The following people were recognized at Reunion 2017:

Blue Key Award

Established in 2013, the Blue Key Award is presented annually, during Reunion Weekend, and recognizes up to four young alumni who have graduated within the past 10 years. This award is presented to young alumni who have distinguished themselves by providing consistent and dedicated service to Colby.

Tucker Kelton ’07
Tucker Kelton is a third generation Colbian, following his mother, Deborah Pugh Kelton ’80, and his grandparents Larry ’56 and Jean Van Curan Pugh ’55 to Mayflower Hill. He has established himself as a leader of his class and for the larger alumni body. He served on the Alumni Council before his current role as an overseer of the College. He also serves as young alumni chair of the President’s Leadership Society, encouraging young alumni participation in leadership giving. He supports Colby at every turn: as a member of the Colby Fund gift committee for his class, as an interviewer at Paving the Road to a Future in Finance events, as a supporter of Colby athletics, and as a mentor to students through the Career Center. Tucker Kelton, you make your Colby family proud and we look forward to watching your leadership develop further. Please accept our congratulations on receiving a 2017 Blue Key Award.

Alison McArdle ’07
Alison McArdle has focused her volunteer efforts on the Colby Club of Boston, which she helped revive in 2012. As a leader of the club, she managed its social media accounts, helped organize its Welcome to the City event in 2013, improved venue choices, increased attendance, and was a friendly, welcoming presence at dozens of events. She offered advice and wisdom as a panelist at the Paving the Road to a Future in Finance event, twice, and at a young alumni career panel in Boston. She currently serves on the gift committee for her class. With the Boston club solidly on its feet, McArdle brought her energy and passion to North Carolina, her new home, and is establishing a Colby club in the Tar Heel State. Alison McArdle, we applaud your efforts to engage alumni through regional events and are proud to award you a 2017 Blue Key Award.

Michael Brophy ’12
After graduating from Colby, Michael Brophy jumped into the Colby Club of Washington, D.C., with both feet, assuming a leadership role and bringing thoughtful planning to club events. Friendly, approachable, and well connected, he collaborates to organize club events and is a reliable presence at them. He finds great panelists and has served in that role himself. As a product manager at, he’s fostered partnerships with the Career Center for on-campus recruiting that resulted in the hiring of a number of Colby students. A new member of the Alumni Council, he chairs the ad hoc admission committee. Thank you, Michael Brophy, for your commitment to Colby and your spirited approach to volunteerism. We are pleased to present you a 2017 Blue Key Award.

Laura Maloney ’12
Laura Maloney moved from her role as co-president of the Student Government Association her senior year to co-chair of the Colby Fund for the Class of 2012 as a young alumna. Despite a demanding career in Washington, D.C., she gives copious attention and energy to fundraising for her class and preparing for her fifth reunion, working in tandem with her Colby Fund co-chair. She serves on Colby’s Alumni Council, provides job-shadowing opportunities for current students interested in politics and government, and was featured on a Goldfarb Center panel in Washington. She has volunteered with the Career Center’s Colby on the Road program and, as press secretary for Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn), led a tour of the Capitol for Colby students. For the depth and breadth of her commitment to her class and to Colby, Laura Maloney earns our gratitude and a 2017 Blue Key Award.

Justin Rouse ’12
Justin Rouse served as co-chair of the Senior Pledge and his engagement has continued steadily through this, his fifth reunion. After graduation he seamlessly transitioned to co-chair of the Colby Fund for the Class of 2012, working tirelessly on behalf of his class and the College. A thoughtful and committed leader, he offers insight and feedback on Colby Fund initiatives while working collaboratively with his co-chair. An account executive at VOX Global in Washington, D.C., Rouse offers job-shadowing opportunities through Colby’s Career Center to current students interested in marketing and advertising. He is active with the Colby Club of Washington, D.C., including volunteering for the club’s Colby Cares Day in D.C. For his unwavering support of Colby, his classmates, and current students, we proudly award Justin Rouse a 2017 Blue Key Award.


