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Nov. 14, 1969

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Portland Press Herald


I did not participate in the Vietnam Moratorium activities on October 15.

I recognize that many Americans participated in the Moratorium activities in October not because of who sponsored them, but out of a sincere desire to express to the President their concern for the extent and nature of American involvement. This is their right.

But now we are faced with a march on Washington for two days in November, another longer moratorium activity in December, and so on, until the disengagement which the sponsors of the Moratorium say is their goal has been achieved…

Whatever our views on the substantive nature of the Vietnam problem, it is time that all those in positions of political and social leadership now make clear to the sponsors of the Moratorium that a desire for peace does not justify a movement to destroy the processes of government, which have served us well, and that it cannot be the justification for a movement aimed at weakening seriously the power of the presidency, an institution which has, at so many points in our history, been the source of creative innovation and a symbol of the ties that bind us.


Albert A. Mavrinac

Professor of Government

Colby College