain Man

Chris Gieszl '93
SEAL of Approval

Roy Hirshland '85

David A. Ghertner '02

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The New England Basketball Hall of Fame inducted its first class in October, with both Eugene A. Hunter '48 and John "Swisher" Mitchell in the high school/prep boys players category. Mitchell, who played for Waterville High School's New England championship-winning team in 1944, has been an assistant coach at Colby for 36 years. Morse High School's Hunter also is a member of the Maine Baseball Hall of Fame and was inducted into the Maine Sports Legends Hall of Honor two years ago.

Deaths: Charles J. Ferris '41, September 28, 2002, in Waterville, Maine, at 86 * Sidney J. Rauch '43, October 1, 2002, in Brooklyn, N.Y., at 81 * Wesley R. Doe '44, November 15, 2000, in Massachusetts, at 84 * Barbara Blaisdell Libby '44, October 16, 2002, in Damariscotta, Maine, at 78 * Jeanne Parker Holmes '45, October 18, 2002, in Manchester, N.H., at 77 * Mary Roundy Bebee '46, June 6, 2002, in Richmond, Va., at 75 * Theodore R. Buyniski '47, September 6, 2002, in Stuart, Fla., at 77 * Athalene Nile Leachman '48, October 2, 2002, in The Dalles, Ore., at 76 * James C. Alex '48, August 21, 2002, in Huntington, N.Y., at 80.


Dark Days
Students, alumni and healthcare providers talk depression and
the ways they address it at Colby.

Peace in Phnom Penh
Jim Cousins '75 has found refuge, rejuvination in the still-rebuilding Cambodian capital.

A Liberal Arts Resume
What did successful alumni in the business world study at Colby?

8 Mile High
With Eminem on his client list, entertainment lawyer Randall Cutler '91 is all about hip hop.

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