Colby Magazine, winter 2003
Colby Magazine, winter 2003
Dark Days
Dark Days
By Alicia MacLeay '97
For college students, depression can steal from "the best four years."
Students, alumni and healthcare providers talk
about the illness and the ways they address it at Colby.

Peace in Phnom Penh

Peace in Phnom Penh
By Frank Bures
Jim Cousins '75 was an
emergency room physician in
Philadelphia when he was
offered the opportunity to
open a world-class clinic
in Phnom Penh. He's found
refuge, rejuvination in the
still-rebuilding Cambodian capital.

The Liberal Arts Resume

A Liberal Arts Résumé
By Gerry Boyle '78
What did successful alumni
in the business world study
at Colby? Everything from
art to literature, finance
to philosophy. An unscientific
poll shows a liberal arts degree
may be the groundwork
for a career in the boardroom.

8 Mile High

8 Mile High
By Kate Bolick '95
With Eminem on his client list,
entertainment lawyer Randall Cutler '91
is all about hip-hop.
Cutler talks about the
path that took him from
Mayflower Hill to P. Diddy's parties.


+editor's desk

Editor's Desk
Colby's friends keep showing up at the office door--with their college touring children. Were we that smart at their age?


Shelby Davis is making a critical contribution; Colby degree hasn't led to a good job; campaign funding wasn't the problem; are we sure about "Mules" on our derriere?; Hayslett deserved more; a plug for Linda Greenlaw '83; a postscript on John Hedman story.



Gleanings from the campus newsletter FYI.
Shelly Davis program at Colby makes the Chicago Tribune; President Bro Adams called the University of Michigan case; WMHB is thriving thanks to Lee L'Heureux '03, Dick Sewell's play runs Off Broadway; Priscilla Doel (Spanish) and Jane Moss (French) are on CourtTV; Habitat for Humanity arrives in Waterville; Sandy Maisel and Tony Corrado (government) were busy during election season; Colby named Hispanic pick.

Frank Malinoski M.D. '76 watches the U.N. inspections in Iraq with interest. He's been there, done that.


Practicing by the Book
NESCAC presidents issue rules reminder of out-of-season prectices, sparking debate and a demonstration.

Record-breaking Yardage
Running back Aaron Stepka '05 racks up yards, smashes records.

All-American Season
Wendy Bonner '05 named field hockey all-American.

C Club Award
Patricia Valavanis Smith '80, former Colby athlete and longtime athletics supporter, is honored.

Sports Shorts
Round-up of fall season sports.

+on campus

Terror's Other Casualty
Civil liberties threatened by Bush security measures, journalists Anthony Lewis and David Broder say at Lovejoy Convocation Panel.

Iphigenia's Truth
President Bro Adams revisits classical themes as war looms.

Daniel Pearl Died Honorably
Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journal reporter slain in Pakistan, recieves the Elijah Parish Lovejoy Award. His sister, Tamara Pearl, recalls his courage.

Colby protestors join Maine anti-war ranks.

Muehlner Leaves Miller
Suanne Muehlner presided over remarkable changes in Colby libraries.

Wit and Wisdom
What we're saying and where we're saying it.

Colby: Love it and Leave It
Colby ranks in top 10 of students who go abroad.



Multicultural Housing at Colby?

Proposal debated as supporters renew call for change.



Calhoun's Morality Play
For Cheshire Calhoun, philosophy is the right call.

How We Teach
When Ira Sadoff (English) wants his students to continue their discussion he sends them to a web bulletin board.

A Q&A with André Siamundele (French) ranges from snow, the Congo to King Leopold's Ghost.



Less is More
In his new book, Scandal Proof, Calvin Mackenzie (government) concludes ethics laws may do as much harm as good.

A Spoonful
Musician Jason Spooner '95 has a new CD and it reflects the good music he grew up with.

Recent Releases
From our shelf to yours.



Brewing Up a Storm
Colby alumni use teamwork as formula for business success with Newport Storm beer.

Hannah Laipson '46
A Need to Teach

Janet McMahon '79
Mapping the Uncharted

Jeremiah "Josh" Burns '81
Mountain Man

Chris Gieszl '93
SEAL of Approval

Roy Hirshland '85

David A. Ghertner '02

Newsmakers &





last page

Saturday Afternoon Fever
Colby's ballroom dance team glides through first competition at Harvard. And it was a ball.


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