Colby Brick Awards

Awarded annually at Alumni Reunion Weekend to three to five recipients who are members of the Colby family, not necessarily alumni, who have demonstrated outstanding loyalty to the College through consistent and dedicated service in its behalf.

Tom DeCoff ’97
Wise and witty, Tom DeCoff brings so much to the table. He has been an asset to the Alumni Council and its Career Center and Awards committees, asking thoughtful questions and offering measured, intelligent feedback that encourages committees to proceed carefully. He’s a mentor to students, offering advice on communications and economics; an engaged member of Colby Fund and Reunion Planning committees; and a regular participant at Colby Club of Boston events. He was instrumental in helping his class set attendance and revenue records for the 15th reunion years—records that still stand. He also instigated a well-attended panel discussion with young entrepreneurs at Reunion 2012. For his great ideas, energy and enthusiasm, and willingness to serve his alma mater, it is our pleasure to present Tom DeCoff a 2017 Colby Brick Award.

Irving Faunce ’67, P’90

Irv Faunce is known among his classmates as the creator and perpetrator of the offbeat and unique “Colby Rocks” tradition, with images of rocks and small boulders adorning many reunion T-shirts. But this longtime class president has a softer side that permeates all he does for Colby, his class, and his community. His caring, thoughtful manner is extraordinary and widely admired. As a young alumnus he worked at Colby and then stayed engaged, despite challenging personal circumstances, helping the College on Colby Fund Gift Committees, the Alumni Council, and Reunion Planning Committees. He welcomed his daughter, Karen Faunce Rand ’90, to Colby as well. He lives by example and teaches us to hold our heads high and persevere. Irv Faunce, for your integrity, compassion, and loyalty to Colby, we honor you with a 2017 Colby Brick Award.

John D. Koons ’72
John Koons—what an impact you’ve had on Colby and in Waterville. The Quarry Road Recreation Area, which you envisioned and shepherded to reality, transformed the former Colby Ski Area into a world-class, four-season recreation facility used by hundreds of Colby students and thousands of Waterville citizens use for exercise, competition, and recreation. Your leadership in planning, fundraising, permitting, and constructing this gem resulted in a premier facility with Nordic ski trails envied throughout New England. Facilities and events hosted at Quarry Road help Colby attract the best student athletes, and they boost Waterville’s economy and its status as a recreational destination. In addition, you’ve volunteered for the Career Center and supported Colby in many other ways. John Koons, you’ve made Waterville a more robust, healthier community and have earned our gratitude. We are honored to present you a 2017 Colby Brick Award.

Mark Lyons ’77, P’12
Consistency counts, and Mark Lyons has been a steady force for Colby. He’s served the alumni body on the Alumni Council; his class as president, correspondent, and Gift and Reunion committee member; and students through Admissions and the Career Center. He attends alumni networking and discussion events, offers job shadowing and mock interviews, and mentors students. While his daughter, Vanessa ’12, was at Colby, he belonged to the Parents Executive Committee and was a frequent visitor to campus who checked in and asked how he could help—and meant it. Mark Lyons, you’re a terrific, energetic ambassador for Colby who has stepped up time and again for your class and the College. Thank you. Please accept this 2017 Colby Brick Award.

Chris Vickers ’87, P’21
Chris Vickers promotes Colby athletics using advice from basketball coaches Dick Whitmore and John “Swisher” Mitchell: Play hard, aim for excellence. Vickers was a key organizer of fundraising for the Whitmore Legacy Fund and led efforts to honor Swisher with an endowed assistant coaching role in Mitchell’s name. He’s the go-to emcee at alumni basketball events, with a thoughtful, timeless style. While on the Alumni Council, he chaired both the Athletics and the C Club committees. He’s an eager volunteer with impeccable follow through, and he has a Mainer’s practicality coupled with an understated sense of humor. We look forward to seeing more of him when son Carter ’21 starts at Colby this fall. You’re a game changer, Chris Vickers, and we applaud your efforts with a 2017 Colby Brick Award.

