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Less is More
In his new book, Scandal Proof, Calvin Mackenzie (government) concludes ethics laws may do as much harm as good.

A Spoonful
Musician Jason Spooner '95 has a new CD and it reflects the good music he grew up with.

  Recent Releases
From our shelf to yours.

recent releases

Conquering Infertility
Alice D. Domar '80
Viking Press (2002)

Psychologist Domar has seen infertile couples suffer the emotional and physical stress of treatment and struggle with feelings of failure and crises of faith. By sharing her successful mind/body infertility program in print Domar provides support and hope to more couples. Promoting mind/body techniques in conjunction with medical treatment Domar gives infertile women the skills to cope with family, financial, medical and career pressures and take control of their lives.

Field Work

Field Notes: A Geography of Mourning
Sharon White '74
Hazelden (2002)

"Sometimes I feel as if Steve has taken me away with him, and I can't find a path through the woods home," writes White, who lost her 33-year-old husband to a brain tumor after a year and a half of marriage. White finds a new cadence in the natural world and maps her journey from bereavement back to herself.

Wilderness and Spirit, A Mountain Called Katahdin
James Coleman '70
Huey (2002)

With legendary stories, dances and music of the Penobscot people woven throughout, Huey examines Katahdin through the words of Thoreau, the paintings of Hartley and the hikers and climbers of Maine's foremost mountain. Subjects also include descendants of Governor Percival Baxter, the original AT through-hiker Earl Shaffer and Donn Fendler of Lost on a Mountain in Maine fame. Huey's main collaborator on the film was Emeritus Professor of Art C. Abbott Meader (

Ciao America
Joe Ciota '81
Mavex Productions (2002)

Ciao America follows an Italian-American college grad to Italy to coach an American football team of Italians in Italy's fledgling American Football League. He finds a group of players who can kick from field goal to field goal, but they take smoke breaks and can't catch. And then he meets a girl. Ciota, a former Colby running back, based the screenplay on his own experience coaching in Italy after college. His brother Frank directs the movie (

Math Through the Ages: A Gentle History for Teachers and Others
William P. Berlinghoff and Fernando Q. GouvÍa (math)
Oxton House Publishers (2002)

Two Colby professors collaborated on this informal and accessible book, with 25 independent sketches and a short overview of the whole history of mathematics.


Dark Days
Students, alumni and healthcare providers talk depression and
the ways they address it at Colby.

Peace in Phnom Penh
Jim Cousins '75 has found refuge, rejuvination in the still-rebuilding Cambodian capital.

A Liberal Arts Resume
What did successful alumni in the business world study at Colby?

8 Mile High
With Eminem on his client list, entertainment lawyer Randall Cutler '91 is all about hip hop.

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