Ames, CaseyAdministrative Assistant(207) 859-4303clames@colby.eduAssociate Vice President College Advancement
Amiry '09, QiamLeadership Gift Officer(207) Leadership Gifts
Baguio, AbegailSenior Associate Director of Annual Giving(207) Colby Fund
Bard, KimAdministrative Assistant(207) Leadership Gifts
Beach '88, Carol AnneLeadership Gift Officercarol.beach@colby.eduLeadership Gifts
Beckwith, AmberLeadership Colby Fund Gift Officer(207) 859-4379albeckwi@colby.eduColby Fund
Bowen ā€™96, Elizabeth (Betsy)Leadership Gift Officer (207) 859-4366elbowen@colby.eduLeadership Gifts
Burton, LisaDirector, Advancement Operations (207) 859-4327llburton@colby.eduAdvancement Operations
Childs, ShelbyAssistant Director of Class Giving and Programs(207) 859-4339slchilds@colby.eduColby Fund
Colhoun '91, Alexander (Sandy)Sr. Philanthropic Advisor(207) 859-4304sandy.colhoun@colby.eduVice President College Advancement
Danner, Elizabeth (Betsy) S.Assistant Director of Grants and Sponsored Programs (207) 859-4365esdanner@colby.eduGrants and Sponsored Programs
Dickey, JodyAdministrative Assistant(207) Alumni Experience and Networks
Dobyns, TimAssistant Director of Advancement Communications(207) Advancement Communications
Eriksen, JenniferDirector of Annual Giving and
Advancement Communications
Colby Fund and
Advancement Communications
Foster, Dylan Advancement Systems Developer/Analyst(207) Advancement Operations
Franzose, Jasmine M.Assistant Director of Advancement Operations(207) 859-4332jmfranzo@colby.eduAdvancement Operations
Gagne Pā€™08 ā€™09, Julia E.Administrative Assistant(207) Gift Planning
Gallagher, MindyAdministrative Assistant(207) Vice President College Advancement
Gilligan, ErinAssociate Director of Advancement Communications(207) 859-4319emgillig@colby.eduAdvancement Communications
Glaus, ByronColby Fund Leadership Gift Officer(207) 859-4324bjsglaus@colby.eduColby Fund
Godin, AndreaExecutive Assistant(207) Vice President College Advancement
Gray, MeghanAssociate Director of Alumni Experience & Networks/Director of 25th Reunion
(207) 859-4313msgray@colby.eduAlumni Experience and Networks
Grenier '94, SevenAssociate Director of Grants and Sponsored Programs(207) 859-4341sgrenier@colby.eduGrants and Sponsored Programs
Hamm, Tammi-LynnGift & Biographical Data Specialist(207) Advancement Operations
Hatrick, Edgar (Eddie)Leadership Gift Officer(207) 859-4368ehatrick@colby.eduLeadership Gifts
Huynh, TamAssociate Director of Prospect Research and Analysis(207) 859-4381tthuynh@colby.eduAdvancement Strategy and Analysis
Irving, ElizabethAdministrative Assistant(207) Colby Fund
Johnson, StaciGift & Biographical Data Specialist(207) 859-4337sljohnso@colby.eduAdvancement Operations
Kent, Jonathan D.Leadership Gift Officer(207) 859-4305jkent@colby.eduLeadership Gifts
Kimberlin, Carolyn G.Director of Milestone Reunions(207) 859-4325cgkimber@colby.eduGift Planning
Kubik, Kimberly Parent Leadership Gift Officer(207) Leadership Gifts
Layton, William (Bill)Director of Grants and Sponsored Programs(207) 859-4342bill.layton@colby.eduGrants and Sponsored Programs
Lugo, DanVice President for College Advancement(207) 859-4393dglugo@colby.eduVice President College Advancement
Majerus, RichAssistant Vice President for Advancement Strategy and Donor Relations(207) 859-4375rmajerus@colby.eduAdvancement Strategy and Analysis
Marden, ChrisDirector of Donor Relations(207) 859-4388cbmarden@colby.eduDonor Relations
McCarthy, MarthaAdministrative Assistant(207) Advancement Operations
McFadden, MartiAssociate Director of Advancement Operations(207) 859-4384mamcfadd@colby.eduAdvancement Operations
Menard, Elizabeth (Liz)Director of Museum Development(207) 859-4367ehmenard@colby.eduAssociate Vice President College Advancement
Mercier, Seth J.Senior Advancement Systems Developer/Analyst(207) Advancement Operations
Moore, KelseyAssistant Director of Donor Relations(207) Donor Relations
Mullen, MatthewDirector of Parent Giving & Programs(207) 859-4322mrmullen@colby.eduLeadership Gifts
Nelson, KarenAdministrative Assistant(207) 859-4311klnelson@colby.eduAlumni Experience and Networks
Newman, BrittanyAssistant Director of Student Engagement and Annual Giving(207) Colby Fund
Olds, DanDirector of Alumni Experience and Networks
(207) Alumni Experience and Networks
Patterson, R. Neal (Neal)Senior Advancement Systems Developer/Analyst(207) Advancement Operations
Pearson, Mary AnneAdministrative Assistant(207) 859-4329mpearson@colby.eduAdvancement Operations
Phillips '01, JaneAssociate Vice President for College Advancement(207) Associate Vice President College Advancement
Riley, CodiAdministrative Assistant(207) 859-4385cariley@colby.eduAdvancement Strategy and Analysis
Rouse, AngieAssociate Director of Prospect Research and Analysis(207) 859-4383acrouse@colby.eduAdvancement Strategy and Analysis
Springer '17, MorganAssistant Director of Alumni Experience and Networks(207) 859-4317mfspring@colby.eduAlumni Experience and Networks
Stinchfield, Angela C. Associate Director of Class Giving and Programs(207) Colby Fund
Sukhavasi, BrookeAssociate Director of Gift Planning(207) Gift Planning
Thibodeau, Katie Director of Leadership Gifts(207) Leadership Gifts
von Brecht, LissaAssociate Director of Donor Relations (207) 859-4386evbrecht@colby.eduDonor Relations
Wells, Richard A. (Rick)Director of Gift Planning(207) 859-4372rick.wells@colby.eduGift Planning
Weston, Karin R.Associate Director of Class Giving and Programs(207) Colby Fund
Williams ā€™01, Julie Hall Leadership Gift Officer(207) Leadership Gifts