Art ’72, P’05 and Jeanne Emerson Young ’72, P’05

Teamwork and dedication. That’s what Art and Jeanne Young have brought to their work on behalf of Colby. They exemplify alumni service as co-chairs of Colby Fund Gift Committees, members of Reunion Planning Committees, regional campaign volunteers, and Career Center volunteers. Art served on the Alumni Council and chaired its Awards Committee with a steady, fair voice. They’ve both attended more events than we can count, supported the C Club, kept their class connected and engaged, cheered athletic teams, and brought their daughter Mallory Young Michaeles ’05 into the alumni fold. They are loved and respected by their classmates and appreciated as consistent, engaged ambassadors of the College. Thank you, Art and Jeanne Young, for your commitment and service. The Alumni Association is proud to award you with 2017 Colby Brick Awards.


Charles W. Bassett Faculty Award

First presented in June 1997, this award recognizes a faculty member whose service to alumni programs, through active participation in regional and on-campus events, is extraordinary.

Audrey Wade Hittinger Katz and Sheldon Toby Katz Professor of History Raffael Scheck
For 10 years Raffael Scheck, a scholar of modern European and German history, has delighted alumni and brought history alive through his dynamic lectures, rich with personal narratives and political intrigue. A sought-after faculty speaker, he’s presented at Reunion Weekend, Family Homecoming Weekend, and the bicentennial celebration. But it’s with Alumni College that his passion for alumni engagement runs deepest. He has become the face of this lifelong-learning event, working with organizers to create thoughtful programs and committing time each summer to engage alumni with faculty colleagues he selects. It’s an extraordinary commitment, as Scheck returns early from summer research trips eager to connect with the passionate alumni learners who revel in his Alumni College programs. The Alumni Association is grateful for Raffael Scheck’s good-natured engagement and is proud to present him the 2017 Charles W. Bassett Faculty Award.


Ernest C. Marriner Distinguished Service Award

This award is presented periodically, but not necessarily annually, during Reunion Weekend and recognizes a member of the Colby family (not necessarily an alumnus/a) for exceptional commitment to Colby, demonstrated by lifelong dedication to the support of the College and its goals. The recipient should clearly stand out from others in his or her devoted service to the College.

Lou Richardson Rhyne ’67
Lou Richardson Rhyne does not shy away from service. For decades she has led or served on nearly every College committee, council, and board. When Colby calls, she answers. From 1995 to 2005 she dedicated herself to the Alumni Council, serving as vice chair and chair, and she received a 2007 Brick Award for that service. When Colby called again, she answered, serving as chair of three of her four Overseers Visiting Committees, vice chair of the Board of Trustees Development Committee, and co-chair of the trustees’ Board Chair Succession Committee. A longtime member of Reunion and Gift Committees, she was assistant chair of her 50th Reunion Gift Committee. A stalwart supporter of Colby athletics, the museum of art, the Career Center, and fundraising projects, she’s a steady presence at events on and off campus. Always good natured, hard working, and steadfast, Lou Richardson Rhyne is a Colby supporter of the first order, and it is a pleasure to present to her the 2017 Ernest C. Marriner Distinguished Service Award.


Distinguished Alumnus/a Award

Awarded periodically, preferably annually, at Alumni Reunion Weekend to an alumnus/a who has achieved unusual distinction in his or her profession or avocation.

Ralph A. Bradshaw ’62
An award-winning biochemist, scholar, author, and researcher, Ralph Bradshaw has contributed to the fields of biochemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry for 50 years. He earned his doctorate from Duke University before accepting faculty positions at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and later the University of California, Irvine, and the University of California, San Francisco, where he is professor of chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry and deputy director of the mass spectrometry facility. He’s active with professional organizations, served on editorial boards and was associate editor of the Journal of Biological Chemistry, advocated for scientific research and funding in Washington, D.C., and received numerous awards, including from the American Chemical Society and the Australia Society of Medical Research. For a lifetime of dedicated research and teaching, Ralph Bradshaw has been selected by the Alumni Association to receive the 2017 Distinguished Alumnus Award.