Colby Bicentennial Seal 1813-1863

July 25, 1846

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The students have shown a good spirit of study, and for the most part a ready observance of the laws of the College. The order of the College has however met with a few interruptions.

On the evening of the annual Exhibitions of the Senior Class, three members of the sophomore class were guilty of excessive drinking, for which they were reprimanded before the Faculty. In June on occasion of the Masonic Celebration at Augusta and of the Annual Celebration for the Maine Wesleyan Seminary at Readfield, seventeen students left town without permission. Seven of them later declared that they would not, in similar circumstances, leave town without permission. Decided no further consequences would follow should their conduct be satisfactory in the future. Four others, called before the faculty, refused to express like purpose, and were put on probation of one term.