Cotter to Frosh: Prepare for Life After 2000

Colby Bicentennial Seal 1964-2013



A liberal arts graduate should be prepared to adapt to the unforeseeable but inevitable changes which lie ahead. When your class graduates, there will be only twelve years remaining in this century and three quarters of your working lives will be spent after the year 2000. We do not pretend to know what kind of world you will then meet. But it will be your world, and it is Colby’s special task to prepare you to confront and enjoy that world, whatever its form.A liberal education should free each of you to find and fulfill your unique potential. In the process, we hope you will increase your ability: to think, write, and speak clearly and effectively; to distinguish fact from opinion; to synthesize as well as to analyze; and to create and enjoy opportunities for lifelong learning. If we are successful, you will become more tolerant of diversity and more compassionate toward others; intellectually curious and aesthetically aware; broadly educated with depth in some area; useful to society and happy with yourselves. 

President William R. Cotter
Address to entering first-years
September 1986