Student Alumni Association Fish Bowl

Members of the Alumni Council return to campus twice a year and we always try to plan an event where they can interact with current students. This year we tried a fish bowl event. The Student Alumni Association gathered questions from students prior to the event and the night of the event alumni had to answer the questions on the spot.
SAA Life After Colby: Basic Car Knowledge

The Student Alumni Association hosts a series of events called Life After Colby. The hope
is to prepare our students for the real-world. One of this year’s topics included basic car knowledge.

Giving Day Alumni Panel

The Student Alumni Association invited alumni back to discuss their careers
and how their time at Colby shaped who they are today. The panel answered questions students had.

Student Alumni Association Etiquette DInner
The Student Alumni Association always hosts an Etiquette dinner every year.
Students learn the dos and don’ts of proper table manners which they can use later in
life if ever at a company dinner.