In the trenches somewhere in France

Colby Bicentennial Seal 1864-1913

Oct. 13, 1915

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WW1 Soldier
Murray Morgan 1915
Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry

Dear Friend Capt. Harold Pepper,

Have been in the trenches but expect to go out for a rest in a few days. Have been under all sorts of fire, rifle, machine gun, hand grenades, trench mortars, shrapnel shells and high explosives and have seen what real war is like. My chum, a yankee from New York got one through the arm yesterday and another yankee fellow from Pratt Inst. stopped a trench mortar. They haven’t found him yet but such is war.
Well, Capt. every one that writes to me says, “I suppose your chums at College write you all the news so it will be of no use to me to send news.” No this is just what they don’t do so I never get any news. I would like to know the number of freshmen this year, some football dope, frat politics, etc. If you should see any of my Delta Upsilon friends tell them to write news and not ask for photos. This is not a photographers establishment, nor a health resort but a place where one lives mostly in the ground and news is not as scarce as Hell.

Au revoir,

Murray Morgan died in action in the Battle of Verdun in June of 1916.