Roberts: We must succeed and we shall

Colby Bicentennial Seal 1864-1913

Dec. 4, 1919

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President Arthur J. Roberts:
I speak as if there is no doubt about the success of our endowment campaign. There is none, but I do not yet know where all the money is coming from! We must succeed, and if we must, we shall. We have still to secure about $75,000 in order to meet the condition of the General Education Board. Twenty-five thousand dollars perhaps will come from former students of the College who have not yet made their pledges. The additional fifty thousand dollars must largely be secured through the efforts of those to whom this letter comes.
If you know of anybody who would perhaps be willing to invest some money in an enterprise promising large returns in human character and service, will you not provide me with all necessary information and offer suggestions as to how best proceed?