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Feb. 21, 1969

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Janis Joplin burst on the scene in Waterville


Janis Joplin burst on the scene at the Waterville Armory last Friday night during the performance of the Love Equation. Dancing, arms waving, and hair flying, she worked her way through the crowd to the stage door, followed by spurts of applause as the audience realized who she was.

… Janis’ performance was physical and sensational. Her delivery was sensuous, if not downright sexy. Janis was seductive, running her finger up and down the mike; cooing into it or shrieking into it. She was an experience to see and believe. Her clenched fists and contorted face changed into happy hand clapping and a Chesire grin, and then into waving arms and a swaying head. The audience loved it.

–April Nelson ’72