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June 27, 1892

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Little Short of Murder

Trustee report: The instruction on the whole was thorough and the professors seemed devoted to their work. There is much more real teaching in the University than there was in the years when most of the trustees were here. And yet, the evidence of good honest work on the part of the students was abundant. The work here at the present time is not all memorizing and reciting textbooks, nor is it all lecturing and taking notes. There seems to be an effort to secure a judicious balance in the use of textbooks, oral instruction, and original investigation.

Professor Elder’s treatment at our hands would be little short of murder, did it but contain the element of malice. It cannot be that the Trustees understand the case. Here is a man teaching analytical chemistry and shut up in the same room with all the gases generated during the experiments. This has been going on for years, until Prof. Elder is in such a state of health that he will soon be relieved, if not by us, then by the Angel of Death.