Colby women “win once in a while”

Colby Bicentennial Seal 1964-2013

March 8, 1968


Badminton at Colby, one of a half-dozen sports for women.

I’ve heard many adjectives used to describe the Colby female; pretty, ugly, frigid, brainy, phony, sophisticated, hick, etc., are all often heard, and all are at least partially applicable. But “athletic” and “girl” are seldom heard in the same breath around here.Colby has five or six teams which are almost unknown, outside of their members, even though they win once in a while. Skiing, tennis, field hockey, basketball, badminton, and fencing are the sports participated in by the largely invisible teams of the Women’s Athletic Association.

These organizations are a fairly recent outgrowth of the women’s compulsory Physical Education program. They were organized with the idea of giving the more physically adept  girls a chance to compete against others of comparable skill, thus allowing them to continue to progress.

–The Colby Echo