This year marks the anniversary of your graduation from Colby–a time to become reacquainted with the College, renew friendships, and celebrate. We hope you will also commemorate your reunion by participating in your class gift. You can help make the Colby experience as unique and meaningful for today’s students as it was for you.

What Is Reunion Giving?

Reunion giving is a special component of the Colby Fund that seeks increased support from members of reunion classes. While celebrating your reunion creates an impetus for increased financial support, the gift drive also helps strengthen individual and class ties with the College by renewing shared class feelings of pride and loyalty. Last year alumni contributed more than $6,700,000 to the Colby Fund, 20 percent of which came from those celebrating a reunion.

What Happens During Reunion Weekend?

Reunion arrivals begins Thursday evening, June 1, and run through Sunday morning, June 4. Each class has its own dinner Saturday night, and some classes choose to schedule activities in addition to the Colby signature events scheduled for all returning classes. These events include food trucks and games, the Maine Beer and Wine Fest, Barbecue on Mayflower Hill, the Parade of Classes, faculty and alumni lectures, A Colby Celebration and Vacationland Luncheon, and so much more.  Go to for more information.

Class Giving Statistics

Reunion Gift Record Participation Record
 55th  $96,435 96%
 50th  $217,193 99%
 45th  $177,367 82%
 40th  $206,021 68%
 35th  $230,859 64%
 30th  $250,000 62%
 25th  $264,403 69%
 20th  $122,796 57%
 15th  $70,652 52%
 10th  $82,845 50%
 5th  $37,936 63%
 1st  $11,640 47%

When Should I Make My Gift?

We encourage you to make your gift before May 31 in order for your gift to count in the Celebrate Colby presentation during Reunion Weekend.