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Terror's Other Casualty
Civil liberties threatened by Bush security measures, journalists Anthony Lewis and David Broder say at Lovejoy Convocation Panel.

Daniel Pearl Died Honorably
Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journal reporter slain in Pakistan, recieves the Elijah Parish Lovejoy Award. His sister, Tamara Pearl, recalls his courage.


Iphigeneia's Truth
President Bro Adams on classical theater and looming war.


Colby protestors join Maine anti-war ranks.


Muehlner Leaves Miller
Suanne Muehlner presided over remarkable changes in Colby libraries.


Wit and wisdom
What we're saying and where we're saying it


Colby: Love It and Leave It
Colby ranks in top 10 of students who go abroad.


Q and A

"No words can describe the agony I suffered in my youth. Since then we A-bomb survivors experienced great tragedy. That war is still going on."
SEIKO IKEDA a survivor of the Hiroshima atomic bomb, speaking at Colby Nov. 4.

"I wouldn't mind changing the world."
ALEXIS GRANT '03, assistant news editor for the Colby Echo, responding to a question from New York Times columnist Anthony Lewis H'83 about why she's interested in a journalism career.

"I will tell you it's kind of a scary freedom."
Long-time New York Times columnist ANTHONY LEWIS H'83, telling members of the Echo staff what it was like writing a column that nobody edited.

"Sweet Justice: Oh, how the tables have turned."
A Nov. 21 Echo headline about the museum's fall faculty art show. Subhead: "Faculty art exhibit allows students to judge their professors' work."

"Once the Congress acknowledges its guilt, it has the burden of making those words believable. They can only show atonement by a heroic task."
Professor ROY L. BROOKS of the University of San Diego School of Law, in a debate at Colby Nov. 3, arguing for reparations for African Americans.

"The etymology of 'supercilious' is 'to raise one's eyebrows.'"
PETER HARRIS (English), describing the faculty's reaction years ago when former President Bill Cotter proposed more hands-on and service learning. Harris contrasted initial raised eyebrows with the current enthusiasm for students' involvement in mentoring and other service learning in the Waterville community.

I'm old enough, I'm embarrassed to say, that I don't always get it. . . . It has to be part of the program of what we do in the future, even if people throw stones at me."
Museum of Art Director DAN ROSENFELD, addressing the Colby College Museum of Art Board of Governors, about the importance of contemporary art in the museum's exhibition plans.

"And thanks to my colleagues in the History Department, who have given Jewish Studies a home--as opposed to being the wandering Jewish Studies Program."
HOWARD LUPOVICH, Pulver Family Assistant Professor of Jewish Studies, after acknowledging the Pulvers for endowing Colby's chair in Jewish studies.

"They must have been using a very narrow definition of god. The vast majority of students have spirituality in their lives and practice their spirituality."
MARILYN PUKKILA, acting head of reference and instruction librarian and faculty advisor to the CIRCLE (Collective for Insight, Refuge and Celebration of Life Experience), speaking to the Colby Echo on a past Princeton Review comment that said Colby students "ignore God on a regular basis." Colby has since been dropped from that list.

"It gets crowded as exams roll around."
AIMEE JACK '04, on attendance at Mass in Lorimer Chapel.


Dark Days
Students, alumni and healthcare providers talk depression and
the ways they address it at Colby.

Peace in Phnom Penh
Jim Cousins '75 has found refuge, rejuvination in the still-rebuilding Cambodian capital.

A Liberal Arts Resume
What did successful alumni in the business world study at Colby?

8 Mile High
With Eminem on his client list, entertainment lawyer Randall Cutler '91 is all about hip hop.

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