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March 26, 1987

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To the Editors:


A good deal has been written and said this year at Colby about students who are in the racial minority, and about the lack of diversity at our school. Why is it that when a member of a sexual minority wants their voice to be heard, some people become frightened and want to put a muzzle on it? It is little wonder that people who may not fit into the Colby “norm” don’t want to come here. Intolerance in any form or degree has tremendous potential to spread.

Giving those in the sexual minority a voice at Colby is threatening only to those heterosexuals who are insecure in their own sexuality. The rest of us are able to allow each individual to express himself or herself and to be themselves, without making arrogant judgments about who is “normal” or “natural” and what their “fitness value” is.

Priscilla Phinney ’87


— The Colby Echo