I Think You Will Repent It If You Do Not Come Here

Colby Bicentennial Seal 1813-1863

Class of 1853

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I received your letter a short time since, but could not feel satisfied untiI I might write you again and urge upon you the superior advantages which you can enjoy here over other places. I think you will repent it if you do not come here. The faculty is probably as good as can be produced In the U. S., and they take more pains than in many other places, especially in X College. I know you would be highly pleased with our professors. The discipline is better than at X. Here is less rowdyism than there. Here the course of study is not so rapid but more thorough. Here the expenses are much less. Here the faculty manifests more interest for the student in his lessons. Here the under classes are treated with more respect, especially the freshmen. Here there is but little difference in classes except among the few rowdies, a thing of no note. Our lessons are short and well prepared. About one half page in Greek and 2/3 in Latin. We parse nearly all of this, and review it and review it.

If you only knew how well you would enjoy it, you would hardly wait to settle up where you are and come here immediately. The colleges are situated about 1/5 of a mile from the business part of the viIlage, on a delightful green, just as pleasant as anyone could ask for. Hard by the college glides the beautiful Kennebec. And on the other side, a few rods distant, are the depots of the K and A R. R.

Another and still stronger reason that I shall urge is that this class would suit you far better than any you will ever find at X. If you come soon you can have a room with me and board in our club. Even the class sends their respects and wants you to come.

You can enter the class without any troubIe. We have been onIy about 20 propositions in geometry. Bring a recommendation from Father Walsh and Mr. Gersey. Come along now, if you are coming, quick. Tell my love to all my friends and then start right off. But If you are determined not to come, please write as opportunity offers. Yours in haste, Colby.

Letter from Colby Lamb, Class of 1853, to John Payson, who entered Waterville College, Class of 1854.

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